David Icke: Psychopathy – The ‘Human Disease’ – Putin & Zelensky, Biden, the media all lack empathy — are psychopaths

6:05 “Lack of empathy is the key to psychopathy. … When people say ‘they’d never do that.’ No, you wouldn’t do that; they would love it.”

51:50 “The population in large number is being turned psychopathic.”

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Sun is better than UV, which is better than Vitamin D

Sun is better than UV, which is better than Vitamin D

House speaker calls a recess after three members refuse to wear face masks

By Suzanne Downing -March 28, 2022

Eastman then posted his point of view on Facebook:

“The Speaker has made it clear that she considers me a threat to her health based on the personal medical interventions I choose to take or not take. She is incorrect. I am not a threat. I am not sick. Unlike the Speaker, I did not attend a floor session while sick last week (with COVID, if reports are to be believed). I do have a documented, non-contagious respiratory condition from my time in the military. Even so, I have sacrificed my personal health repeatedly by wearing a mask. In fact, I was the first member of the legislature to wear a mask during legislative business. However, I will not sit by while a fellow member of the legislature is threatened with not being permitted to fulfill their constitutional duty to cast a vote in the legislature because they are not wearing a mask while doing so. There is no constitutional requirement to wear a mask or constitutional authority to prevent a fellow legislator from voting. There is a constitutional requirement that a legislator “faithfully discharge [their] duties as a state legislator”. Those duties obviously include the ability to vote. That requirement is found in Art. XII, Sec. 5 of the Alaska Constitution.”


Utah Task Force Praises Utah Leaders For Passing Landmark Grid Resilience Bill

The Utah Task Force on National & Homeland Security issued a press release today following Governor Spencer Cox’s signing of a landmark HB418 Utah Grid Resilience Bill, earlier this week, that creates a new Utah Grid Resilience Committee to make recommendations to the Utah State Legislature for the passage of a new law to harden Utah’s electrical power grid against all hazards including the threats of cyber attack and super solar storms. It is very important to secure the grid against all hazards because most Utah citizens won’t be able to work their jobs and businesses will not be able to function without the electrical power provided by a secure and resilient grid.


Hypothesis: Sun-produced nitric oxide reduces cardiovascular problems — UVA (UVB not needed—not vitamin D)


Skousen: Ukraine War Drags On — The globalists’ sophisticated thinking

…these same globalists downplayed the Russian and Chinese threat all through the cold war years, and facilitated technology transfers to build up both Russia and China as future enemies. These defenders of Putin haven’t even begun to consider the complexities of globalist thinking or the sophisticated manner in which they play both sides of an issue. Armstrong begins by casting Putin as the victim of our evil globalists, without recognizing that Russia and China are competing predators seeking control of a future NWO. Neither are out to save us from the Anglo-American globalists.

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Alaska education lowest reading scores & ASD ranked 22nd out of 54 school districts

Vote NO on Anchorage school bonds: Focus must be students, not buildings – Alaska Watchman

by Jodi Taylor

Alaska is ranked dead last in the U.S. in national reading scores for both low-income and upper/middle-income students. And before you think that the rest of the state is dragging ASD [Anchorage School District] scores down, guess again. ASD is ranked 22nd in the state in language arts out of 54 school districts.