[Note: this was posted before Mitt Romney dropped out]

If John McCain doesn’t get 51% of the delegates, then a brokered convention would occur, where the delegates could vote for whomever they wish.

In the meantime, if the truth about McCain (unfit to command) would sufficiently come out and/or the economy really tanks and/or another war breaks out and talk of a draft escalates, Ron Paul could win in a brokered convention.

From: ron-paul-campaign.blogspot

So what is the strategy for Super Tuesday? Who will win BIG on today’s Super Tuesday of voting? Will it be Senator McCain? (The crowd begins to cheer!) Will it be Governor Romney? (The crowd continues to cheer!) How about Governor Huckabee? (The crowd cheers again!) Or how about that US Constitutional guy… err… what’s his name… Congressman… oh yah, Ron Paul? (The crowd starts to laugh!) — Yes, sounds familiar, right? And so the media continues to report “who won what” and so on and so forth, with of course, no mentioning of that silly Congressman anywhere.

And as the Ron Paul supporters continue to fight back their tears while questioning, “How can this be? I don’t get it! I thought we’d make a dent by now?!!”, the Ron Paul Headquarters begins to board the “The Ron Paul Express Train”, with nothing but confident smiles, because after all, you need a freight train to carry the message of freedom, and more importantly… ALL THE DELEGATES THAT COME WITH IT!!!

“I don’t understand — what do you mean? He lost the delegates in the states because FOX NEWS reported it that way!” Yes, I know… and they also reported that Al Gore won as President — or have you forgotten? Isn’t it funny how IGNORANT Fox News really is? Well, I say ignorant and maybe that isn’t really fair — so let’s just say that they choose to show their viewers what they want the people to see. You see, the results we are seeing on TV is not really what is actually occurring, but the media likes to “dumb it down” for America because it would take too much time to explain how the Delegates really choose their candidate, and so they try and keep it simple. And many people like simple — because simple is good. Heck, I like simple too. However, sometimes keeping things too simple, as is the case with an election, can be very misleading. Yes I know, it sounds complicated and I was once there myself — so allow me to further explain.

Have you heard of the expression that all of this is really a “Beauty Contest?” Well, this is true, because nothing is set in stone yet. The reason why the media is keeping it simple is because MANY of the states are a winner-take-all state, meaning if a candidate wins the popular vote of the state, they get to keep all the delegates that come with that state — however, what the media isn’t telling you (because statistically speaking, it’s highly unlikely) is that ANY DELEGATE can change their mind and vote for whomever they want when it comes time at the convention [if McCain doesn’t get 51% – ed.]– which is when the voting REALLY MATTERS. …

If there was a clear front runner, then someone would have an enormous lead by now, yes? But this is not the case. And according to the GOP rules, a candidate must enter the convention in September with 51% of the delegates from all the states or else the election will go to a brokered convention… and that is where the pay off will be, because delegates will now have to make things right by voting. BUT, the question is, “Who will they vote for?”

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