“It’s so frustrating
because the average adult male knows all about football,

all about how to act tough in public,
and stick their chest out and walk around acting powerful.
But they don’t know how to be free men.

It’s so frustrating
to watch our country go into hardcore bondage,
to watch incredible crime going on,
to watch these international banks take over country after country
and brag how they’re doing it here.
And we know exactly their formula for doing it.

But I want to tell a lot of you that stayed on the fence,
that decided to ‘be safe’ and stay out of all of this.
You are the ones that are going to allow them to win.

And when you lose everything you got,
just remember that.
Remember you were told who did it to you.

They want you poor.
They want you bankrupt.
They want you under their control.

This country has cancer.
It’s called the New World Order.
Wake up before it’s too late.”

* * *

“…all of you weak men out there who think this is funny:
you and your families will be judged!
Remember that!

You will be judged by your own cowardice
and letting this come in!”

“I don’t care bout dat,
there gonna be football game on tonight.”

– Alex Jones

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from
The Alex Jones Show 12/12/10:

[Why and How we’re getting jacked!] Did Anonymous Take Down Amazon? — The globalists play another card so naked-body-scanner-accepting Americans will lie down and accept the Cyber Security Act, the end of the free internet. Yet the average adult male knows all about football…

* * *

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