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Coast To Coast AM Censored Dr. Bill Deagle at Last Minute—Feb 26th

I don’t necessarily agree with Dr. Deagle on everything, but he has a lot of information that Americans should be privy to. I was looking forward to hearing this Coast to Coast AM interview with host, George Noory.

Then just hours before the interview, I saw his name replaced on the Coast to Coast schedule.

But all things considered—in George Noory’s defense—if George exposed too much, and didn’t have enough seriously disinfo programs (like he really does have), he would no longer be host on this widely listened to Clear Channel program.

So although it’s easy to become disappointed with some of George’s priorites, at least some of the truth is getting out over the public radio waves—which sometimes happens on Coast to Coast in a big way.

Like last night, when a creationist, scientist spoke the truth about how Genesis 1-11 can be totally trusted [However, my personal opinion is that the Noah’s ark discovery info was disinfo, as I think Ron Wyatt already discovered it]. And the guest who replaced Dr. Deagle, Kathryn Albrecht was outstanding! George even pledged that he would tell the truth about the microchips and the Mark of the Beast as long as he is on radio.

So despite some of the negatives, I’m very thankful for George. In many ways he’s a true gentleman and is probably taking the show as far as Clear Channel will let him.

Every once in awhile he’ll have a really great show. And so far this week he’s had two! And Steve Quayle is scheduled to be on tonight. So three great shows this week—which is very rare for Coast—in my opinion! Sometimes, for weeks it seems it’s very much yucksville.

I try to look at the schedule regularly to see if anything good will be on.

Power to the people—sort of!

Jeff Fenske


From: Clay and Iron

Tonight , Feb 26th 2008, hours before a scheduled interview on CoastToCoastAM radio with George Noory, Hours 2, 3 and 4, I was called at the last minute by Lisa Lyon of CoastToCoastAM Radio cancelling at the last moment…my show interview on Tuesday, Feb 26th 2008, from 11 PM Feb 26th to 2 AM Feb 27th 2008.

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  1. SME

    It’s baffling to me that Bible-believeing Christians support the claims of Dr. Deagle. In a Q & A session during his Granada Forum talk (available on his MySpace page or at Google Video), he actually denied the divinity of Christ. He said it was a lie constructed by the Catholic Church.
    Just because someone identifies him/herself as a Christian prophet doesn’t mean he/she is one.

  2. tobefree


    What is the URL for the video you’re referring to? I just now looked at the Q&A session in one of the YouTube versions of a Grenada Forum talk, and the Google version of this same talk, and I don’t see Deagle stating what you’re saying he said.

    Also, notice, I started out this post with “I don’t necessarily agree with Dr. Deagle on everything, but he has a lot of information that Americans should be privy to.”

    Jeff Fenske

  3. SME

    It’s at the end of part I of his Granada Forum talk.

    Dr. Deagle has no information that is of real value to anyone. His information, even if it did come from NSA contacts or visions, is of no use. Most of it cannot be verified because it comes from anonymous sources, and some of it is just plain inaccurate. One small example: His claim that super-silver “kills all known pathogens” is ludicrous. Super-silver has anti-microbial properties, but NOTHING discovered to date kills all known pathogens.

  4. tobefree


    I finally found it. Thanks! It’s during the last minute of the *Google* version, “Part 1 of 4”: .

    Not good, and very interesting. Sad. Very upside down. But that doesn’t mean we should throw out everything he says. Right?

    How many pastors are even teaching the truth about who really goes to heaven? See:

    The deception in America is great. We need to get the dialog going. Let the ideas be heard and let the people sort it out. I think Deagle on ‘Coast’ would have been a fascinating interview. Great radio! Great brain synapse exercise!

    If we only listen to people who totally have their act together, we wouldn’t learn much, because few are totally grounded in reality.

    As to your comment on Super Silver, why do you dismiss this as reality?

    Certain microorganisms, like Staph, are resistant to almost all antibiotics. Why not look for a natural alternative? Why support Big Pharma, who will only push what they can patent?

    I don’t know if Super Silver will kill all known pathogens internally, but it probably will in a petri dish, and silver bandaging is supposed to be very effective externally.

    Why be so down on non-Big Pharma alternatives that may work better and much less expensively?

