Ryan Dawson’s Holocaust Truth Video: ‘The Spinning Squirrel’

Deborah Lipstadt uses the “everyone is a racist who disagrees with me” tactic.

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Oven Magnet 06 Jul 2020

⁣Watch out for part 2 and 3 the Rotating Rodent and Twirl Squirrel the Final Solution

There ⁣is a lot between “denial” and “6 million gas and ovened, funiture from body parts, soap, and death rollacoasters”. The wild exaggerations only serve to increase doubt rather than dissuade it. The National Socialists like the Communists and other allied and axis powers are guilty enough of plenty of horrendous crimes. There is no reason to exaggerate or fabricate extra maniacal deeds. Monopolizing victimhood in WWII is i⁣tself ⁣narcissistic and disgusting.

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