Slow Motion Hummingbirds 5

[youtube=]Slow Motion Hummingbirds 5 Canon HD+High Speed Casio EX-F1

A montage of HD and high speed footage showing these fascinating little birds from 1/4 to 1/40 actual (realtime) speed.

Cameras placed in a number of different angles give some new perspectives, and a top-down angle shows the bird lapping-up the nectar with what appears to be a forked tongue! Who knew? 🙂

Some great chases and flying scenes round out this video.

HD semi-slow-motion (1/4 realtime) video shot with a Canon HF100, Slow motion (1/10 – 1/40 realtime) lower res footage shot with a Casio EX-F1.

The soundtrack features new music “TimeWarp” from Technician.

Enjoy the show!
‘————————————— ———————
Notes about the wing movements shown:

As it turns out, the first half of this video, which was shot with a Canon HF100 HD camcorder and high-speed shutter, makes it LOOK like the wings are sometimes beating alternately, but that is in fact an effect of the CMOS scan and shutter.

The last half of this video (from 1:33 on) was filmed with a Casio EX-F1 high speed/slow motion camera, and shows the wing movement more accurately – they do indeed beat in parallel rather than alternately. 🙂

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