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2010 JANUARY 16 – 22

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Mexico may outlaw songs about drug use and trafficking. Critics say that censoring musicians does not attack the problem. Proponents say that songs glorify the drug underworld and, thereby, entice young people into addiction and crime. Is this an issue of banning free speech or protecting life and liberty? CBS News 2010 Jan 22 (Cached)

UK: 17 year old mother, with mild learning disabilities, flees to Ireland to give birth under threat that her baby would be taken away because she was “not clever enough to raise a child”. Irish social workers then DID take her baby on the assumption they ARE clever enough to raise a child. Is this kidnapping or protecting the life of a child? Daily Mail 2010 Jan 22  (Cached)

New study finds that copper and iron from pipes may contribute to Alzheimer’s and heart disease in people over 50. The study recommends zinc supplements and filtered water.
The Medical News
2010 Jan 21 (Cached)

US: Supreme Court rules that businesses now can spend any amount, without limit, to support or oppose candidates for national office. This always has been the case; but, in the past, bribes had to be concealed. Now, the political-influence auction may become more visible. CBS News 2010 Jan 21 (Cached)

Indiana health officials are pushing a SECOND dose of H1N1 vaccine in schools in spite of evidence that swine flu is not and never has been a serious threat and no one knows what future illnesses they are creating with those shots. The medical cartel just keeps pulling in the money anyway.
2010 Jan 21

Researchers discover that the global-warming myth is based on data from only a small fraction of weather stations in the warmer areas of the world. Data from colder areas are replaced by computer models programmed by global-warming myth-makers. Yes, global warming truly IS man made. National Post 2010 Jan 20 (Cached)

US: Republican, Scott Brown, rides wave of voter anger over “business-as-usual” in Washington and wins in Massachusetts, formerly a Democrat state. He will not oppose collectivism, foreign wars, or loss of national sovereignty but merely follow the Republican party tradition of being “moderate” in their pursuit. MSNBC 2010 Jan 20 (Cached)

US: Congress debates $1.9 trillion debt increase.
It is a sham debate. Of course they will increase the so-called ceiling. The only alternative is a drastic cut in spending, which is unthinkable to the collectivists who now populate Washington.

Yahoo News
2010 January 20 (Cached)

NY Times plans to charge readers for full access to its news website. This is a desperate move to regain solvency, and analysts are skeptical that readers will pay. This could be the end of the Times.
Yahoo News
2010 Jan 20 (Cached)

France: After a carbon-tax bill was rejected last month by the high court because it would result in unequal taxation, it now is being revamped. Meanwhile, public opinion is turning against the program. Space Daily 2010 Jan 20 (Cached)

UN IPCC admits “mistake” in claiming that Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035 — but it insists that core science behind the global-warming theory is still solid. What has melted is the group’s credibility. CNN 2010 Jan 20 (Cached)

Monsanto creates genetically modified corn with eight abnormal gene traits. Long term effect on humans is unknown. The company already has genetically polluted 90% of American soy crops and 85% of corn. Wheat is next on the list.
News With Views
2010 Jan 20 (Cached)

The swine-flu pandemic of 2009 goes down in history as one of the greatest scams of all time. This report comes from a source that previously called it right about the vaccines but, unfortunately, believed the myth of a so-called pandemic. Unfiltered News got it right on both counts. Natural News 2010 Jan 20 (Cached)

The FBI broke the law and violated its own official guidelines while collecting thousands of telephone records between 2002 and 2006. In addition to pressuring phone companies to comply, it invoked terrorism emergencies that did not exist.
Post 2010 Jan 19 (Cached)

Study indicates that 3 types of Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn cause organ failure in rats. Amazingly, this information comes from an analysis of Monsanto’s own research. All types have been approved by FDA for human consumption. Huffington Post 2010 Jan 19 (Cached)

China: Millions of drug users are tortured and forced to work 18 hours per day at so-called re-habilitation camps. The only treatment provided is routine beating and forced labor with zero medical care. Epoch Times 2010 Jan 19 (Cached)

Austin Texas: Federal and state police require attendees at a gun show to obtain permits for any sale at the show. This will reduce attendance and, ultimately, put gun shows out of business, which is their goal. A similar attack on 2nd Amendment rights is underway in other states.
Prison Planet
2010 Jan 19 (Cached)

US: One million Americans give up on job searches – partly because jobs are hard to find, partly because welfare is an alternative. If they are not “seeking” jobs, they are not “unemployed” and that makes the number of unemployed look better than it really is. WND 2010 Jan 18 (Cached)

French officials demand that the UN investigate America’s “occupation” of Haiti as the U.S. turned away a French plane filled with medical supplies and initially allowed only Americans to evacuate Haiti. Express 2010 Jan 18 (Cached)

Ron Paul advocates “taking out” the CIA and calls them a government unto themselves, saying “they run everything. Daily Paul 2010 Jan 18 (Cached)

The UN’s claim of Himalayan glacier meltdown was taken from a single article in a science journal that, in turn, was based on a phone interview with an obscure scientist, who now admits that he was only speculating. The global warming house of cards continues to collapse. Times Online 2010 Jan 17 (Cached)

US: FBI admits using a photograph of a bearded Spanish politician as the basis for a mocked-up image showing how Bin Laden might look now. Not “high technology,” after all. Telegraph 2010 Jan 16 (Cached)

UN rulers-in-waiting are planning a consumer tax on such things as Internet use and bill paying. First draft is modest but it is just the beginning. World government will demand more money that anyone can imagine. Fox Posted 2010 Jan 16 (Cached)

US: On Christmas Eve 2009, the government removed all limits to the amount of taxpayers’ dollars that can be used to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Expect trillions more to be transferred in the months ahead. Unlimited bailouts means unlimited inflation and government control. USA Watchdog Posted 2010 Jan 15 (Cached)

US: Record year for home foreclosures as unemployment continues to rise. Massive bailouts have put additional strain on the economy and have deepened the problem. My Way Posted 2010 Jan 16 (Cached)

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