Alex Jones on ‘Coast’ last night: recap

From: Coast to Coast

Elections & Economy

Date: 11-03-10
Host: George Noory
Guests: Ken Hudnall, Jeffrey L. Peckman, Alex Jones

In the latter half of the show, radio host Alex Jones offered analysis and commentary on the mid-term elections, and the economy. While the Republican victories stemmed from a backlash of the public wanting change, what’s different in this election cycle is that the Tea Party “has a truly organic core to it,” built up with grassroots participation, while Obama was a “manufactured event” backed by the monied elite, he remarked.

“For the first time in modern history,” said Jones, “the Tea Party is talking about real issues– abolish the Federal Reserve, secure the dollar, cut the debt, put spending caps in,” –all issues that liberals and conservatives have tried to block. The recent decision of the Federal Reserve to pump billions into the US financial system is part of a plan to devaluate the dollar, he continued. “They are posing as our saviors when they are the author of these [financial] crises,” he warned, and within two years America could see 35-40% unemployment, with the country reduced to an “Argentine-type depression.”

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