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Watch this team steal a lady’s purse and get the pin number for her credit cards – all in five minutes. Learn how to avoid the same fate.
2009 Nov 13

More Americans are bypassing banks and turning to Peer-to-Peer lending groups on the Internet. Such loans now total over $3 billion and are expected to double by next year. Parade 2009 Nov 12 (Cached)

Afghanistan: US defense contractors pay insurgents millions, report says. The official explanation is that the Taliban is too powerful to defeat, so US forces simply pay them not to attack. The reality, however, is that this war is not meant to be won but rather sustained. Raw Story 2009 Nov 12 (Cached)

Mexico: Juarez businessmen call for UN military to quell local drug-related violence. This may become common in other countries that foolishly invite the New World Order to “help” and then replace their sovereign states — all in the name of safety. CBS 2009 Nov 12 (Cached)

Here are a few clips from G. Edward Griffin’s Crash Course on Money presented last week in Atlanta. For information about the upcoming events in New York, Seattle, and Austin, click here.
Posted 2009 Nov 11.

Will you survive the “Perfect Storm”
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New York, 2009 November 21
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US: Another student stricken with Guillian-Barre syndrome 18 hours after injection of H1N1 vaccine, but CDC says there is no clear link.
MSNBC 2009 Nov 11 (Cached)

China signals that it may allow its currency to rise against the US dollar. Handwriting is on the wall: US dollar is no longer prized and will become increasingly worthless in the months ahead.
CNBC 2009 Nov 11 (Cached)

US: Lou Dobbs, original CNN anchor, leaves his post amid pressure from pro-illegal immigration and New World Order advocates. Dobbs has been a lone voice of reason and honest reporting, but now that voice is silenced. Newsmax 2009 Nov 11 (Cached)

Flu vaccine victim, Desiree Jennings, is recovering. Instead of rejoicing, the pro-vaccine crowd now is claiming she faked her illness.
Prison Planet
2009 Nov 11 (Cached)

“Everything Is OK But Don’t Take the Swine Flu Jab.” We don’t normally include songs, but this one is well done and entertaining. Of course, the message is very serious. YouTube 2009 Nov 11

UK: What pandemic? Brits were told to expect 85,000 deaths in 2009. With only six weeks to go, the death toll is 154. Your read that correctly. That’s about 5% of the death rate from seasonal flu — but that won’t stop them from pushing vaccines.
Independent 2009 Nov 10 (Cached)

US; Senate Democrats propose shifting regulatory power from Federal Reserve to 3 new government agencies. They call this reform, but it would merely add new layers of bureaucracy and give politicians a bigger share of the plunder. No one is talking about abolishing the central banking system and returning to honest money. Yahoo 2009 Nov 10 (Cached)

US: “Behavior detection” officers are posted at airports across the country, covertly observing travelers’ conduct. Big Brother really IS watching you. Washington Post 2009 Nov 9 (Cached)

India’s Environmental Ministry says there is no evidence that climate change has caused abnormal shrinking of Himalayan glaciers. The UN IPPC propaganda machine responds with name calling and ridicule rather than scientific rebuttal.
Guardian 2009 Nov 9 (Cached)

World poll: Vast majority believes capitalism is not working. The irony is that free-market capitalism has not existed anywhere on Earth for the last 100 years. It is collectivism that is not working; yet people will clamor for more collectivism because they don’t know one from the other.
Raw Story
2009 November 9 (Cached)

Compare the differences between the symptoms of a common cold, seasonal flu, and H1N1. 2009 Nov 9 (Cached)

New York clinics prepared for tens of thousand to receive “free” (paid by taxes) flu shots, but only 5% showed up. That means 95% of the population resisted pro-vaccine propaganda from government and media. That’s a very healthy sign.
NY Times 2009 Nov 8 (Cached)

US: True unemployment continues to rise. Now at 17.5% more than 1 in every 6 workers. This is the highest level since the Great Depression.
Raw Story 2009 November 7 (Cached)

Young Iraq veteran gives emotional testimony about how he was brainwashed into a rampage of killing in Iraq. Unfortunately, his story is not rare.
YouTube Posted 2009 Nov 7.

UK: Former British ambassador reveals that UK and US military in Afghanistan are protecting the biggest heroine crop of all time and that Afghan leaders supported by the West are the region’s drug lords. [This 2007 report is still timely today.]
Daily Mail
Posted 2009 Nov 7 (Cached)


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