((audio)) Paul Fromm on Arthur Topham ‘Hate’ Speech Trial – Jews’ 9-year harassment of truth teller in Canada, while they’re the biggest promoters of hate! – The Martinez Perspective (02/18/16)

Arthur Topham trial @ 28 • True perspective @ 54:30[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKF8Ekh3Rqk]The Martinez Perspective (02/18/16): A Conversation with Paul Fromm

Brandon Martinez

Brandon Martinez

Published on Feb 8, 2016

On this episode of the Martinez Perspective I am joined by Paul Fromm, a long-time free speech activist, White preservationist and director of the Canadian Association of Free Expression. We discussed Paul’s recent run-in with the “thought police” at the Toronto airport, who, on the orders of the most likely Zionist influence peddlers higher up in the Canadian government, harassed and finagled him in a clear act of state-sanctioned intimidation. Then we touched on some of the finer details of the Arthur Topham thought crime trial in BC, where Zionist hate mongers are seeking to send an elderly blogger to jail for publishing books that are already widely available online.

MP3 of the show: http://nonalignedmedia.com/AUDIO/Mart…

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