(video) Bill O’Reilly Flips Out — Truly ‘Fair and Balanced’ People Don’t Do This

Watch how he warms up to America with a smile at the end, anyway.
These are conmen = confidence-men

O’Reilly is the abuser
Who are the enablers?

Why would anyone trust this man?
Sure, it’s years later, but he hasn’t changed.

Look at how he excoriates real patriots on-camera
Or consider his scandal while on FOX—the staff women he paid off to keep silent

This is The Spin Zone:
Those who watch him are being spun

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dpZb2zKx0U]Bill O’Reilly Flips Out – Full version uncut

Bill O’Reilly loses his cool while anchoring Inside Edition, after a teleprompter glitch, followed by an absence of clear direction from the crew. Keith Olbermann is only too happy to make the introduction to the clip.

Unbleeped version for those who are still unconvinced
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_HyZ5aW76c]Bill O’Reilly Goes Nuts

Bill getting upset during a filming of Inside Edition.

People-Cursing-People Example: “David Beckham’s Latest Challenge”

From: 60 Minutes, March 23, 2008

(CBS) You’ve probably heard of soccer player David Beckham, but what might surprise you is that with the possible exception of Tiger Woods, the 32-year-old Englishman is the most well-known and well-compensated athlete in the world. …

While his career has been marked by stunning victories, there’ve also been very public failures. In 1998, Beckham was ejected from the World Cup for a kick against an opposing player. England lost the match against rivals Argentina and was eliminated from the tournament. Almost everyone in England blamed it on Beckham. His family was harassed, and he received death threats.

“There was a sort of dummy of me with an England shirt on, with a noose around, hung up outside a pub in England,” Beckham remembers.

Asked if the English take soccer too seriously, Beckham tells Cooper, “I’m not sure I’d say they take it too seriously. But, you know, sometimes it oversteps the mark. Like I played in European championships two years later, and as I was walking off the pitch, some England fans shouted up, ‘I hope your child dies of cancer.'”

Beckham’s reaction? He gave them the finger.

“It was reported at the time of me just being, you know, my petulant self. Until the actual truth came out about what people had shouted at me,” Beckham says.

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Media Smeared Paul For Racism, Ignored McCain’s “Gook”/Hate Comments

From: Prison Planet

Media Smeared Paul For Racism, Ignored McCain’s “Gook” Comments
Corporate establishment machine protects its cherished war candidate

A shining example of how the media engaged in a witch hunt as part a coordinated campaign to sink the presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul is when they attacked him for vaguely racist comments made by other people in the 80’s, while completely ignoring the fact that Republican frontrunner John McCain openly said he hated “gooks” more recently.

James Kirchick’s New Republic hit piece, which was echoed by every sector of the establishment media for weeks on end, was a vitriolic, biased, and agenda-driven smear attack that lumped in half-truths, outright lies and guilt by association in an attempt to demonize Ron Paul as a racist.

Bear in mind that the comments Kirchick based his article on were largely drawn from newsletters put out in the 1980’s of which Ron Paul had no editorial control over. Despite the fact that the comments were made by other people, Ron Paul apologized anyway and yet the feeding frenzy that ensued blatantly exposed the fact that the establishment had been chomping at the bit to seize on anything negative to attack the Congressman with.

Meanwhile, John “Keating Five”, ahem I mean John “anti-corruption” McCain, disgracefully said he hated “gooks” in public for assembled reporters to hear during his previous presidential campaign in 2000.
“I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live,” McCain said on his campaign bus.

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Pastor Baldwin: Pastors are the Main Problem in America

From Chuck Baldwin’s, 1/29/08 News with Views article:
Why Are Ron Paul’s Supporters So Angry?


In addition, I can even understand whatever anger and exasperation Ron Paul’s supporters feel regarding my fellow evangelical believers. Today’s Christians–and especially our pastors–have become little more than toadies for the establishment elite. They apparently have never read our U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or Bill of Rights. They are seemingly oblivious to our great American history and heritage. They seem to lack the most elementary understanding of even the most basic American principles.

For example, it makes absolutely no sense that Christian pastors would embrace the sudden pro-life candidacy of Mitt Romney and reject the proven, twenty-year pro-life record of Ron Paul. It makes no sense that evangelical Christians would embrace the pro-illegal amnesty, pro-McCain/Feingold, pro-No-Child-Left-Behind, pro-gun control John McCain and reject the proven, twenty-year no-amnesty, pro-freedom, anti-No-Child-Left-Behind, pro-Second Amendment record of Ron Paul. It makes absolutely no sense that Christians would fall for Mr. Big Government himself, Mike Huckabee, and reject the champion of limited government, Ron Paul.

Beyond that, how is it that pastors and evangelicals cannot see through the GOP’s complicity in helping to establish a Luciferian New World Order? How can they be so blind and dumb regarding the global machinations of the Council on Foreign Relations? How can they not understand and reject the philosophy emanating from the Trilateral Commission and Bilderburgers?

Ask the average pastor and Christian about the CFR, the Trilateralists, or the Bilderburgers and they just stare into space. They are absolutely clueless. Ask them about the burgeoning NAFTA superhighway, North American Union, or Amero and they look stupefied. Again, they are absolutely clueless. And, yes, I am angry about it. I am saddened and angered at the lack of knowledge, perception, and discernment demonstrated by my Christian brethren.

I believe with all my heart that if the pastors and Christian people of America would come off their high horse and start supporting the principles of liberty, the U.S. Constitution, and limited government, not only would there be a rebirth of freedom in America, there would be a spiritual revival as well.

As it is, freedom-loving people cannot see past the ignorance, elitism, and partisan phoniness of modern Christians in order that they might see Christ. The Scripture plainly says, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (II Corinthians 3:17)

When America’s Colonial preachers and Christian people fought for liberty and independence, God gave us two Great Awakenings. I believe another Great Revival would come to America, if our Christians and pastors would stand on their hind legs and once again fight for liberty and independence. And, yes, I am also angry that they will not do that either.

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Ron Paul: On Foreign Entanglements, the Ties that Strangle

… My great fear is their [Pakistanis’] anger towards Musharraf’s military regime will be targetted towards his enablers – the United States.

This is the problem with our government involvement in the internal affairs of other nations. Our friend one day is our enemy the next. And all our friends’ enemies become our enemies. How many times have we armed BOTH sides of a conflict because of this? There is little for us to gain from this policy, and simultaneously a lot of trouble we get ourselves into. It is not a rational or intelligent way to interact with the world.

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Carlos Santana: “If you fight with joy, you’re the solution”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from: Herbie Hancock: Possibilities, The Movie Channel, 2006

“This is the thing, man. We don’t have to worry about anybody else’s doing. All you need to do is that:

Everyday it’s a battlefield. But if you fight with anger, you’re the problem. If you fight with joy, you’re the solution.”

Conviction is from your soul. You have to go out there with conviction and say, ‘you can’t stop me. You cannot break my spirit.’ Before I go [strongly exhales] and I’m done with this body there will be some hearts that will be touched by my spirit.”

– Carlos Santana