    Why stifle free speech?

    Jeff Fenske

  5. SME

    Dr. Deagle says so much that it would be virtually impossible to throw out everything he says. There must be some kernels of truth in there somewhere. They’re just reeeaaallly small kernels. I found so many inaccuracies and outright fabrications in his Granada Forum speech that I don’t think any of his information can be trusted unquestioningly. I can think of only three general reasons why Dr. Deagle might be saying most of the things that he does:

    – He’s lying.
    – He’s being given bad information by trusted sources.
    – He’s mentally ill, or somehow incapable of distinguishing fact from fantasy.

    Not really good possibilities, are they? Is this really the man who’s going to, as he puts it, “Save your a** and the a** of your grandchildren for a thousand generations”? Does he sound like a prophet of the Christian God? I’m not saying he’s a bad person – he could be a tremendously nice guy with a sterling private life, for all I know. I just doubt his public claims. I encourage people to investigate the issues for themselves, using as many different sources as possible, and make up their own minds as to whether this kind of information is valid or not. We don’t have to accept the claims of everybody who’s on the radio or the alternative lecture circuit. We have minds and souls of our own, and it’s up to us to use them to the best of our abilities.

    I have no problem with finding natural health alternatives. We just need to be educated and informed when choosing them; natural products can be falsely or incorrectly advertised, too! Check into them carefully before you buy.
    Dr. Deagle has every right to promote super silver on his show or in his talks, but it’s false advertising to say it kills all known pathogens. His capabilities as a physician are deeply in question; his license was revoked in Colorado for the over-prescription of highly addictive pain medication…Big Pharma stuff.

    A friend of a friend is on good terms with Dr. Deagle and is encouraging me to contact him with my concerns. Any specific questions I should ask him?

  6. tobefree


    As far as something to ask Dr. Deagle, perhaps he would be interested in what the Old Testament says about Jesus’ divinity—for I thought I heard Dr. Deagle say that he is a Jew.

    Jim Feeney, who used to be one of my teachers, has written “A Biblical Study of the Divinity of Jesus Christ” , from which I quote the following.


    Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.

    Matthew 1:23 “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”—which means, “God with us.”

    Isaiah gave us this glorious prophecy of Jesus’ virgin birth. Matthew amplifies the prophecy by identifying this promised Son as “Immanuel — which means ‘God with us.’ ” Jesus is “GOD with us”! “A son”, yes. But also “God”!


    Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    Jesus, the prophesied son, “will be called…Mighty God.”



    Psalms 45:6 Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever; a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.

    Hebrews 1:8 But about the Son he says, “Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever, and righteousness will be the scepter of your kingdom.

    “Your throne, O God” — The Old Testament Hebrew word used here is Elohim, used for “God” well over a thousand times in the Bible. This exact scripture from the Psalm is quoted in Hebrews and is applied to Jesus the Son. Jesus is God! Not just “a god,” as some would have us believe. The New Testament Greek word for “God” that is specifically applied to Jesus in Hebrews 1:8 is Theos, used for “God” over 1,300 times in the New Testament.


    Jeff Fenske

  7. Another Person

    The main thing that really doesnt seem to fit for me is that he claims to know all this medical stuff, says he knows how to purify people (well enough to possibly make it possible for them to go onto next dimensions or whatever) AND YET he is quite FAT!

    I havent anything against fat people, though they should try and slim down to a healthy state. But this guy even talks about how important exercise is ad all and yet he is fat, why wont he go through his own purification process??? specially since it gives such astronomical results.

    He says eat healthy and exercise (which is the real formula for physical fitness) and there he is overweight At this rate if they release and Super Baboons on him he really! wont stand a chance lol

  8. SME

    Not to offend, Mr. Fenske, but you really don’t know much about Dr. Deagle yet, do you? He started a Christian ministry, Clay and Iron, back in the late ’80s and he was on the Prophecy Club lecture circuit as late as 2000. He was ejected from the Prophecy Club roster for being a false prophet; the founder still has an apology on his website, telling PC fans that he’s sorry he had anything to do with Deagle and a few other speakers who turned out to be full of it.

