Scott Johnson’s G-U-L-F U-P-D-A-T-E-S — 7-24-10

From: Scott Johnson’s G-U-L-F  U-P-D-A-T-E-S — 7-24-10 email

Governor Jindal declares State of Emergency; Oil could “enter coastal  homes”, evacuation orders expected today (16) <>

UNC Physicist: Hurricane will leave “an oily residue on everything”;  “Evaporating water will carry the oil and any chemical dispersants” (VIDEO) (10) <>

CNN has “hope” the cap will hold through TS Bonnie; “Fingers crossed”  containment system won’t be knocked over (VIDEO) (6) <>

New Orleans Mayor: Hazmat Crews prepared  “if oil is pushed ashore” (4) <>

Bonnie Live  Forecast Map <>

**BREAKING**  Feds: Seepage likely from the RIGEL WELL – A highly successful unproduced gas  field (VIDEO) <>

• One  undersea oil plume stretches 50 miles from well; Water nearing levels of acute  toxicity <>

• Scientists:  Underwater oil plume stretches 24 miles from BP blowout, may be 400 meters  thick; HEADING EAST <>

• Vast  undersea oil linked to BP disaster; Plumes moving towards Florida via express  route <>

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