Lara Logan: Vitamin D Blackout – Health ‘experts’ won’t tell blacks or elderly about D deficiency & covid survivability — dark skin requires more sun & elderly in nursing homes

4:25 “There are a number of medical concerns related to covid that are completely ignored by this, that put African-Americans at greater risk, and that are not being addressed by the very health professionals that say they care about saving black people’s lives. For example, vitamin D deficiency is common in … elderly people in nursing homes and African-American communities, who are historically deficient in vitamin D. And it affects your immune system … how sick you get with this virus and your survivability.” – Lara Logan


Health “Experts” Still Want Lockdowns Yet Support BLM Protests, Tucker Carlson & Lara Logan React

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Masks are Ineffective and Risky – Let the Facts Speak

Masks: Are There Benefits or Just a Comfort Prop? Let the Facts Speak

May 21, 2020

Initially I respected the call by my local Governor in Connecticut to protect our fellow citizens. Deep down I thought it was a little foolish to mandate masks, but love all people and thought I would wear one to help others feel safer. Then, I started digging a little further into the scientific literature. I have discovered that masks are neither safe nor effective. So, as schools prepare to create policies for children returning to school in the fall, we must keep these things in mind.

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(vid) Peggy Hall: CDC MASK DECEPTION — ZERO conclusive evidence “asymptomatic” individuals wearing a mask prevents the spread of covid

There is ZERO conclusive evidence provided by the CDC that supports healthy or “asymptomatic” individuals wearing a mask prevents the spread of illness.

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Debunked Lancet HCQ Study officially retracted over serious questions of scientific credibility — even fabricated the side effects

Lancet even lied about the side effects of hydroxychloroquine, making them up!

3 minutes — HCQ truth!

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(vid) Eric Nepute D.C.: The ‘new normal’ needs to be getting rid of the spirit of fear, hatred, greed, lying, lust and confusion!

Chiropractor Eric Nepute: “I’m okay with saying ‘new normal.’ … The ‘new normal’ needs to be getting rid of the spirit of fear, the spirit of hatred, the spirit of greed, the spirit of lying, spirit of lust, spirit of confusion… rebuking them as far as the east is from the west.” – minute-59

Watch this powerful message here:

Warning – This May Offend You

Enough is enough you're all being lied to and played. I’ve got something to say. The truth will set you free.. some will love this message and others will not.

Posted by Eric Nepute on Laugardagur, 6. júní 2020

(vid) Professor Dolores Cahill – Why Coronavirus Lockdown Is Killing More People Than It’s Saving – London Real

Dolores’ *extensive* credentials are laid out here at the beginning of this also excellent interview: MUST WATCH: Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill)

Incredible lady — so truthful and free!


“If we have a healthy immune system, we don’t need anything else,” ie: lockdowns, social distancing, masks and vaccines.

Companies who censor those who warned about the detrimental health practices and mandates, and were proven correct, should be held accountable for the damage they did to people and countries.

If people find out they can boost their immune system through food and nutrients, and that vaccines are dangerous, it undermines the profit of Big Pharma.

The FDA, by preventing the treatment of HCQ + zinc and YouTube preventing the information from getting out could be held libel for the unnecessary deaths.

“Did they give advice to the elderly, how they could boost their immune system? Did they give access to treatment?” People who withheld this need to be held responsible.

57:10 The reality of vaccines. The toxins: aluminum, etc.. They’re grown on monkey or dog kidneys, and the viruses from the monkeys, like Simion virus 40, SV 40 are introduced in people which ordinarily never would be, which cause cancers and chronic illnesses. Vaccines are not safe, are often ineffective, and can cause infertility.

They haven’t made a safe vaccine for a corona virus in 17 years. How can they make one now, which they won’t even safety test. So far, vaccines for corona viruses cause a firestorm in the immune system.

Hydroxychloroquine + zinc was well known in February and March that it worked as a treatment, so there was no reason for the lockdown. What we should have done was quarantined the elderly and the vulnerable, and boosted their immune system with zinc and vitamins.

A main reason for censorship is to keep them from being exposed for the damage they did from the lockdowns.

Big Pharma did two HCQ studies mostly without zinc for patients only who were already in intensive care, the Lancet and Veteran papers. HCQ has been on the essential medicine list for 55 or 60 years as being safe and effective. It’s unethical to give it without zinc, because it can’t possibly work. The studies were designed unethically.

