Jeff Rense’s Gulf Oil Catastrophe Updates – 8/18/10


Oil Catastrophe – Quickest Updates!

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Blown Well May Not Be Permanently Killed For Weeks

Has Yet Another BP/Fed Fraud Been Perpetrated?

Scientists Rage Over Disappearing Oil Act Scam – Vid

Gulf Sub-Surface Oil Heads East, May Surface – Vid

Feds – Remove BOP Or Wait For New System – Vid

New Reports On Lasting Effects Of Gulf Oil – Vid

Tests Show Gap In Well Column, Loss Of Pressure – Vid

Shrimpers Find Buried Oil On Sea Floor – Vid

Seafloor Cracking Open – Vid

Obama’s Swim In The Gulf – Fact Or Fiction?

Fish Kills Up And Down The East Coast – Vid

The Now Toxic Gulf Of Mexico – Vid

Deep Sea Creatures ‘Congregating On The Surface’

MS Sierra Club Chief – Disaster Far From Over

Feds Delay Relief Well Over ‘Stability’ Issues – Vid

Cancer Risk Increases As Oil Breaks Down – Vid

Feds Rely On BP To Report Sea Bed Anomalies! – Vid

Children Now Swimming In Brown Ocean Waters – Vid

Submerged Oil Turns White Beaches Brown – Vid

Diagrams Of The Sinking Of Deepwater Horizon

White Chunks From New Seabed Location – Vid

Underwater Oil/Corexit Plumes Hit Beaches – Vid

Feds Worried About Risk Of Well Head Blowout – Vid

ANOTHER BOP May Be Added To Well Head – Vid

Even Larger Plumes Coming From Sea Floor – Vid

Even The Birds Won’t Eat These Dead Fish – Vid

We Found The Missing BP Oil & Corexit-Filled Crabs – Vid

Another Cleanup Worker Sprayed, Leg Swells – Vid

BP, Allen Babble-Speak – Situation Clear As Mud

Another OIl Well Blowout In La – 300′ Geyser

Lots More OIl And Tar Wash Up On Gulf Shores – Vid

Massive Fish Kills In Many Places – Vids

DC Newsman Suspended – Reported BP Obama $ – Vid

BP Oil Disaster – Worst Effects Yet To Come


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