    Deagle is not anti-Semitic (he encourages people of all religions to cooperate in fighting the New World Order), but he does refer to Zionism as “an apostate arm of the Babylonian Talmudic Satanism subject to the Vatican.” I don’t know of any practicing Jews who talk like that, not even the ones who oppose Zionism!

    The thing is, Deagle STILL claims to be a Christian prophet in his public talks and on his radio show, websites, etc. He even told the Prophecy Club that he is one of the two witnesses described in Revelations! He was visited by the Archangel Gabriel on many occasions, he said.

    Now, perhaps Deagle was raised Jewish, but that’s unlikely. There aren’t many Jews in Novia Scotia.

    I’m getting too busy to deal with Deagle at the moment, but in April I would like to speak with him and I will most certainly pass along the passages of scripture you cited. Thank you.

    I just want to add that I am not a mean-spirited person. I am not “attacking” Deagle out of spite or anger. I don’t want to censor him or cast aspersion on his character. I saw him speak in Vancouver last year, and I just had a very strange feeling that he wasn’t being straight-up with the audience, so I checked into his background and listened to hours of his recorded talks to see what he had to say. The more I listened, the more disturbed I became by his inaccuracies (many of which can be attributed to mere lack of fact-checking; for example, he said in his Granada Forum talk that the term “Shock and Awe” is the name of a Babylonian war goddess. Well, there aren’t any Mesopotamian deities with a name like that – except for a very minor guy called Shakan, patron god of shepherds. But the Hebrew word “shekineh” refers to the presence of God within the inner sanctum of the temple. If he had looked into this and other such claims before throwing them into his talks, he wouldn’t be spreading misinformation and I wouldn’t have to criticize him at all!) Other claims are more problematic, because he’s either making them up or receiving them from highly unreliable sources whom he trusts. Either way, not good. And yes, I do find it odd that a man who claims to be a brilliant doctor with cutting-edge health solutions to offer us has such a serious problem with weight control. There’s nothing wrong with being overweight, but it’s obvious (as “Another Person” pointed out) that he is not even following his own advice. I don’t know about you, but that does not inspire my confidence.

    I’m not singling out Dr. Deagle. There are many such speakers in the alternative media, people who don’t check their facts, people who exaggerate or confabulate or just outright lie. I don’t let the mainstream media get away with this, so why would I let Deagle and his ilk off the hook? In my opinion, they must be held to the same standards as all other forms of media.

    The bottom line is this: I don’t want to see people uncritically accept anyone’s statements or take his/her advice without looking into the issues for themselves first. No one has all the answers, no one man can save the world, and it’s up to each of us to make informed decisions to the best of our own abilities – not rely on someone else’s version of truth. We all need to cultivate the ability to discern useful/accurate information from hogwash that someone is trying to sell to us for their own entertainment or profit.

  9. tobefree


    I watched all of Dr. Deagle’s Prophecy Club talks, even including the 5-or-6-hour Denver series. I did hear about him and Stan having a fallout. Again, this is how I started out this post:

    “I don’t necessarily agree with Dr. Deagle on everything, but he has a lot of information that Americans should be privy to. I was looking forward to hearing this Coast to Coast AM interview with host, George Noory.”

    I’ve never said that Bill is a Biblically qualified prophet. According to the elders’ qualification lists in 1 Timothy and Titus, “an elder must be blameless.” And Bill uses language that alone would disqualify him. And his doctrine would also clearly disqualify him—his stand on the deity of Christ (as you pointed out), for one.

    Also, as far as Deagle’s Jewishness, I was talking about his genealogical heritage, not his religion. And I thought this could affect his view of the Old Testament; though, I could very well be wrong, and I should have been more clear.

    Regarding Deagle “following his own advice” regarding health his own physical proportions, you guys are mean. Do you know what it’s like to get cursed? Prayed against? Wished evil upon? Deagle gets hit. Anyone who speaks out like he does will, big-time!

    I’ll be talking more about the ramifications of James-3 cursing in my other site, OneCanHappen. And it’s already in my “Let Us Be One” prophecy (found in “Jeff’s Writings,” linked at the top of this page). This is a really big deal, and affects just about everyone we know, unfortunately—including physically.

