More Jeff Rense Headlines: Japan Nuclear Power Plant Disaster & Quake Aftermath


Japan Nuclear Disaster

Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 3.28.11
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Sea Radiation Highest Yet – Workers Face Nuclear Heat Bursts

Japan Admits It Has Lost Fight With Crippled Reactors

Japan Fears Radioactive Contamination Of Marine Life

IAEA – Fukushisma Remains Extremely Dangerous – Vid

Japan Under Pressure To Widen Evacuation Zone

Radioactive Iodine 131 Found In WA State Milk/Dairy

Radioactive Cesuim 137 Found 25 MILES From Fukushima Plant

Fukushima Plutonium Leak Now Comparable To Chernobyl – Vid

Japanese Plant Had Barebones Risk Plan –

Fukushima 2 Melting Through It’s Base On Cue

Random Nuclear Chain Reactions In Fukushima 1 Worry TEPCO

Japan Admits ‘No Progress’ In Taming Fukushima Nightmare – Vid

Radioactive Iodine-131 In PA Rainwater 3300% Above Fed Limits

Radioactive Particles To Concentrate Over Midwest April 1, 2 – Vid

Biggest Ocean Spike Yet In Radiation At Fukushima Plant

Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams – Premonition? – Vid

Plutonium Water Leak At Crisis Level

Plutonium Leak Now ‘Comparable’ To Chernobyl – Vid

TEPCO Will Scrap The 4 Destroyed Fukushima Reactors (gosh)

Japan Workers Losing Race To Save Reactor

Radiation Levels In Fukushima Seawater Jump

Food Fear As Radioactive Water Pours From Fukushima

Bone Marrow Transplants For Nuclear Workers

‘Suicide Squads’ Paid Huge Sums Amid Fresh Fears

TEPCO President Health Crisis – Admitted To Hospital

Quake Evacuees Barred From Shelters Over Radiation Fears

TEPCO To Spray Resin On Ground To Try To Hold Plutonium

200,000 US Military, Dependents To Be Evacuated From Japan

Japan To ‘Decommission’ 4 Trashed Fukushima Reactors

Brit Expert – No Worries From Radiation Detected There – Vid

Fukushima Radiation Found At UK Sites

USS Ronald Reagan – Radiation And Rescue

US Sending Robotic Observation Devices To Japan

Container Ships Continue To Port In Tokyo, Yokohama

Sushi Purchases From Japan Canceled

Fukushima Choices – Bad And Worse

Busby – Deconstructing Nuclear Experts

Radiation Toxicity And Antidotes

Radiation Particles In Food Are A Slow-Release Health Threat

Who Are The Liquidators?

Japan Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant Danger

56 Serious Violations At US Nuke Plants In Last 5 Years

Japans Nuclear Lessons To Get Applied Right Away – NRC (sure)

Chernobyl And What To Expect From Fukushima – The Facts

Fukushima Reactor 2 Core Melts Through Containment Vessel

Plutonium Leak Puts Japan Into Worst Position Yet

Superb Indian TV Report Of Current Fukushima Status – Vid

Japan ‘Maximum’ Radiation Alert – Radiation Hits GLASGOW

Japan Mulls Nationalizing TEPCO

Japan Tries To Stop New Leak Of Deadly Radioactive Water

When The Fukushima Meltdown Hits Groundwater

Is Fukushima About To Blow?

Japan On ‘Maximum Alert’ Over Nuclear Crisis

Japan Radiation Makes Its Way To America

Japan Admits Reactor May Be Leaking (gosh)

Sayonara, Tokyo

Worried About Rainwater? – Vid

More Radioactive Water Found At Fukushima Plant

Tanks With NBC Air Filters Sent To Destroyed Reactors

Dr. Rosalie Bertell – The Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe


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