There is no data behind the using of masks, which make people sick. She will not use a mask. It doesn’t transmit through the air. If person coughs, he/she should cover their mouth.

1:27:10 How to boost one’s immune system: Avoid stress (fear and loneliness from the lockdowns). Vitamins D, C and zinc are the most important. Also vitamin A and selenium.

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Facebook bans ALL Brighteon videos — All links will not post on Facebook!

I just heard Brother Nathanael say in his latest Jeff Rense appearance that the entire Brighteon (dot) com video platform has been banned by Facebook. I tried just now to post even the most mild Brighteon videos, like “Wild Food Foraging- Pine Needle Tea,” and Facebook won’t let it load to be posted.

This is not a good sign of what’s to come. What else will Facebook ban, while allowing the most violent, racist videos to be livestreamed and posted, hatred of whites to the max, but ban an entire video platform that has a high percentage of excellent content that no one would object to.

Mike Adams owns Brighteon, The Health Ranger.

Someone should do a video comparing the extremes of what is banned verses what is allowed on this platform.

Banning Brighteon is disgusting, immoral, and one step too far.

In “Brighteon DOUBLES DOWN on free speech, under FACEBOOK censorship attack,” posted two weeks ago, Mike Adams explains that Facebook gave Mike an ultimatum: remove the ‘Plandemic’ videos to not be banned, which Mike refuses to do. “Plandemic” exposes Big Pharma’s handling of the covid-19 event through lies and misinformation, destroying many lives in the process.

The globalists don’t want anything to stop their vaccine-everyone mandate, so they censor an entire video platform that tells the truth about vaccines!

Mike says he’s now releasing his moderators to relax their free speech standards, so almost anything but porn can now be aired on Brighteon. Maybe that will save him some money too. He says their biggest cost now is bandwidth, and Brighteon loses money, which he has to then get from his Health Ranger store.

(vid) The Coronavirus Vaccine Agenda: Exposing The Dangerous Truth Of Big-Pharma’s Master Plan – Del Bigtree – London Real

One of the best videos I’ve seen on vaccines! Excellent covid-19 truth also!


Those who have illnesses aren’t tested in the trials to see how the vaccine will affect those who are not perfectly healthy, those most likely to get vaccine injured

• Vaccine testing does not use double-blind studies to compare the vaccinated with a placebo group

Human fetal cell tissue is on vaccines, and how we know that

Vaccines can make people overreact to the illness. People have already died in the covid-19 vaccine trials


“I think we’re all in a dream state right now. It feels like some ‘snow day,’ stay-at-home’ day. When people start realizing that my job really is not there. … You’re going to see the tone and energy of this discussion shift. And as more an more people wake up to the fact that this was only a 0.26% death rate; even though, my news was telling me otherwise, they can’t censor us enough.”

“You ruin the trust of a nation by overstating it like this.”

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Another Covid Satire Vid from JP! – Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer

“Our officials have instituted medically accurate recording measures where if anyone has ever ridden in a car before and then they die, their death is recorded as a car related death.”

“Shockingly, we’re still seeing car related deaths. This is cause for an extended lockdown.”

“Authorities have extended the lockdowns until we can find a vaccine to bring people back to life after traffic fatalities….”


“As the lifesaving lockdown continues, the suicide rate is up by 400%, yet traffic fatalities are down by 7%. The lockdown continues to be an effective lifesaving measure.”

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(vid) WHO: Healthy people should wear masks only if caring for covid patients

This is similar to what Dr. Fauci said on CBS ’60 Minutes’ on March 8:

“There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better. And it might even block a droplet. But it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And often, there are unintended consequences. People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

– –

“If you do not have any respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, or runny nose, you do not need to wear a medical mask such as this one. Masks alone can give you a feeling of false protection, and can even be a source of infection when not used incorrectly [touching the mask, then touching eyes and things others touch, she didn’t say, but probably should have – ed.]. Masks should only be used by healthcare workers, caretakers, or by people who are sick with symptoms of fever and cough.” – Dr. April Baller in this WHO video

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Dr. Carol Wagner: Effects of Vitamin D on the Immune System – Covid Truth!


Big Pharma has only quietly admitted that people having enough vitamin D would cut the deaths in half. All they push instead are lockdowns, social distancing, masks and 88%-die respirators which they get $39,000 for using.