    Since the Prophecy Club days, I haven’t heard much of Dr. Deagle’s views, other than what he’s said about nutrition. As a GCN subscriber, I’ve listened to his program a *few* times. And when I’ve tuned in, it’s been mostly about nutrition. And never about exercise.

    My guess is that Bill is following his own advice. You neglect to mention that he’s sharp as a tack. He’s probably not deficient in even one of the approximately 100 minerals and vitamins, and probably doesn’t drink fluoridated water, etc..

    I still think Dr. Deagle would have been a very interesting guest on Coast. It would have been very interesting to hear his views being presented to George’s 10 million (or so) listeners, and to see how Bill would respond to George’s and the callers’ questions.

    Why not let the Coast listeners decide what is “useful/accurate information” or what is “hogwash?”

    Coast isn’t church. Nor is it the Prophecy Club. George Noory has all kinds of diversity on his show. Why single Deagle out because Deagle called our President the name of an extremist dictator?

    George has a right to do what he wants. No doubt. Even at the last minute to change his mind, like he did. It’s possible he even did the right thing.

    I thought it was a bit bizarre to cancel Deagle at the last minute for the reason that George claimed. I think something else was going on. It’s possible that Deagle really does have information that the powers that be don’t want let out to the general public.

    I hadn’t heard Deagle’s recent (post-Prophecy Club) information, and was looking forward to hearing it in the Coast format.

    So much of what is on Coast is true ‘hogwash,’ and George allows this night after night. I think Deagle would have been a breath of fresh air. Most Americans are still asleep as to what is going on and what is to come.

    I think Dr. Deagle really would have been able to give Coast listeners a lot of information to think and pray about. No doubt about it, Deagle is a watchman. And he’s sounding the alarm. It’s sad to see that he isn’t more Godly in his presentation and maybe being more careful in his gathering of ‘facts.’ But I think on Coast, he could have been very effective in helping the people wake up and realize that maybe we’re really only being told part of the truth. And maybe we really do need to get our act together now. Not wait.

    Deagle is a catalyst. He helps people get their cognitive wheels rolling. I think Deagle on Coast would have been a breath of fresh air.

    May we all get totally right with God and all people so we hear only one voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit. I think it’s possible to also hear the voices of angels (as happened in the Bible); though, I’ve never experienced that, myself.

    May we all get our act together so that those of us who are supposed to speak the truth in love will speak it clearly, and with only having love in our hearts. No hate. No unforgiveness. No resentment. This is my goal.

    When we really realize how great the deception is, it is really hard to forgive everyone, everywhere, 100%, from the whole heart (Mt. 18)—especially the church leaders who are such a big part of the deception (whether knowingly or unknowingly). But this is what Jesus is calling us to do. And only then can we be free.

    I was looking forward to hearing what Dr. Deagle’s latest take is in Coast’s easy-to-listen-to format. Now I’ll have to watch Deagle’s Grenada Forum talks, when I get a chance. Thanks for telling us about them, as well as Bill’s very serious, deity of Christ issue.

    I don’t for a minute believe that I can trust everything that Dr. Deagle says. But I also think it’s unwise to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I would like to hear what he has to say.

    Let the messenger speak and let the people decide; I say. Coast to Coast is not the church, where we have to be exceedingly careful as to who gets to speak. Coast to Coast is supposed to be a free-ideas format, where I think Dr. Deagle would fit right in. And then let the people sort it out.

    I don’t believe there is much time to get our act together, and voices that sound the alarm are few and far between.

    May we pray positive things for each other and truly walk in love,

    Jeff Fenske

  10. SME

    I most certainly agree that most of what is on Coast to Coast is hogwash, and I don’t think Dr. Deagle’s appearance should have been cancelled. If people can go on the show and blather about bottomless holes or celebrity numerology for hours, there was no credible reason to bar Deagle for expressing some anti-Bush sentiment (if that’s indeed what happened). I neither advocate nor condone censorship. It’s up to listeners to decide for themselves what’s worthwhile.

