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US: Urgent lawsuit filed against FDA to halt swine flu vaccines; claims FDA violated federal law by failing to prove neither safety or effectiveness. Natural News 2009 Oct 9 (Cached)

UN extends mandate for war in Afghanistan for another year – to control the insurgents, of course. PressTV 2009 Oct 9 (Cached)

US: Foreign investors no longer buying federal-agency debt. Federal Reserve, with money created from nothing, is buying all of it plus other debt as well. More inflation and Dollar decline is inevitable. Business Insider 2009 Oct 8 (Cached)

Top researcher who worked on cervical-cancer vaccines says they don’t work at all and are actually more dangerous than the cancer itself.
Natural News 2009 Oct 8 (Cached)

Hepatitis-B vaccine triples the risk of autism in infant boys. Mercola 2009 Oct 8 (Cached)

A Crash Course on Money
by G. Edward Griffin
The author of The Creature from Jekyll Island;
A Second Look at The Federal Reserve
will conduct a one-day seminar on money:
How to earn it, protect it, and invest it.

Los Angeles, 2009 October 24
Marriott Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa

● Where does money come from; who makes it?
● How are you being plundered without knowing it?
● Why should you care about the price of gold?
● What’s behind bailouts and stimulus packages?
● What lies ahead and how to protect yourself?
● Are we headed into inflation or deflation?
● Will the Dollar be replaced by a new currency?
● How will you live if everything is nationalized?
● How can we restore a sound money system?
● How to receive income by spreading knowledge?
● How to acquire foreclosed real estate at 20% of
its previous price? *
● How to help low-income families acquire homes at
below bank-sale prices? *
● A home will be given away at this seminar. It can
be kept, sold, or donated to someone in need. *
● Each attendee will receive an autographed copy of
Mr. Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll
Island; A Second Look At The Federal Reserve
*A bonus presentation by Pinnacle Property Solutions.

For additional information, click here.

UK: Teen girl suffers permanent brain damage after cervical cancer vaccine. Natural News 2009 Oct 7 (Cached)

China: Falon Gong practitioner dies from forced labor and persecution in Beijing.
Epoch Times 2009 Oct 7 (Cached)

Arizona sheriff told by head of federal Homeland Security to stop arresting illegal aliens, but he refuses to comply. This should heat up and bears watching. eXaminer 2009 Oct 7 (Cached)

California faces drought and failed crops caused by government decree that much of the water must run into the Pacific Ocean – to protect endangered species, of course. Humans are becoming the most endangered species of all. Unfiltered News 2009 Oct 6

Gold price breaks above $1040, an all-time high. Expect it to continue upward as value of the dollar goes down. Those who own gold are preserving their wealth, while those who own dollars are losing it.
Fox Business 2009 Oct 6 (Cached)

US: Autism rates skyrocket as vaccines target more children. John Travolta’s autistic son dies of seizure. Natural News 2009 Oct 6 (Cached)

Doctor, who is infectious disease expert, says vaccine is more dangerous than Swine Flu and will not give it to his kids. Fox News Posted 2009 Oct 6

Doctors express concern that FluMist vaccine may actually spread the swine flu. Why? Because it contains live swine-flue viruses.
Prison Planet 2009 Oct 6 (Cached)

US: 47% will pay no income tax this year. Most of those will receive payments or benefits from the government – which means from the 53% who still pay taxes. When those who receive can outvote those who pay, the nation is doomed. CNN 2009 Oct 3 (Cached)

Journalist uncovers high-level criminal collusion behind the collapse of Bear Sterns – and that it was covered up by government regulators. If you are not familiar with “naked short selling”, details are here. YouTube Posted 2009 Oct 3

Retired US Air Force Colonel who specialized in investigating airplane crashes says the government’s official version of 9/11 is impossible. Physics911 Posted 2009 Oct 3 (Cached)

No trapeze artist ever surpassed the performance of this kid on a bike. Seeing is believing. TelegraphTV Posted 2009 Oct 3

Landmark Kansas court decision will protect many homeowners from foreclosure. This will cause huge bank losses, and that will trigger more bank bailouts with taxpayers’ money. The middle class is being squeezed out of existence.
Web of Debt
Posted 2009 Oct 3 (Cached)

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