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LIVE 3rd Party Debate Tonight


Tonight, Ralph Nader (I) & Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party) meet in a 3rd Party debate, hosted by Free and Equal. This is Mr. Nader’s fourth presidential campaign. Mr. Baldwin is a radio talk show host and Baptist Minister.

It’s listed on today’s C-Span schedule to be aired at 9pm (Eastern) for 1.5 hours — C-Span 2.


Third Party Presidential Candidate Debate
Free and Equal Elections
Washington, District of Columbia (United States)
ID: 281952 10/23/2008 – 1:30 – No Sale

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Nader, Ralph Presidential Candidate, I, Independent
Hedges, Chris Senior Fellow, Nation Institute
Baldwin, Chuck Presidential Candidate, Constitution Party

Third party presidential candidates Ralph Nader and Chuck Baldwin had a debate. At the time of the debate, they were the only candidates whose appearance was confirmed.

Chris Hedges moderated the debate held in the Colonial Room at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel.

This debate is important because real solutions will actually be discussed here by candidates who aren’t bought and paid for, who could actually turn the destruction of America around; though, they’re completely ignored by even most pastors in this nation. So now it’s basically too late, having dissed Ron Paul as well, which is even more incredible, because Ron Paul really had a chance….

Ron-Paul-endorsed Chuck Baldwin has my vote. I will not vote for the destruction of this once great country, which McCain and Obama will almost certainly continue on the fast track.