Beware of World Net Daily! Joseph Farah (who claims to be an evangelical Christian) continues to disappoint. His 2012 wish list totally ignores non-warmongerer, peacemaker, pro-life-for-even-adults Ron Paul. Though he’s right about Sarah Palin’s recent endorsements.

From: WND

Here’s my 2012 presidential ticket

[By Joseph Farah – ed.]


I thought I would put together my own little “dream ticket” for 2012.

It’s easy to get discouraged by some of the big-name, media frontrunners.

I’m concerned, for instance, about Sarah Palin’s eagerness to endorse John McCain in his Arizona primary race versus the clearly better J.D. Hayworth. I’m also concerned about Palin’s decision to endorse Carly Fiorina over the clearly superior Chuck DeVore in California. [She did the same thing in Texas, promoting Bilderberg attendee Rick Perry over the clearly superior Debra Medina (though Farah probably doesn’t like her openness to 9/11 truth) – ed.] I also worry about her squishiness on illegal immigration. [But she is plenty pro-war for Farah – ed.]

Then there’s Mitt Romney, whom I have described as the worst possible president to follow Obama. Romney is an impostor. If he wins in 2012, he will roll back none of the Obama initiatives.

So who else is out there?


If we had to vote today for president and vice president and could choose anyone for those positions, I can tell you who would get my write-in votes – Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

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