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2011 MARCH 5 – 11

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Wisconsin judge refuses to block bill that limits power of public-employee unions, so now it goes into effect. Unions no longer can bargain over pensions and healthcare, pay raises may not exceed the rate of inflation, unions now must collect dues directly from members instead of having the state automatically deduct them from paychecks, and employees now must pay a portion of the cost of their pensions and health care. Unions vow to do whatever necessary to reverse these measures.
2011 Mar 11 (Cached)

US: Unions pledge $30 million for campaign to gain public sympathy for compulsory bargaining as a human-rights issue, not a budget issue. [They will not discuss the human rights of taxpayers who are forced to pay for pension and health-care programs of public employees, nor will they mention that, if states go bankrupt, they will turn to the federal government for bailouts, which also passes the cost to taxpayers and undermines state sovereignty.] Yahoo 2011 Mar 11 (Cached)

Bill Gates invests $10 million in Liquidia, a biotechnology firm that produces vaccines. Bloomberg 2011 Mar 11 (Cached)

Liquidia’s vaccine (not yet approved) is to be delivered by inhalation. [That means we could be vaccinated without being aware of it – and without permission. Heck, it even could be dispersed from airplanes along with other concoctions which, supposedly, are for our own good.]
posted 2011 Mar 11 (Cached)

World’s largest bond fund dumps all of its US Treasury debt holdings. [No one in their right mind is buying US bonds. They are junk bonds with a rating of XXX. They will pay back with dollars so worthless that it will take five to buy a safety pin. The Federal Reserve already is purchasing over 70% of new government bonds with money created from nothing; and, soon, it will be 100%.] Economic Collapse 2011 Mar 10 (Cached)

The cost of an injection to prevent premature birth jumps from $10 to $1500. Why? Because the FDA officially approved it and gave the exclusive manufacturing right to one company, thus, eliminating competition. [Be grateful. This was done to improve safety, of course.] AJC 2011 Mar 10 (Cached)

Utah House passes bill that would make federally minted gold & silver coins ‘legal tender’. YouTube 2011 Mar 4

Utah Senate also passes gold-and-silver legal-tender act. It exempts the sale of these metals from Utah sales and capital-gains taxes. If Governor Herbert signs this into law, it will be an important step toward sound money.
[This could be profound. Residents of Utah would not have to use Federal Reserve Notes in commerce. Banks would have to accept gold and silver coin on deposit and settle accounts with it as well. Other states may follow suit.]
2011 Mar 10 (Cached)

The UN World Health Organization (WHO) investigated itself and found that the 2009 Swine Flu ‘pandemic’ was exaggerated, and people got over it without any medication at all. However, as expected, it “found no evidence of malfeasance” and said WHO was not influenced by commercial interests in its response. Then it asked for an additional $100 million to prepare for the next pandemic.
Yahoo 2011 Mar 10 (Cached)

Study by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows that the Russian heat of 2010 was caused by natural phenomena, NOT man-made global warming. WUWT 2011 Mar 9 (Cached)


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Quebec has yielded to public outcry against shale-gas development and announces a slow-down of new drilling permits. [The concern is over ‘fracking’, a process of fracturing deep rock formations to release gas trapped there, because that also releases toxic gas into the air and underground water. It is believed that the government is stalling and buying time so it can produce a rigged study showing that fracking is ‘proven’ safe.]
The Gazette
2011 Mar 9 (Cached)

UK: 600 protestors storm a county court to make a citizen’s arrest of the judge. This was in support of a leader of the British Constitution Group who was facing a bankruptcy hearing for non-payment of county taxes. DailyMail 2011 Mar 8 (Cached)

US: Welfare makes up one-third of US wages. Welfare payments have increase by $514 billion in the last 2 years. In the UK, 44% of wages are welfare payments. CNBC 2011 Mar 8 (Cached)

Obama issues an executive order for indefinite detention and military tribunals at Guantanamo. [This reverses yet one more campaign pledge. And yet, there are those who still harbor the delusion that there is a meaningful difference between Republican and Democrat parties.] DailyMail 2011 Mar 8 (Cached)

