From: Democracy Now

February 21, 2008

Musical Legend Willie Nelson on Farm Aid, Biodiesel Fuel, Outlaw Country Music, Marijuana Laws, the Impeachment of President Bush, the 9/11 Attacks & More


JUAN GONZALEZ: Those words, “take back America,” one of the obviously fascinating things that’s happened in the last year or so, as this presidential race has heated up, is all these young people getting involved in politics and voting and seeing a sense that they can maybe do something about changing the country. Your message, if you had to give to young people today, from the experience that you’ve had as a musician and as a social activist in terms of what the potential that they have to do something about where our country is headed?

WILLIE NELSON: Well, somebody one time said you can—you know, one person can’t change the world, but one person carrying a message can change the world. And that’s what I think is going on now. I think a lot of young people are realizing that their voice is ready to be heard. They are really important, and they feel that importance, and they know that they have to do something. You know, when you see something wrong, you sit around, and you can say, “Well, I’m either going to do something,” or “I’m going to do nothing.” You have to make the decision. A lot of the kids out there are saying, “Wait a minute, we can do something.” And this election that’s going on now has really excited a lot of young people, and that’s one of the best things that’s happened to our country.

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