Skousen: Handlers of Presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Barack Obama

World Affairs Brief, December 5, 2008 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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President-elect Obama has announced about half his new cabinet–all the important ones and enough to be worthy of comment. Here’s the list so far and why I think these were all chosen by the same globalists that run the Bush administration.

Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton

Secretary of Defense: Robert Gates

Secretary of Treasury: Timothy Gaithner

Secretary of Commerce: Gov. Bill Richardson

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Former Senator Tom Daschle

Attorney General: Eric Holder

National Security Advisor: Gen. James Jones

Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel

These picks are certainly indicative of Washington’s revolving door philosophy. But it’s even more complex in that virtually everyone who serves in high government positions must toe the line of the globalist controllers who call the shots. Most are members of the Council on Foreign Relations or Trilateral Commission. If they aren’t, they are usually avoiding the public exposure but agree with their globalist principles. Even those that are not knowing conspirators must at least show their willingness to be abject yesmen to those higher in power.


Even the president must acquiesce to those who call the shots; though they never try and directly challenge the president unless he gets too far out of hand. Then subtle and not-so-subtle threats are applied, as in the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. In every presidency there is one primary advisor designated as the president’s “handler” whose job is to make sure the president complies with various “suggestions” given him in daily briefings and high level cabinet meetings. Most often it is the National Security Advisor. For the first time ever, during the George W. Bush years it was the Vice President, Dick Cheney. Here is my best estimate of past presidential handlers, starting with the Wilson administration. There are two exceptions who did not appear to be controlled.

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