Idaho Leads State Revolt Against Naked Body Scanners

Good, but this invasive practice is not being challenged on a moral ground.

From: Infowars

Idaho has set the example for others states to follow in the continuing revolt against naked body scanners, by passing a law that limits the use of the x-ray scanning devices in airports and government buildings and also forces Homeland Security to disprove health concerns.

Athol Republican Rep. Phil Hart’s bill, which was passed 58-9 on Thursday by the Idaho state legislature, limits use of the scanners to people who have failed a prior security check, such as a metal detector.

The bill also enforces by law the option to take a manual pat-down as an alternative to the body scan, a choice that was never available in other countries that have introduced the scanners and one that the TSA has made clear it seeks to abolish, forcing everyone to use the scanners.

“Hart’s bill would also require the Idaho Department of Homeland Security to prove the scanners aren’t detrimental to health before any machine is allowed to operate in the state,” reports the Associated Press.

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