One thought on “Congressman Slams Law to Ban Incandescent Light Bulbs—Downside Of Energy Saving Fluorescent Replacements

  1. Tired of you in my home, my car, my life!

    Get out of our homes, you ass holes!!! When you start paying my electric bill then maybe you can dictate which light bulb I “need” to use! I know fluorescent bulbs causes health problems, migraines and retina problems. Besides the cost of clean up if one breaks and the disposal of them is an inconvenience. Just what you all love….more doctor bills from migraines, retina problems, etc;. Mind your own business and if you want fluorescent, you do fluorescent! If you like fluoride in YOUR water, that is poison, you have lots of that too! YOU BASTARDS! Why don’t you do something productive like ban fluoride!

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