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Another Point of Confirmation of Your Ministry: After seeing a news interview of Colton Burpo, an 11 year old boy who went to Heaven at age three, we decided to buy the book called HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, a New York Times number one best seller, written by Colton’s dad Todd. It’s not a big book and I just read it over the last few hours. In chapter 26 of the book titled The Coming War, Colton describes to his dad how his dad is going to be physically fighting monsters, and how he actually saw it. more go to archives



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National Radiation Map 

Plan for Foreign Troop Deployment in the U.S. On 31 March 2011, this author spoke with a law enforcement officer who is a deputy chief of a police force situated in the northeast portion of the U.S. Due to its strategic location, this police agency and this officer in particular routinely interacts with federal agencies, including but not limited U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He’s been a law enforcement officer for over 20 years and was assigned to participate in a number of federal operations at the request of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shortly after it was created. more

Concern Over Mt. Baekdu Eruption Growing: A slew of the latest environmental changes revealed by North Korean officials during a meeting with their South Korean counterparts in Munsan, north of Seoul, Tuesday has put greater weight that the dormant volcano on Mt. Baekdu could erupt. The meeting was organized at the request of the North amid more serious warnings from South Korean scientists that the 2,744-meter volcano on the border between North Korea and China may not remain dormant. It last erupted in 1903. Volcanologists from the North cited snowfall in Gaeseong in late March as an unusual environmental change that they said was unprecedented in the relatively southern part of the communist state. more

15 Nuclear Reactors on New Madrid Fault Line Bob Nations, Jr., the Director of Shelby County Office of Preparedness, says that since the lack of preparation exposed by Hurricane Katrina, he is “preparing for the catastrophic event” in his six-county jurisdiction. Nations admitted that after a major quake, Tennessee’s infrastructure and response capabilities “would get overwhelmed fairly quickly.” There are 15 nuclear power plants in the New Madrid fault zone — three reactors in Alabama — that are of the same or similar design as the site in Japan experiencing problems. more

Garden As If Your Life Depended On It, Because It Will: Spring has sprung—at least south of the northern tier of states where snow still has a ban on it—and the grass has ‘riz. And so has the price of most foods, which is particularly devastating just now when so many Americans are unemployed, underemployed, retired or retiring, on declining or fixed incomes and are having to choose between paying their mortgages, credit card bills, car payments, and medical and utility bills and eating enough and healthily. Many are eating more fast food, prepared foods, junk food—all of which are also becoming more expensive—or less food. more go to archives

Steve Note: Unfortunately we do NOT have any Potassium Iodide tablets for sale.


It Came From Outer Space
I Have Proof Of Alien UFO Says, Command Sergeant Major James Norton
Foreign Banks Tapped Fed’s Lifeline Most as Bernanke Kept Borrowers Secret
JP Morgan Massive Silver and Gold Positions, Could Learn from the U.S. Treasury
North Pole Moved up to 20 Degrees! Magnetosphere Anomaly – Compasses Go Haywire
Concern Over Mt. Baekdu Eruption Growing
15 Nuclear Reactors on New Madrid Fault Line
World’s Deadliest Volcano In Africa Waiting to Explode
Garden As If Your Life Depended On It, Because It Will
Migration Of The Black Swans
Stink Bug Epidemic Spreads as 33 U.S. States Now Report Infiltrations Of The Smelly Pest
Radiation Found In CA Drinking Water – Rainwater At 18,100% Legal Limit
Pentagon Art: $600,000 Gurgling Toad Sculpture – telegraph of Revelation 16:13
The Power Behind The New World Order
Trump is Right, Obama is Hiding Something Big
Farrakhan Defends Libya’s Gadhafi As ‘Brother’
See What Syria To Get For Blasting Protesters
Libyan Rebels Sold Hizballah and Hamas Chemical Shells
Store Data In Your Body Without Cyborg Modification
European Parliament Issues Warnings on HAARP
America Will Suffer Many Wounds – prophecy
Confirmation…from Your Visions And Reports…Dire Warning I Was Shown This Week – prophecy
Master Plan For Transformation of Society
Call for Papers: Expanding Human Boundaries: Cognitive Enhancement, AI and Mind Machine Mergers
To Protect Patented Genes, DARPA Wants a Security System that Records Genomic Changes

