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Worldwide corruption deepens as evidenced by the fact that, in the last 3 years, 25% of the people polled paid bribes to officials of governments and institutions empowered by governments. [In general, as governments increase their power to legally coerce citizens, corruption will follow at the same rate.] Bloomberg 2010 Dec 10 (Cached)

Canada calls for global leaders to bind the US into complying with its CO2 emission-reduction pledges made at Copenhagen. This is a strategy to get Russia and Japan to sign a new treaty to limit CO2 even if the U.S. does not become a party to the Kyoto Treaty. [It’s all based on the global-warming myth that is never challenged at such international conferences. Why not? Because, if the myth was acknowledged, there would be no reason for the treaties or the conferences.] Globe and Mail 2010 Dec 10 (Cached)

US: The misnamed Food Safety Bill that will impede small-farms and expand FDA power, was folded into a general budget bill and passed by the House. It must now be voted in the Senate. Also, the “Same-Day Authority” bill passed, which allows other bills to be brought to vote with virtually no notice until December 18th. This allows the Democrat majority to ram through any bill they wish until their majority comes to an end. [By the way, Republicans often have used similar trickery.] NWV 2010 Dec 10 (Cached)

US: Equity value of all homes has fallen $9 trillion since 2006 and is expected to continue downward. Business Insider 2010 Dec 9 (Cached)

Prince Charles and Camilla’s car is attacked by students protesting the tripling of university tuition.  Government buildings and shops are vandalized. Yahoo 2010 Dec 9 (Cached)

Ted Turner urges global one-child policy at UN Cancun treaty talks. The article says the world’s population currently is at 7 billion and expected to rise to 10 billion by 2050. Yet …
The Globe and Mail
2010 Dec 2
The UN’s own documents say the world’s population will reach 9 billion by 2300 and then plateau. Population Press 2003 Dec 9 (Cached)

US: Baltimore man arrested for trying to detonate a bomb. Just like the recent sting operation in Portland, this man was recruited and trained by FBI agents, posing as Muslim extremists, who gave him a fake bomb so, when he tried to detonate it, they could move in for the arrest. [This makes great news and convinces people there is a constant threat, but terrorism it is not. It is theater.] Fox News 2010 Dec 8 (Cached)

Visa and MasterCard are cyber-attacked by hackers who objected to their withdrawal of services to WikiLeaks. Visa actually crashed for several hours. [Unfortunately, the government will use this to gain political support for the Cyber Security Act, which will not improve cyber security but will authorize cutting off anyone’s Internet access if they dissent from government policies.] ABC News 2010 Dec 8 (Cached)

Iceland’s recession is over because the voters demanded their government to let the banks fail rather than bail them out with tax money. Iceland has its own currency and is independent of the EU. Nobel Prize winner, Paul Krugman, urges Ireland, Greece and Portugal to get out of the EU and follow Iceland’s example. Guardian 2010 Dec 7 (Cached)

Obama and Republicans agree to extend Bush tax cuts and increase unemployment benefits. The combined cost is over $800 billion. [Before rejoicing over lower taxes and higher benefits, consider that this will be paid through rising prices. There is no free lunch � except for politicians.] CNN Money 2010 Dec 7 (Cached)

US: Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who doubles as Obama’s point man for the Gulf oil spill, is pressing the armed services, prisons, and schools to consume Gulf seafood. This is in response to a sharp decline in sales due to public concern about toxic residues of oil and Corexit, an oil dispersant. BP Oil will spend $30 million in a campaign to sell the idea that Gulf food is safe. Millions of federal dollars also will be spent for that same purpose. NOLA 2010 Dec 7 (Cached)

Japan announces, that in compliance with a request from US Department of Homeland Security, it will no longer allow mail over one pound to be shipped into the US. This includes private services like Federal Express. Other contries are expected to follow suite – to fight terrorism, of course.
Natural News
2010 Dec 7 (Cached)

UPS now is requiring photo identification from anyone who wishes to send a package. MSNBC 2010 Dec 6 (Cached)

