Big Pharma hates hydroxychloroquine because it’s off-patent – $20 to save a life, 2 Generic Drugs + Zinc • Athletes dying because they sweat zinc out • Zinc blocks viral replication – Mike Adams

I transcribed this:

15:10 “I believe zinc is the key to getting everybody back to work. … We need to embrace nutrition. … We have to end the Big Pharma stranglehold over our systems. … They want this to be as bad as possible so they can position the drug companies as the saviors in the end. … The reason they hate hydroxychloroquine is because it’s a generic drug that’s off-patent, so they can’t make $billions off that drug. … But it works with zinc and a common antibiotic that’s also a generic drug. The treatment to cure one person is about $20. $20 is all it takes to save a life.”

18:30 “The vaccine could be very dangerous. It probably won’t work because the mutation rate is so high. We know from the NIH, zinc interferes with the RNA transcriptase function of viral replication in the body. Zinc blocks that. We have a zinc deficient population. And do you know why some of these young triathletes and really active people are dying from this coronavirus is because they’re missing zinc, because they sweat it out. You have to replenish the minerals, especially if you’re sweating a lot. If you are exercising a lot, you are probably mineral deficient.”

20:10 “Trump is surrounded by Big Pharma people. Will they even let Trump learn the truth about zinc?”


Quotes start at 15:10

Mike Adams: If Trump Does Not Push Nutrition, The Lockdowns Will Continue

April 1st, 2020

Mike Adams joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the nutrition approach to safeguarding against the coronavirus pandemic.

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