Devvy: Ron Paul’s Three Biggest Enemies

Enemy number one: Ron Paul is a target of the compromised “mainstream media” and that includes cable network propaganda machines like FAUX (FOX) News, MSNBC and CNN. This is a fact. They are powerful, they are rotten to the core. They cannot cast your vote. However, they can and do influence the herd who rely on someone else (Oprah Winfrey, Chuck Norris, et al) to tell them how they should vote. The attacks on Ron Paul will become more fallacious as we move along in the process. These buzzards who call themselves news anchors, commentators and fair and balanced have shown themselves to be just the opposite when it comes to one man’s run for the White House. …Ron Paul is not a good target for honest journalists, but he is for lying, conniving hacks who have sold their soul for a paycheck to the hand full of media conglomerates that control the entire flow of information in this country – excluding the big cannon, the Internet. Congressman Paul has been married to the same woman for almost 50 years, there are no doxies in the back ground waiting to come forward, no drug use, no scandals and no flip flopping on the issues. A steady rock. A moral man.

Enemy number two: Ron Paul supporters. What? Yes, and let me give you one example that came up last night on Glen Beck’s show. Glen Beck: “My life has been threatened. I`ve had to wear a vest and have securities. I`ve had an S.W.A.T. team watch my family because of people who say they support you.” Does anyone think this is a good way to support a candidate, not to mention stupid? …

Enemy number three: Electronic voting machines. If you have an agenda and you want it to go forward, you make sure the lawmakers and policy makers, both county, state and federal, are put in office and stay in office. THAT is the purpose of electronic voting machines. …

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