From: News with Views

Democrat lawmakers are attempting to pass a stealth increase in the $12.1 trillion cap on borrowing before the end of the year and are trying to sneak through an increase large enough so that they won’t have to vote again on the issue before next year’s midterm elections. Their bill — opposed by conservatives fortunate to find out about it — would permit a total federal debt of about $14 trillion at a time when President Obama is promising to reduce the debt and deficit during his administration.

In fact, the President — and Democrats in general — claims that the gargantuan health care package will decrease the deficit, although conservatives have yet to see evidence of such a reduction.

“This Democrat Party-run federal government is out of control and while talking like fiscal conservatives they are heading this country into bankruptsy,” claims political strategist Mike Baker.

“And why would they want to bankrupt their own nation? To rebuild it in their own Marxist-One World Government vision, that’s why,” warns Baker.

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