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Quake for the West Coast? The Lord called our team to go on an unscheduled prayer assignment to the Gulf side of Florida, where for three nights we interceded for the region from Treasure Island. On our last night on the island, I received a vision of a large angel standing over the Pacific with a wheel in his hand. I was told that the center of the wheel represented Indonesia. Hubs from the wheel stretched out to Alaska, California, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South America, the South Pacific and every strategic point circling the Pacific Ring of Fire. more

Drastic Weather Change and Earthquakes (The Vision by David Wilkerson-published in 1974) Earthquakes coming to United States: The United States is going to experience in the not-too-distant future the most tragic earthquakes in its history. One day soon this nation will be reeling under the impact of the biggest news story of modern times. It will be coverage of the biggest most disastrous earthquake in history. It will cause widespread panic and fear, Without a doubt, it will become one of the most completely reported earthquake ever. Television networks will suspend all programming and carry all day coverage. more

Monster Aftershock Could Strike Within Days: Northeastern Japan can expect another monster earthquake large enough to trigger a tsunami within days, the head of the Australian Seismological Centre says. The director, Kevin McCue, said there had been more than 100 smaller quakes since Friday, but a larger aftershock was likely. ”Normally they happen within days,” he said. ”The rule of thumb is that you would expect the main aftershock to be one magnitude smaller than the main shock, so you would be expecting a 7.9. more

Nuclear Plant Designer Says Japanese Government Suppressing Scale Of Crisis: A former nuclear power plant designer has said Japan is facing an extremely grave crisis and called on the government to release more information, which he said was being suppressed. Masashi Goto told a news conference in Tokyo that one of the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant was “highly unstable”, and that if there was a meltdown the “consequences would be tremendous”. He said such an event might be very likely indeed. So far, the government has said a meltdown would not lead to a sizeable leak of radioactive materials. more

Global Economic Crash: This took place last Thursday night – Friday morning. Now what are dates on that, Al? [That would be late on the 8th or early Friday morning on the 9th.] That’s correct. Because I was away. I was not even here (home). I was away to participate in a wedding. We had the rehearsal on Thursday evening, Friday we had off so the couple could take care of whatever prior to the wedding on Saturday. I think what precipitated this (revelation) was the fluctuating global stock markets. more go to archives


The Economic Aftershocks of the Japanese Earthquake
The Economic Aftershock of Japan
The Rule Of Gold After The Financial Collapse
Some 300,000 Protest Job Insecurity in Portugal
The Silver Door Is Closing
Sprotts on Silver – Three Digit Price Ahead
Global Economic Crash – prophecy
Japan Earthquake, Tsunami Death Toll Likely Above 10,000; Survivors Worry About Supplies
Monster Aftershock Could Strike Within Days
And The Aftershocks Go On: 275 New Tremors Hit Quake-Torn Japan As Fears Grow For Missing 10,000 In Flattened Port Town
Japan Earthquake: Swarms Of Fish Off Coast Of Acapulco
Japan – Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel – Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl’s Meltdown!
Nuclear Plant Designer Says Japanese Government Suppressing Scale Of Crisis
Radiation Network
Japan Earthquake: Footage Of Moment Tsunami Hit
Reign-of-Terror Continues As Japanese Volcano Erupts
Volcano / Earthquake Watch
Drastic Weather Change and Earthquakes (The Vision by David Wilkerson-published in 1974) Earthquakes coming to United States – prophecy
Quake for the West Coast? – prophecy
Gulf Divers Experiencing Health Problems, Blood Contaminated With Petroleum Hydrocarbons
The Gathering Storm
Obama Plan Unifies Defense, Homeland Security Response
Lost City Of Atlantis, Swamped By Tsunami, May Be Found
Quote of the Day
A Time of Fire

Hundreds Killed in Major Tsunami After 8.9 Japan Quake
Tsunami Waves Hit Hawaii, Sweep Across Islands
No Tsunami Warning For California Coast, But Officials Are Assessing Risk From 8.8 Japan Quake
‘Major’ Damage; Deaths
Huge Whirlpool Created After Japan Quake
Utah Legislature Goes For Gold, Silver As Currency Options
Bank Of America Says Nearly Half Its Mortgages Are ‘Bad’
Debit Cards: $50 Spending Limit Coming?
Soros: Communist Chinese Model Of Order May Become “The Envy Of The World”
Jim Sinclair
Will The Japanese Earthquake Be The Straw That Breaks Europe’s Back?
Watchdog: TSA ‘Cooked’ Data On Airport Security
A Call to Courage to Save America
Inside The Secret Underworld That Is Conspiring To Islamize America
Arresting Your Assets, Part 1
North Korea Nears Completion of Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb
Christian Author: Glenn Beck Actually New Age ‘anti-Christ’
5 Ways DHS Violates the Constitution with Website Domain Seizures
82 Percent of US Schools May Be Label ‘Failing’
Newly Obtained Homeland Security Documents Reveal Radical Shift In Internet Policy
The Cancer Report
Quote of the Day
Yemen Uses Nerve Gas On Protesters
Gadhafi Bombs Rebels While NATO Planes ‘Monitor’

