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UN to probe “Climagate” emails. All the guilty parties are rushing to investigate themselves to upstage any real independent investigation. This is like
a Göring and Himmler investigating Hitler.
CBC 2009 Dec 4 (Cached)

US: Senator Bunning calls Bernanke “the definition of moral hazard” and says – are you ready for this? – “Your Fed has become the Creature from Jekyll Island.” Hmmm. Looks like someone sent him a book to read. [If you would like to send one to YOUR Congressman or Senator, click here.] YouTube 2009 Dec 3

Poll shows Americans now turning against military intervention in foreign countries and also rejecting the myth of global warming. This is amazing considering the media has been pushing both of these agendas for decades. Perhaps common sense and the spirit of freedom are not dead after all. McClatchy 2009 Dec 3 (Cached)

US: So-called financial “reform” bill in Congress will create a “permanent bailout mechanism” and give complete control over future bailouts to the White House, says columnist Matt Taibbi. Video clip from Rolling Stone included. Raw Story 2009 Dec 3 (Cached)

Blackwater founder reveals he was following orders of CIA throughout his career, including participation in an assassination program. Blackwater has not been a private-contractor army after all but a CIA asset. Vanity Fair, 2009 Dec 3 (Cached)

Australia: Opposition elects new leader who is opposed to carbon-trade laws, and legislation is defeated. A positive sign that the voters are no longer being fooled by the global warming hoax. Yahoo/AP 2009 Dec 2 (Cached)

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Bank of America says it will repay TARP loans by issuing more stock, thus diluting its value. Stock- holders may not agree, but bank says it is necessary if they want to remove government salary limits on executives. MSNBC 2009 Dec 2 (Cached)

Mammograms cause breast cancer, new research declares. Natural News 2009 Dec 2 (Cached)

Regulators in the new EU government have declared that their rulings are assumed to be law without a vote among member nations. The only recourse is a cumbersome appeal process designed to thwart those who complain. A collectivist dictatorship has been established. Telegraph 2009 Dec 2 (Cached)

Columbia University professor says Obama’s speech announcing the deployment of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan sounds like it was written by George Bush. Perhaps academia is beginning to realize there is no major difference between the Republican and Democrat Parties. Huffingtoin Post 2009 Dec 2 (Cached)

UK: University of East Anglia’s Director of Climate Research Unit is placed on leave pending a probe into the scientific standards under his charge (a.k.a. “ClimateGate”). Expect a damage-control investi- gation, admission of minor improprieties, and a massive whitewash. Washington Post 2009 Dec 1 (Cashed)

US: Law enforcement agencies accessed Sprint Global Positioning data 8 million times in one year to pinpoint the location of cell phone customers. Wired 2009 Dec 1 (Cached)

Nigeria: Vaccine blamed for polio outbreak. It creates the very disease it supposedly blocks. Big Pharma strikes again. Mercola 2009 Dec 1 (Cached)

UK: Man is fined 550 pounds for leaving his trash barrels at the curb after 11 pm. No detail is too small for collectivist bureaucrats. Daily Mail 2009 Dec 1 (Cached)

Co-discoverer of AIDS says on camera that AIDS is curable with good nutrition and that the value of drugs and vaccines is greatly exaggerated due to the drive for profit in treatment. This will not be carried in the mainstream press. Natural News 2009 Dec 1 (Cached)

UK: New ‘Smart’ meters will monitor energy use minute to minute and can be programmed to turn appliances on or off without users’ consent, although this feature is not currently emphasized. The 9-billion pound expense initially will be paid by suppliers, but eventually recouped from users.
Daily Mail 2009 Nov 30 (cached)

The CIA has been illegally tracking EU citizens’ banking and personal information since 2001. Recent discovery of this fact has led to public outrage. Now the EU is planning to make the process legal. They care little about public outrage. Press TV, 2009 Nov 30 (Cached)

US: Doctor reveals that government (National Institute of Health) deliberately blocked research showing the connection between vaccines and autism. The influence of Big Pharma is obvious. Homefirst 2009 Nov 30

US: Obama orders 30-35,000 more troops to Afghanistan, bringing the total to 100,000. Surge to begin by Christmas. For this he gets the Nobel Peace Prize? As Orwell wrote in 1984: “War is peace.”
Raw Story 2009 Nov 30 (Cached)

UK: Leaked emails from climate science group reveals that original temperature data that allegedly shows global warming has been dumped. No one now can check the group’s calculations or methods. How convenient. Times Online 2009 Nov 29 (Cached)

From the UK: Global Warming for Dummies
in 1 minute 21 seconds.
YouTube 2009 Nov 29

UK: Parents undergo criminal record checks to prove they are not pedophiles simply to accompany their children to school Christmas carol events.
Daily Mail 2009 Nov 29 (Cached)

US: Commercial real estate sales are down 82% this year. Over half of commercial property loans are heading into default. This could make the residential real estate collapse seem mild by comparison. Revolutionary Politics Posted 2009 Dec 28 (Cached)

Watch Obama, while campaigning for President: “I will promise you this. If we have not gotten our troops out (of Afghanistan) by Christmas (2007), it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.” YouTube Posted 2009 Dec 28

UN reports 1 billion people are starving and pushes government welfare and intervention as the solution. Previous intervention is what stunted agriculture in 3rd world countries. So, UN will spend billions while continuing to worsen the problem.
Posted 2009 Dec 28 (Cached)