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Re: Top 10 reasons why the holocaust didn’t happen.

Attention guests: Please watch, download, and then upload these videos to video hosting websites, to preserve this vital information. Remember the [Talmudic] Jews HATE these videos, and they will conspire to destroy them, as they expose their Holocaust lies.

1. Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil (Full Video)
Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil (Full Video) – YouTube2. What do Holocaust Deniers believe?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3c0PnRBZJk3. WOW MUST SEE Auschwitz the true story (David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary)
WOW MUST SEE Auschwitz the true story ( David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary ) – YouTube
4. Judea Declares War on Germany – Dr Fredrick Toben (full)
Judea Declares War on Germany – Dr Fredrick Toben (full) – YouTube
5. Off Your Knees, Germany! Ernst Zundel 1983 – 2003 (Full Video)
Ernst Zundel – Off Your Knees Germany (1983-2003) made 3-4-2011 – YouTube
6. Jewish Holocaust faker [Herman Rosenblat] – this is very Sad & Bad
“Jewish Holocaust faker – this is very Sad & Bad” – YouTube
7. Gas Chamber expert Fred Leuchter
gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter – YouTube
8. The Leuchter Report – part 1 of 3
The Leuchter Report – part 1 of 3 – YouTube
9. The Leuchter Report – part 2 of 3
The Leuchter Report – part 2 of 3 – YouTube
10. The Leuchter Report – part 3 of 3
The Leuchter Report – part 3 of 3 – YouTube
11. The Second Leuchter Report – part 1 of 2
12. The Second Leuchter Report – part 2 of 2
13. Paul Fromm interviews Fred Leuchter in June 2001 at the Barnes Review Conference
14. The Great Holocaust Trial 1985 (FULL VIDEO)
15. Ernst Zündel – Setting the Record Straight (full)
16. Zum 71. Geburtstag von Ernst Zündel
17. Holocaust Denier’s Now Wife, Ingrid Rimland, interviewed in Toronto Canada 1998
18. Ernst Zündel released from Mannheim prison [after 7 total years of incarceration]
19. [Doug Christie’s] Thoughts on the Release of Ernst Zundel [on March 1, 2010]
20. Sylvia Stolz Speaks Shortly Before her Trial
21. AZK – Sylvia Stolz – Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial (full)
22. Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.
23. ONE THIRD of the HOLOCAUST – Widescreen (full)
24. My Auschwitz Trip (2007) – “Gas Chambers”, Zyklon B, Krematorium I-III
25. The ‘Holocaust Denial’ Debate [by Brother Nathanael Kapner]
26. Deanna Spingola – The Importance of Understanding the Truth about the Holocaust
27. Edgar J. Steele – Holy Holacaust – Dec. 19th, 2005
28. Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie
29. Jewish “survivors” of the concentration camps — check out these eye witness accounts
30. Judea Declares War on Germany – Dr Fredrick Toben – Bonus Part 9
31. Zionist and Holocaust Revisionism for Dummies
32. I Believe in the Holocaust [sarcasm]
33. Holocaust Hoax Exposed – Must see..!
34. Introduction to the Holohoax, Part1 – the Big Lie
35. Questioning The Holocaust – Why We Believed (Part 1 of 2)
36. Questioning The Holocaust – Why We Believed (Part 2 of 2)
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One thought on “Holocaust Truth Videos — Watch, download, upload these videos while you can!