They don’t even give patients vitamin D3, let alone tell us to take it (or get enough sun), and those in nursing homes especially.


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Leaked Video Shows Monkeys, Dogs, Cats Being Tortured In Pharma Testing Lab

Instead of prescribing the vitamins, minerals and herbs naturopathic doctors prescribe every day, that Big Pharma won’t use because they can’t $patent things God made.

Secret video shot inside German testing lab shows monkeys screaming out in pain

WARNING: DISTRESSING FOOTAGE – The upsetting footage, taken at a lab in Hamburg, also shows cats and dogs that appear to be bleeding

The monkeys scream out in pain in the footage (Image: Cruelty Free International)


Funeral director says most deaths called “covid,” even end-of-life cancer

Funeral directors are seeing this phenomenon as well as medical examiners. Dan McGraw, president of Gill Brothers Funeral and Cremation in Minnesota, recently complained about the fact that almost all the deaths he deals with are being certified as the result of COVID-19, including those who died of cancer in hospice.

Horowitz: The coronavirus death rate has been inflated all over the country

 · May 20, 2020


(vid) DEL DEBATES DERSHOWITZ, who says “The state has the power to plunge a needle into your arm”

Important discussion with Dershowitz, who insists a covid vaccine can be forced on all Americans unless they can prove they have a health issue which would make it too dangerous. THIS IS SERIOUS!

I posted these two comments:

Israel defeated covid by using Dr. Zelenko’s HCQ + zinc treatment, which Dershowitz doesn’t mention. Minorities are more at risk from covid largely because many have very low vitamin D levels, because their skin needs six times more sunlight to get the same amount of D production as whites. Big Pharma never told them to take D3! We don’t need a vaccine, because our immune systems can be strengthened through vitamins, minerals and nutrition, which Big Pharma won’t mention. Big Pharma currently rejects all of the covid-19 treatments that work. Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Government are responsible for many covid-19 deaths and the consequences from the unconstitutional lockdowns they mandated and pushed without the people’s consent. They deceived Americans by what they said and didn’t say, and still are.

Dr. Shiva wouldn’t be surprised by Dershowitz saying that RFK, Jr. is his friend, because RFK, Jr. may not be serious about stopping mandatory vaccines — “controlled opposition.”

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DR.SHIVA: To Mask or Not to Mask? THAT is the Question. 4 Studies Examined Scientifically

The cloth and surgical masks the CDC recommends do not effectively stop transmission, and can increase the chance of wearers getting sick.

N95 masks disturb O2/CO2 exchange, and pose a risk for elderly, pregnant women, and those with pre-existing conditions such as COPD, heart disease, etc.

Psychologically, mask wearing is anti-social. Social isolation leads to a decrease in antiviral compounds and an increase in inflammatory compounds.

Americans can say they have a health condition that prohibits them from wearing a mask, and the HIPPA law protects them from having to reveal why to anyone.

Mask topic starts at 13:00

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Exposes Big Pharma Corporate Fascism

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny details how the pharmaceutical industry has effectively lobbied to pass legislation providing complete immunity from all lawsuits during a public health emergency. The doctor, who has been board certified for three specialties, also gives her prescriptions for strengthening immune systems and coping with fear.

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W.H.O.: No proof yet that asymptomatic covid-19 patients can infect others

This blows the main excuse that schools need to be shut down, or only opened according to CDC’s new draconian school opening guidelines. So many lies about covid that many will never unbelieve, because the media will underreport this, except for maybe Fox News and OAN.

– –

No proof yet that asymptomatic COVID-19 patients can infect others, says Duque

There is still no evidence to show that people positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) but do not manifest symptoms can infect others, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said Wednesday as he quoted the World Health Organization (WHO).


Nurse tells face mask truth; Fauci touches his mask, spreads germs!

Nurse tells face mask truth, while Brian shows Fauci touching his mask, spreading germs!

“A bacteria is about 1,000 times bigger than a virus.”

Breathing your own CO2….


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TV ad exposes face mask deception – Viruses aren’t filtered

TV ad exposes the face mask deception. Notice what they don’t filter out, viruses (too tiny), and what they also don’t say:

CleanZone Masks Helps Filter & Protect Against:
• Dust
• Bacteria
• Pollen
• Fluids

Then people touch their masks, moistened with their own germs and everyone else’s, and then touch surfaces, spreading germs to everyone else!

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