James Perloff: COVID-1984 & THEIR BEAST SYSTEM — Fauci is doing the exact opposite of what should be done • How we know Bill Gates is not sincere: he never talks about vitamins & improving our immune systems. He only talks about VACCINES!

James Perloff’s accompanying document: COVID-19 Red-Pilled

My Notes:

“Normally with infectious diseases, you quarantine the infected, not the healthy.”

“This is the first time that Easter was cancelled.”

“We’re seeing the formation of a worldwide police state.”

19:50 “Professor Knut Wittkowski… says Dr. Fauci is doing the exact opposite of what should be done…. Having everyone locked in their homes, he says is going prolong this virus, and we’ll probably see it recur in the fall.”

Lacking a transcript, I’m going to paraphrase verbal remarks from Professor Knut Wittkowski, for 20 years head of Rockefeller University’s Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design, and 35 years an epidemiologist. He says social distancing and lockdown are the worst ways to deal with an airborne respiratory virus. Yes, he says, keep the elderly and immunocompromised people safe, but there should be no isolation for the rest of the population. He says the lockdown prolongs the virus by preventing herd immunity, and may result in a new outbreak later on. As the interview lasts 41 minutes, I’m not embedding it, but it may be watched here. (from COVID-19 Red-Pilled)

47:30 “One way that I know Bill Gates is not sincere in improving people’s health: when you ever seem him talk publicly, he never talks about getting exercise or vitamin C, or vitamin D, or improving your immune system. He only talks about the VACCINES!


Apr 21, 2020


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Author James Perloff joins me to recount the FACTS about the plandemic, the agenda of its planners, and its impact on humanity – for the historical record.

James’ article: COVID-19 RED-PILLED


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