US: Federal Reserve forced to reveal jaw-dropping statistics. When Americans were outraged at $700 million bank bailout, it really was $12.3 TRILLION.  Much of it went to foreign banks and large corporations who owed money to banks. This is perhaps the biggest theft in all history, and no one has been brought to justice. This analyst thinks the Wikileaks scandals have been used to distract attention from the legalized plunder.
Poor Richard’s Blog
2010 Dec 6 (Cached)

US Treasury says it sold the last of the shares it held in Citibank and claims a $9 billion “profit” from the original bailout. [There is something fishy about this. The economy is still sliding downhill, and most investors are reluctant to put money into red-ink companies; so the suspicion is that these profitable stock-sales are possible only if the government has quietly provided the money or made stop-loss guarantees to large financial institutions so they can buy the stocks at no risk. In other words, they are paying off old losses by setting up new and larger losses in the long run. Time will tell if this suspicion is justified.]
Wall Street Journal
2010 Dec 6 (Cached)

US: Federal Reserve proposes to amend the ‘Truth in Lending Act’ so that homeowners can no longer challenge the validity of their mortgages even if lenders did not make full disclosure or falsified loan documents. [The Fed is a banking cartel. It represents the banks, not the people.] NJ.com 2010 Dec 5 (Cached)

US signs a ‘free trade’ agreement with South Korea so their cheap products can be exchanged for US agricultural products. [Wait a minute! American industry already has been severely damaged by cheap imports – and food shortages in the U.S. already are beginning to appear. Is anyone in Washington looking out for America?] PPJ Gazette 2010 Dec 4 (Cached)

Warren Buffet says it will be a “pleasure” to donate $50 million to the UN to create a nuclear “fuel” bank. The purpose is to place all nuclear resources under control of the UN. [The theory is that this will make the world safer but, considering the low ethical level of international despots and dictators that comprise leadership at the UN, just the opposite will be the result.] CNBC 2010 Dec 4 (Cached)

Cancun climate-treaty talks are stalled because global warming has been discredited. To pressure the delegates into supporting the Kyoto Treaty based on the global-warming myth, the UN is threatening to unleash ‘geo-engineering’ that could poison the planet. The US and UK are the main backers. MorphCity 2010 Dec 4 (Cached)

US Federal agencies are tracking citizens in real time via credit card activity, loyalty cards, and travel reservations, all without warrants.
Posted 2010 Dec 4 (Cached)

Florida orange groves are infected by a bacteria that originated in China. The Chinese simply destroyed the infected trees and planted new ones, which solved the problem. In the U.S., the government decided that the only solution is to introduce genetically engineered varieties that are patented by companies like Monsanto. [To prevent growers from experimenting with ways to eradicate the bacteria, the government declared that it was a “bio-terror” bug, so no one is allowed to even examine it. Clever!]
Posted 2010 Dec 4 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

: Tax provisions hidden in ObamaCare are built on IRS reporting rules that go into effect in January 2011. The rules are explained here. [The result will be a vast increase in taxes, an increase in personal record keeping, small-business failures, unemployment, a big step toward cashless transactions and, in 2012, tracking of gold sales to coin and gold dealers.]
2010  Dec 7
The full detailed article with research links can be seen here. Activist Post 2010 Dec 7 (Cached)

California declares a fiscal emergency due to health care costs and calls for $9.9 billion in spending cuts. [Not much news in this, but here is an excellent analysis of why California got into this mess and what must be done about it.] Natural News 2010 Dec 6 (Cached)

Jesse Ventura exposes the worldwide takeover of water by multinational corporations and China. FreeThoughtNation 2010 Dec 4

Report gives a glimpse at what is planned for the common man in the not-too-distant future. 3/4 of the population will live in cities because only the elites will have automobiles. [The report focuses on transportation and traffic issues but read between the lines and you will see that all aspects of daily life will be tightly controlled.] Guardian 2010 Dec 2 (Cached)

Animated characters entertainingly explain how the Morgan bank is massively overextended on naked short silver derivatives (that means they have sold silver they don’t have), so if silver rises in value and buyers demand the physical silver, prices will skyrocket, and Morgan could be wiped out. Meanwhile, those who buy silver now stand to profit handsomly. YouTube 2010 Dec 2

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