“China will be the world’s next great nation,” declared investment and commodities guru Jim Rogers….” Rogers went on:

Here’s how important I think China will be: My daughter, who was born in 2003, is learning Chinese. Her Chinese nanny speaks only Mandarin to her, and I suspect that she might learn Chinese before she learns English. In her lifetime, Chinese will be the most important language in the world, next to English. If you are young and ambitious, learn Chinese. If you have ambitions for your children, persuade them to learn Chinese.

… Its impressive advances notwithstanding, the People’s Republic of China remains an inefficient, oppressive, one-party communist state that could not have achieved its recent phenomenal development, except for the suicidal policies of the U.S. government (along with other non-communist governments) that transferred enormous capital, technology, and know-how to the Beijing regime, in violation of all economic and moral principles. And, in spite of its enormous gains and momentum, Communist China would quickly atrophy and crumble if the American people forced our politicians to end the destructive trade, spending, regulatory, and monetary policies that are destroying our middle class and transferring our manufacturing and technology base to China.

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