    Now, I agree that Dr. Deagle is highly intelligent. His ability to speak for hours without consulting notes is impressive, and indicates an excellent memory for detail. But intelligence is no measure of credibility. Lots of intelligent people will throw false information at you, and lots of intelligent people will fail to discern false information from fact. The question to ask when weighing information is not “is the person who delivered it intelligent?” but “does it have validity?”. In the case of Deagle, the answer to the first (irrelevant) question would be a big yes. He’s inarguably a bright, educated man. The answer to the second question, regarding about 90% of the information in his public talks, would probably be “no.” His radio show might have a higher proportion of valid information; I’ve only listened to it two or three times, so I wouldn’t know.

    I really don’t mean to attack Dr. Deagle or other alternative media folks. (Even the weight issue really isn’t an attack – just an observation. It alone doesn’t discredit him, by any means.)
    If I attack their information, it’s not done in a mean spirit, but just to let people know that they don’t have to accept everything they hear from a single source. Some of it is just as erroneous as the info you’ll get from the mainstream media. The information that Deagle provides about the end of the world as we know it can be gotten from far more reliable, far more valuable sources – like the Bible!

    You’re right about forgiveness, Mr. Fenske. It’s probably the most difficult thing to do, especially when people are deceptive and taking advantage of us. Forgiveness is an ongoing process sometimes, too, because we think we’ve forgiven but we really haven’t and we must start over. But forgiveness is vital for our spirits and for the quality of our lives. We can’t be effective if we’re bitter, holding grudges, and carrying a list of wrongs in our hearts. Too often, our grudges lead us in the wrong directions. We accept ideas that would otherwise seem ridiculous because our bitterness convinces us they must be true – “Hey, this guy says George Bush is a lizard, and I hate the evil George Bush so that must be a fact!”
    We have to forgive our leaders, the people who fluoridate the water, the people who promote and carry out wars of aggression, and anyone else we consider to be doing evil.

  11. tobefree


    What you said about forgiving is awesome!!! I totally agree! Very insightful! We’re on the same page. Beautiful!

    Whether Deagle’s information is credible: there is a way to test the UFO/underground bases stuff, if you’re interested.

    Do you pray in tongues? Or if not, are you interested in doing this? This is a very powerful and very effective and downplayed gift that I believe every born-again Christian can and should do, “praying in the Holy Spirit.” And I can prove it Biblically (which I plan on doing at OneCanHappen—and could soon, especially if there is sufficient interest).

    I have been praying in tongues a lot for over 25 years. It’s also a way to be free—perfectly praying for those who James-3 curse us in the language God has given us. If we could actually see all the demons in everyone and in the heavenlies, we’d freak. So God gives us this language to deal with the unseen forces that drive people….

    If by chance your skepticism is largely about Deagle’s UFO/underground bases info, there is a way to check this out. will give you a clue. I’m not sure I want to say more at this time on this website, but if you’d like to contact me by email, please do. My email address is in a jpeg at “About Jeff Fenske,” top, on this page.

    I think there is really something going on up there that isn’t just demonic.

    Also, largely because of this discussion, I listened to Bill’s GCN Live yesterday’s (3/11) program. He and his guest were talking about Super Silver. Apparently there is documentation as to what it can do—that these aren’t just claims—otherwise the AMA would take Deagle out—as we sadly don’t have freedom of medicine in this country. Dr. Russell Blaylock was also on the program. I would venture to say that Deagle’s medical claims are far more reliable than Big Pharma’s claims, including the ads we see on TV.


    Jeff : )

  12. Are Dr. Bill Deagle’s thoughts on: 1.Christian religion orthodox?(for that matter are yours?George Noori’s are not!) 2.Scientific hard facts reproduceable and or verifiable by anyone?Many of Coast to Coast A.M. guests so called facts are often not.; including believers in science or believers in religion or believers in both- and their myriad antithetical forms and agendas notwithstanding.(Recall George’s favorite saying these past 5 years’DO YOU BELIEVE…’which is at the heart of the problem of disecting fact from fiction, as well as the non verifiable, for whatever reason;time constraints ,lack of interest,ignorance,prejudice,comprehension,entertainment etc.- yes i know this is a semi entertainment SHOW.)3.Conspiracy and AGENDA unique?As far as material no. as far as conclusion perhaps yes.(many of Georges’ guests expose similar material). So to me there seems to be little difference between this cancelled guest-apriorially judged by the masses because of cancellation-and many who have appeared,which begs the question;Why was he ousted so late in the day? Perhaps Dr. Deagle was going far beyond where George feels safe in his little ‘Worker in the Light’ world.After listening to many of Dr. Deagles’ radio shows and especially those with Alan Watt(a cornocoupia of essential info about the real enemies of humanity-though I don’t agree with him on his Christian Info at all nor do I think his enemies list complete)Deagle would present a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER expose’of a magnitude of light which would all too likely blind George Noori and expose him and the likes of Art B.S. Bell as being somewhat of the problem too. Hey Georgey boy ,how about round table for 5 succesive shows with 1.Alan Watt 2.Dr Bill Deagle 3.Bruce Cathie 4.Dr.Leonard Horowitz 5.David Icke 6Alex Emiritus Jones 6.Dr.Jacobs 7.Dr. Loraine Day 8.Katherine Austin Fitts9.Sharlot Isyrbe 10.Dr John Lear 11.Maxwell Jordan and last but not least 12.The ghost of Bill Cooper

