Alleged Military Leaker Bradley Manning Imprisoned under Inhumane Conditions

From: Democracy Now!

A high court in London has upheld a decision to grant bail to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. But what about U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning? The Army intelligence analyst has been held for the last seven months on suspicion of leaking the massive trove of government documents to WikiLeaks. blogger Glenn Greenwald says Manning is being held under conditions that constitute cruel and inhumane treatment—and even torture. [includes rush transcript]


GLENN GREENWALD: Right. As of now, he’s been charged basically with transmitting classified information without authorization, not treason or anything along those lines. And those charges, given the magnitude of what he’s alleged to have transferred, carries a very significant prison term. I believe it’s up to 72 or 80 years. And there’s certainly an expectation that the government could add much more serious charges still, as serious as those are, to Manning’s—to the panoply of accusations that Manning faces. And that seems to be what the government here is doing, as there’s actually, as you indicated earlier and we, I think, are going to talk about, a New York Times article this morning that suggests that the government is trying to pressure Manning into cooperating and giving incriminating testimony in order to enable them—excuse me—to have a case against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. And what it appears is that the government is using both the repressive conditions and the threat of more serious charges still as a means of coercing him into doing that.

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One thought on “Alleged Military Leaker Bradley Manning Imprisoned under Inhumane Conditions

  1. tzopilotl

    …manning was chosen for his job because he has a high clerical aptitude, which means
    secretary. he didn’t do well on the secret
    part, but great on the a(i)ry. the army will
    not hurt its case by torturing or inhumaning
    the boy=b/poyaua(N)=of many colors=buoy(nautical)=poyoy(mayan)=skunk.
    nor do they have a case against assange.
    it is up to the military to secure its own
    information. they are at fault for putting
    sensitive information at risk on the net,
    which has demonstrated its porosity many
    no matter what tombstone justice manning
    receives as hypocritical example of pentagony’s
    wrath(it’s hard to forget lon chaney and
    valerie plame), he will appeal and eventually
    be pardoned the 4 life sentences they give
    him at first.

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