From: Strike the Root

I posed the question to various well-known and respected writers from the left, right and center: Does the American Empire deserve to die, and if NOT, why not?  …

So the empire would then deserve to die, right?

“Short answer: Yes,” replied columnist Dave Lindorff.  “If America cannot change and become a nation that promotes peace and harmony and defends and encourages real democracy, then it is more of an evil than a good and as an empire, especially, deserves to die. Nothing good can come of empire, which is fundamentally exploitative.”

Lindorff composes columns for such as “Depleted Uranium Weapons: Dead Babies in Iraq and Afghanistan Are No Joke.”

Some conservative media heavyweights might disagree.

“Doug — I think the USA should return to the limited government of our Founders — I laid out that case in America For Sale,” wrote conservative Jerome Corsi. His book titles, like The Late Great U.S.A and The Obama Nation, would seem to imply that America, as a nation or republic was doomed, mostly due to liberal policies rather than a concerted, behind-the-scenes, bipartisan effort.

Likewise longtime activist and 9-11 truth advocate Devvy Kidd politely replied to me: “Do I believe our constitutional republic should die? Of course not. Do I support the destructive foreign policies over the past five or six decades? Of course not. A return to true constitutional government under our Constitution will do just fine.”

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