Syngenta, a Swiss corporation and genetically modified manufacturer has spent $15 million in lobbying politicians to legalize a controversial form of GM corn used for ethanol.
Business Insider
2011 Mar 8 (Cached)

Japan: Pfizer and Sanofi vaccines for pneumonia and meningitis are banned after four children die. Yahoo 2011 Mar 7 (Cached)

CIA agent, working undercover as a US diplomat in Pakistan, gunned down 2 men in broad daylight. The Obama administration claims that his cover as a diplomat should protect him from prosecution. Juneau Empire 2011 Mar 7 (Cached)

Florida tollbooth operators demand ID from people who pay with $20, $50 and $100 bills. The Florida Turnpike denied it, but Joel Chandler filmed them. CBS has obtained internal memos proving that the department was lying and attempting a cover up. WTSP 2011 Mar 6 (Cached)

US: Recent probe discovers that Ohio State University and the federal government subjected

human volunteers to experiments involving the injection of live cancer cells, rabbit fever, and other horrors in the 1950’s through 1970’s. Victims were told only that they were ‘serving society’. Columbus Dispatch 2011 Mar 6 (Cached)

Richard Fine, who was jailed for 18 months after confronting Los Angeles Superior Court judges with taking bribes, describes the status of his efforts to restore integrity to the judicial system. So far, 3 judges have recused themselves because they have taken illegal money, and the latest hearing has been canceled. Fine will not give up.
Full Disclosure
2011 Mar 6

US: Department of Homeland Security defers implementation of REAL ID until 2013. Janet Napolitano, head of DHS, yields to public pressure and says REAL ID should be repealed. [When Napolitano was Governor of Arizona, she signed the state law that forbids compliance with REAL ID. Now she says it should be replaced by something else, essentially the same, but with a different name.]
2011 Mar 5 (Cached)

US: Whistleblower reveals that Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) allowed and encouraged thousands of guns to cross the Arizona border into Mexico. These have been used in drug crimes and murders. [Be aware that, while this has been going on, the government has been calling for disarming American citizens supposedly to stop guns from going into Mexico.]

CBS News Posted 2011 Mar 5

UK: Chief Executive of the National Grid power company says that, in the near future, we will have to change our behavior and use electricity “when it is available”. [The purpose of ‘Smart Grid’ power distribution systems and ‘Smart Meters’ is rationing. Air conditioners and heaters will be controlled by utility companies, partnered with government.].
WUWT Posted 2011 Mar 5 (Cached)

China steps up its effort to make its own currency a replacement for the US dollar as the international trading currency. ZeroHedge Posted 2011 Mar 5 (Cached)

National Vaccine Information Center comments on the recent Supreme Court ruling that shields drug companies from lawsuits when their products cause damage or death. YouTube Posted 2011 Mar 5


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Here is a step-by-step guide (with shocking examples) of how to determine whether non-profit organizations are unduly influenced by donations from elite controllers. MorphCity 2011 Mar 8 (Cached)

Tax-exempt foundations are used by the super-wealthy to avoid taxes and promote hidden agendas that would shock most people if they knew. They also strive to obtain legislation that forces taxpayers to fund those agendas. Here are the details. MorphCity 2011 Mar 8 (Cached)

Silver is surging due to shortages and massive speculation in future prices. Analysts are predicting $50 silver this year. [Those with a large ‘short’ position, such as JP Morgan, will be destroyed – unless, of course, their puppets in Congress give them more bailout funds taken from taxpayers. Either way, silver has only one way to go.] ZeroHedge 2011 Mar 7 (Cached)


When the enemies of freedom cannot hide or deny the truth, they proclaim it boldly but mix it with outrageous or offensive claims so people will recoil from the whole, like mixing garbage with groceries to stink up the bag causing us to throw out the good with the bad. Another collectivist strategy is to send agents into the ranks of freedom activists to become their leaders. One reason the freedom movement has been consistently defeated is that false leaders put up a good fight but, at the last minute, accept defeat or switch sides. News items in this section illustrate these strategies.

Egyptian revolution? Globalists own both horses in a two-horse race. Prison Planet 2011 Mar 10 (Cached)

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