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Italian high court convicts 23 Americans, mostly CIA operatives, for kidnapping and extraditing an Egyptian cleric in violation of local and international law. They now are classified as international criminals. Democracy Now 2009 Nov 5 (Cached)

US: Fannie Mae is asking for another $15 billion, citing a dramatic surge in delinquent mortgages due to climbing unemployment. Article states that “problems … have proven far worse than most experts had foreseen.” They should read Unfiltered News to avoid such “surprises” in the future.
Yahoo 2009 Nov 5 (Cached)

US: Auto insurance based on miles driven makes gains in 15 states. It is touted as a means to save money for low-mileage drivers and to motivate motorists to drive less, but also it will require installation of mileage-tracking devices.
[The expansion of this concept could lead to a per-mile car tax; a meter to show speed excess, triggering fines; and, ultimately, a GPS record of where you have driven.] Sacramento Bee 2009 Nov 5 (Cached)

Excellent summary of evidence that swine flu vaccine is extremely dangerous and that government is falsifying data. Most reported cases of swine flu are not even regular flu. The so-called pandemic is a carefully engineered myth. Brasscheck 2009 Nov 5

CFR pro-vaccine panel is caught on video strategizing how to use sound bytes and false stories to convince people they should have flu shots.
Labvirus.com 2009 Nov 4

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US: Congressman Mike Rogers delivers amazingly concise and powerful summary of defects in proposed government health care plan. Well worth your 4 minutes to watch. YouTube 2009 Nov 3

Twenty reasons that vitamin D is better than a swine flu vaccine. Natural News 2009 Nov 3 (Cached)

Lisbon Treaty is signed by Czech Republic, the last holdout against the EU constitution. This is the last gasp of national sovereignty for European nations. The New World Order slowly emerges.
2009 Nov 3 (Cached)

US: Military agency proposes hit squads to kill jihadists, drug dealers, pirates, and “other” enemies of the state. Wired 2009 Nov 3 (Cached)

Doctors and freedom-of-choice advocates speak out about why you should avoid the swine flu vaccine. Pandemic Flu Online 2009 Nov 3

Al Gore could rake in billions in profits from “Smart Meters” installed in homes with a new contract with the Department of Energy.
2009 Nov 3 (Cached)

US: Personal bankruptcies now equal to divorces – 5,900 every day. 35.8 million people on food stamps. Green shoots everywhere. My Budget 2009 Nov 2 (Cached)

US: Newest version of Healthcare bill drafted by House is filled with psycho/pharma industry agenda. CCHR 2009 Nov 2 (Cached)

Brain scanner can read thoughts and predict behavior. The technology already is sold to multinational corporations to detect subconscious reactions. Imagine this in the hands of tyrannical regimes. Times Online 2009 Nov 1 (Cached)

US: Nine banks were seized on Friday October 30 because of insolvency — the largest one-day number since the financial crisis began. But not to worry. The recession is over. Reuters 2009 Oct 31 (Cached)

US: All of the 36 children who died from H1N1 from April to August also had a bacterial infection. Some of these, such as staphylococcus aureus, can cause deaths entirely on their own. Yet the vaccine pushers insist that swine flu was the cause.
2009 Oct 31 (Cached)

Obama builds youth corps by paying students and giving them school credits for going door-to-door promoting his collectivist agenda. NWV 2009 Oct 31 (Cached)

Global warming myth makers now admit to having exaggerated their claims but still say that their core science is valid and they continue to say that all experts agree with them, the greatest exaggeration of all. Times Online Posted 2009 Oct 31 (Cached)

Former Health Minister of Finland tells it like it is about vaccines. It’s even worse than you thought. YouTuve Posted 2009 Oct 31

Israeli inter-ministerial advisory committee to issue warning that fluorescent light bulbs increase risk of skin cancer. Haaretz Posted 2009 Oct 31 (Cached)

Southern California faces devastating drop in leases of commercial property as unemployment continues to rise. LA Times Posted 2009 Oct 31 (Cached)

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