  1. anarchyst

    If a country were hell-bent on genocide, WHY WOULD THEY KEEP RECORDS?? WHY would they build “camps” hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away with sanitary facilities, housing, medical, recreational and other ancillary facilities? Would it not have been easier to just “eliminate” them without going through all of this trouble? Why would they expend massive effort on logistical movement utilizing their limited energy resources if the goal was extermination? Things do not “add up”…
    Something BIG “stinks” in this whole jewish “holocaust ™” deal. It is no secret that jewish Zionists made “deals” with the German government in order to make life “uncomfortable” for jewish Germans. In fact, it was jewish Zionist leaders who first proposed that all jews wear the “yellow Star of David” armband so that they could be easily identified.
    The establishment of a “homeland” along with the 6,000,000 figure was a Zionist “dream” since the 1800s. What better way to encourage “emigration” to a foreign land than to make things difficult for the “cream of German society” (jews)?? The TRUTH about the so-called jewish “holocaust ™” is out . . .
    The so-called jewish “holocaust ™” has been turned into a de-facto “religion” in which no deviation from orthodoxy is permitted. In fact, in most European countries, independent investigation into jewish “holocaust ™” truths is strictly forbidden under pain of fines and imprisonment. In the USA, things are not quite as bad, only job loss and personal and professional destruction at the hands of those of the “tribe” that FEAR the real truth of the jewish “holocaust ™” being exposed is evident. TRUTH CANNOT BE USED AS A DEFENSE OR ENTERED INTO EVIDENCE IN THE “KANGAROO COURTS” THAT PROSECUTE THOSE WHO DARE TO INVESTIGATE THIS HISTORICAL EVENT. A question for you “holocaust ™” promoters–why are there laws that criminalize the search for truth??
    When the truth about this historical event comes out, it will change much of the world’s perception about those that are using this event as a “cash cow” that “keeps on giving”. . . “there’s NO business like “SHOAH business”.
    Jewish complicity in this event is carefully “covered up”.
    A good example of present-day censorship is the fate that awaits those that dare question “official” jewish “holocaust” orthodoxy. Most European countries have criminalized ANY line of thought that deviates from the “official” jewish “holocaust” story. WHY?? In fact, TRUTH is no defense when it comes to “all things holocaust”. Ask noted WW2 researcher David Irving, who was forced to recant TRUTH in order to avoid punishment. . .
    If people only knew of the planning that took place (among those of the “chosen”) to engineer the jewish “holocaust”, there would be a pogrom of massive size. You see, the jewish “holocaust” was necessary in order to force the establishment of a jewish state. In this case, the ENDS justified the MEANS. There have been many “holocausts” of much greater misery throughout human history, yet the jewish “holocaust” is the only one that counts . . .
    Look at the “commercialization of the so-called jewish “holocaust ™” while the much larger communist (true) holocaust is conveniently forgotten. To assure a continuing supply of jewish “holocaust ™” “survivors”, jews are tattooing their ATM (oops, I mean “camp” numbers) on their children and grandchildren.
    Since the jews declared war on Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933), the Germans had no choice but to complete the Zionist plan of marginalizing German jews (to say the least).. This fulfilled the Zionist plan of forcing German jews to emigrate to Palestine while making the world grant jews a “homeland”–Israel. It is interesting to note that the German boycott of jewish businesses lasted for one day, whil the jewish boycott (actually the jews’ declaration of war on Germany) started in 1933 and lasted until the summation of WW2.
    Zionists have been predicting a jewish “homeland for the last two-hundred years while predicting a “holocaust ™” of 6 million for the same amount of time. The ACTUAL number of non-combatant deaths in the European theater of operations is approximately 731,000, NOT 6 million (official International Red Cross figures).
    Regarding that “holocaust ™” “showplace” Auschwitz, there are engineering inconsistencies in the design of the so-called “gas chambers”. The doors are not of a gas-tight design; it would have been impossible to retrieve the bodies, and there is no means to ventilate the rooms after the so-called “gassing” took place”. There is a “gas chamber” chimney that is not connected to anything. From an engineering standpoint, these are very serious errors that would have caused the deaths of the “operators” of these supposed “gas chambers”. As Germans were excellent engineers, it is difficult to observe the glaring engineering errors that presently exist in these “camps”.
    American execution expert, Fred Leuchter travelled to Auschwitz, surreptitiously obtained samples from the purported “gas chambers”, had them tested and published his results. The absence of methylene blue in ALL of the samples, save one, was PROOF that the “gas chambers” did not exist. The one positive sample was taken from a room used to disinfect clothing. In fact, the “chimney” for the supposed “gas chamber” does not connect to anything.
    Mr. Leuchter’s was rewarded for his search for TRUTH by his professional and personal character assassination by those of the “tribe”. He lost all of his federal and state contracts, and was prosecuted under an obscure Massachusetts “law” for “practicing engineering without a license”–a law which had never been used before or since. . .
    It is no secret that after WW2, the Soviets attempted to “create” the “death camps” for propaganda purposes. Yes, there was extreme deprivation and suffering–many people perished. The prime cause of death was typhus. As allied bombings destroyed most of the infrastructure, typhus was at epidemic levels. THIS is what caused the massive amounts of human deaths . . .NOT gassing.
    It is interesting to note that, before the camps were “liberated” by the “allies”, the camp occupants chose to flee with the German troops, rather than be “liberated” by the Russian “allies”.
    I urge those “holocaust ™” believers to check these things out for yourselves–IF YOU DARE. You will not like what you find…

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