Union Myths
Eric Sprott: The Government Lied… There is No More Silver!
Pimco Goes to Cash, Exits Treasurys
Q.E. Money Printing Negative Feed Back Loop to Hyper-Inflation Oblivion
Rare Earth Prices Soaring: Will Miners Play Catch Up?
Food Prices Rising, Cutting Into Budgets Hurt By Gas Prices
Why World Food Prices Once Again Hit Record High
21 Signs Of Impending Doom For The 2011 Economy
Canadian Coins Bugged, U.S. Security Agency Says
8 Reasons Why Silver Is the Investment of the Decade
Raid in Silver And Gold Fail
Global Currency War Flash Points in the Middle East ‘Age of Rage’
Libya: British Plans To Strip Gaddafi Of Oil Revenue
Geologists Say Fault in Central Ark., Site Of Hundreds Of Earthquakes, Is Longer Than Thought
Threat of Earthquakes Pales Beside the 50 Volcanoes on Our Doorstep
Your Daughter’s Song Was Touching And Lovely
Endowed by Their Creator?: The Future of Constitutional Personhood
The Coming Persecution
A New Form : Frequency Induced Disease?
The History of the Apocalypse — Part Two
TSA Pats Down Pregnant Woman As Possible Security Threat, Police State In Full Force
If We Don’t Fight, TSA-like Security Coming To ‘Sidewalks,’ ‘Football Games,’ Texas Rep. Warns
Your Papers Please – and Your Cash
Army Copters to Start ‘Flying Over Your Neighborhood’
Dade Cops Waiting To Get Crime Fighting Drone Airborne

Flying Blind
No Silver? No Problem: US Mint Would Like To Know If You Will Accept Brass, Steel, Iron Or Tungsten Coins Instead
People Take Over Bank of America Branch in DC
Enemies of the Middle Class
UK Interest Rate Forecast 2011, Paralysed Bank of England Still Fears Financial Armageddon
The Driver for Gold You’re Not Watching
Time To Prosecute Wall Street Fraud
U.S. Treasury Drew Down Its Cash Balance by $81.6 Billion in Just First 4 Days of March
Drowning in Folly
Billionaire Carl Icahn Returns $1.76B To Investors
Millions of Dead Fish Invade Redondo’s King Harbor Marina
Japan Hit By 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake
Obama’s State Of Islamic Denial
Our Secret Connections with the Muslim Brotherhood
White House National Security Adviser Speaks to Hamas-Linked Group
Stephanie Quayle Sings “I Remember”
America’s Peril: Islamic Extremists’ War Strategy Gaining Ground
Obama Creates Indefinite Detention System For Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
Egypt: Christians, Revolution and Persecution
Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” – The Illuminati Manifesto
Canadian Defence Scientists Probe ‘Biometrics Of Intent’
USDA to Drop a Genetic Bomb
Tracking Software Uses Reasoning to Figure Out Who and Where You Are
Why an Intelligence Explosion is Probable

‘Spectacular’ Cyber Attack Hits French Government
North Korea Jams GPS in War Game Retaliation
Richard Russell Calls Buffett Ignorant, And Says Gold Is On Its Way To $6,000
1,500? The World Is Changing!
U.S. Sets $223B Deficit Record
Pocket Money
Palladium an Unsung Success Story
Charles Biderman On How The Fed Continues To Rig The Market And Why There Will Be A QE 3…And 4
Unrest Continues in Middle East/silver Prices Exceeds $36.00
Many ‘Dormant’ Volcanoes Could Erupt At Any Time
Indonesia Volcanoes Under Tight Monitoring
US Farmers Fear the Return of the Dust Bowl
Martial Law Alert
Benghazi Explosion – Tactical Nuke Use by Gaddafi Suspected
Insurrection and Military Intervention: The US-NATO Attempted Coup d’Etat in Libya?
Saudi Arabia Drafts In Up To 10,000 Troops Ahead of Protests
Prepare for Holy Wars
Russia Opposes Military Action On Libya
Union Thugs Gone Wild
Iranian Official Admits Aiding Hezbollah, Says All Middle East Oil Will Be Cut Off To the West
Faded Blessings And Perilous Times!
Near Death Experience – Man Sees Vision Of Hell
Corrie ten Boom Warns Against Pre-Tribulation Rapture False Doctrine
Critics Slam ABC Pilot ‘Good Christian Bitches’ for ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Damaging’ Title

Spiking Oil-Plunging Economy
Apres Nous Le Deluge
Financial Dismantling Of The American Middle Class
Physical Silver is Really $50 per Ounce (80% Premium on COMEX Silver Non-Delivery)
Smart Investors Are Making the Chicken Run To Protect Wealth From U.S. Government Theft
Economy Hit with the Ultimate Smokescreen: Biflation
Currency Extinction Event; U.S. Pledged to the Chinese?
Collapse Is Unavoidable Likely by Christmas
China Targets 8% Growth This Year as Wen Vows to `Decisively’ Curb Prices
MERS? It May Have Swallowed Your Loan
A to Z of Silver
The Class War, March Madness Time in the USA
Is Gaddafi an Oil Robber Baron?
Syrian Mercenaries, Warplanes Aiding Gaddafi
Egyptian Protestors Seize Secret Police Files
Climate Change Takes Toll On Coffee Growers, Drinkers Too
Washington Monument’s Connection to the Devil
Moonageddon: on March 19, the Moon Will Reach Lunar Perigee
UFO Files: Threat Of Alien Invasion Taken Seriously By Military
Mysterious Glowing Spiral Sighted in a Remote Star System
Prophecy Of the End Times Written In The Dimensions Of The Earth-Author Dave Flynn
Part Three: Bodies of Light and Adam’s Biophotons
Quote of the Day
TSA, DHS Plan Massive Rollout Of Mobile Surveillance Vans With Long-Distance X-Ray Capability, Eye Movement Tracking And More
The Meta Model of Thought Control and Programmed Behavior

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