Disgusting! ‘Realtime’ Guest: “We have a right to curse out the people…we love the most”

From: Realtime with Bill Maher, 3/28/08

MAHER: We have to bring on our “Real Time” Real Reporter. … Let me ask you quickly, because you’re a radical—[laughter]—have you ever said, “G__ D___ America”? Because I think that’s the worst thing they find this guy said – “G__ D___ America!” Because I watch the TV – “the TV,” what am I, eighty? [laughter]—I watch the TV. [laughter] But I watch TV, and about three times a week, I see something going on where I feel – I say something akin to that. Because this country is so greedy and so…

DAN SAVAGE: Who hasn’t said, “G__ D___ blank” about things that they [love] – I’ve said, “G__ D___ my mother” when she’s gotten on my nerves.

MAHER: [overlapping] Right.

SAVAGE: Like, we have a right to curse out the people and things we love the most. [laughter]

MAHER: Right.

SAVAGE: What else would make you as angry as the things you love? [applause]


Herbie Hancock: “Our Kids are American Kids AND Iraqi Kids”

From: Real Time with Bill Maher, 1/26/08

[Richard] BELZER: And this thing about Iraq fatigue. How dare we be tired of our kids dying and not be outraged and do something about it? [applause]

[Herbie] HANCOCK: Absolutely. And when we say “our kids,” “our kids” are American kids and Iraqi kids. [applause]


HANCOCK: …the thing is, things are escalating. We’re the ones that are the cause of the escalation, because, instead of creating friends , we’re making many more enemies. You know, if we start to make friends, I think the whole picture – the whole picture will change. I guess we’ve forgotten how to do that.


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