  13. My people perish for lack of knowledge is not the same as My people perish for lack of “accurate” knowledge
    Many “inaccurate” statements made above by whom? individuals wanting to support their own view points?
    Seek and you will find the truth, dig for the truth and ask yourself why the character assination of Deagle….Maybe, just maybe he is more right on than right off…Most “Christians” think a Fat Guy in a Red suit is part of scripture and “Estar” bunnies lay chocolate fertility turds…The dis information crowd is busy here..God help America.
    for they seek to have their ears tickled as they follow the ways of man over God. Spiritual truths are Spiritually discerned, one can not use what little brains some have remaining to debate the Word..Time will tell, may you all be blessed. Rev G

  14. Anyone who denies this man is an agent or a dummy.

  15. Ouchi

    Claiming to be a prophet is a grave responsibility, not something to be taken lightly without discernment. We need to discern true prophets from false.

    “For thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, ‘Do not let your prophets who are in your midst and your diviners deceive you, and do not listen to the dreams which they dream… ‘For they prophesy falsely to you in My name; I have not sent them,’ declares the LORD.” Jer 29:8

    Here is the most basic test for discerning truth as a spokesman for God.

    “Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist — he denies the Father and the Son.” 1John 2:22

    When I first heard Bill Deagle I was quite impressed… he is indeed an individual of impressive knowledge and eloquence. However, after listening for a while I began to get the impression he was actually showing off rather than striving to illuminate his audience. His interweaving of scientific, spiritual and geopolitical jargon as well as his encyclopedic knowledge of various conspiracy claims made me somewhat suspicious. His denial of Christ, however, puts him squarely at odds with the Bible, and as such exposes him to be a false prophet.

    The abundance of false prophets is in fact one of telling signs of the end times in which we find ourselves. I appreciate any insights and insider information about what’s going on behind the scenes in the halls of power, but there’s a huge difference between sharing information and claiming to be a prophet, a world of difference.

  16. If anyone is afraid of the type of calamities which Deagle describes in his ‘visions’, then I strongly suggest that you read not only the book of Revelations, but the whole Bible to discover the whole plan of God, for this world, but more pointedly for each individual’s salvation into eternal life. Those who have found this salvation through Christ’s forgiveness will have all their fear driven out by His perfect love. Faith comes through hearing the words of Christ, so go first to hear what the Creator of this world wants you to hear. It’s all there in the Bible you keep on your shelf. If you want some help you can find it at May God bless you and bring you peace.

  17. Doug R

    Dear Dr Deagle

    I am very interested in helping anyway I can to get the message across to the masses, tell me how I can help, what can I do to spread the message without sounding like a nut case, and is there any info u can send me to educate me more on the subject, I thought I was very informed on the subject, but watching your videos I learned many things.


  18. barf….censorship is wrong, no matter how a gentleman goes about it.

    blah blah blah …this age old argument is so old and no longer relevant. Religion….is for the old age, and ignorant.

    Dr. Deagle has knowledge that should be shared, and when a so called “clear channel” starts censoring it’s topics, you must then question the source, and it’s agenda.

    Yes, Coast to Coast is a “clear channel” to disinformation.

    I wonder how much Noory cost?

  19. davis potter

    Deagle, Beagle all the same dog food egotistical hogwash

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