19 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve Is At The Heart Of Our Economic Problems
Japanese Economic Collapse Confirmed By PMI Plunge From 52.9 To 46.4, Largest Drop Ever
Dimon Says a Hundred Municipalities in U.S. Won’t ‘Make It’ Out of Debt
Times Are Good For Silver Investors
What’s In Your Wallet?
“Skunked”: Bill Gross On How “The U.S. Will Likely Default On Its Debt”
Extend & Pretend Is Wall Street’s Friend
Alert From Law Enforcement Officer
Japan Nuclear Crisis: Evacuees Turned Away From Shelters
Fukushima Beyond Point Of No Return As Radioactive Core Melts Through Containment Vessel
Fukushima Updates
Japan Prepares To “Bury The Problem” Following News Of Uncontrolled Reactor 1 Chain Reactions
Tainted Seafood Fears Spread As Japan Plant Leaks
Rush Limbaugh on Trump & Obama’s Eligibility
Growing Intolerance for Christianity in U.S.
70 Metal Books Found In Jordan Cave Could Change Our View Of Biblical History
Quote of the Day
Hugo de Garis Interviews Ben Goertzel on AGI, OpenCog, China, and the Future of Intelligence
‘Tip of the Iceberg’: 42 Clusters Of Different Diseases Identified in 13 U.S. States, But Researchers Say This Is Just The Beginning
Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run
You Might Be a Survivalist If… (humor)
Facing Up to the Future
The BioPirates of Science: Genetic Engineering – Science or Hoax?
Surprise! CIA’s at Work in Libya
US, Britain Insert Covert Agents Into Libya: Reports

Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.
Farrakhan: ‘America Will Be Bathed in Blood
Gold, Silver Now Legal Tender in Utah
Unmanipulated US “Misery Index” Hits All Time High
Massive Capital Wave Approaches Gold
Housing Market: 13% Of All U.S. Homes Are Vacant
Federal Reserve Silently Grows Balance Sheet To Approximately $2.75 Trillion By A Shadow Bailout Of Residential Real Estate And Commercial Real Estate. The Continuing Hidden Cre Bailout Imperils Future Economic Growth.
Buying Silver and Avoiding the Sharks
San Francisco Mint to Strike Silver Bullion
New Giant Skulls Found!
EPA: Radioactive Iodine-131 Levels in PA & MA Rainwater “Exceed Maximum Contaminant Level Permitted In Drinking Water”
Obama Administration Restricts Findings On Gulf’s Dead Dolphins
Japanese Operator Says It Will Scrap Four Reactors at Plant
Is Fukushima About To Blow?
Beware of Homeland Security Training for Local Law Enforcement
EU to Ban Cars From Cities by 2050
Canada-U.S. Deep Integration Agenda Continues Unabated
Gordon Duff: Dictatorship Coming Soon To Your State
Depleted Uranium: A Strange Way To Protect Libyan Civillians
Rumble and Noise Alarms Central Oregon Coast Residents Monday
Greece-Orthodox Fundamentalists Protest-Mark Of The Beast Cards
Rolling Rock 33, Moonbeam Holography

Transhumanism: The New Face of Eugenics
Double Dip Recession 2011: We Are Way Over the Edge Right Now
Silver Price Suppression: How, Why and Effect
The Silver Perspective
China’s Central Bank Recommends Gold For “Value Preservation”
Buying Silver to Combat the Vampire Craze
Industrial Silver Demand Will Hit Record 665.9 Moz in 2015-Silver Institute/GFMS
Over 4 Million Move Their Accounts From Wall Street Banks in 2010
How Can America Create Wealth If Our Industrial Base Is Destroyed? 50,000 Manufacturing Jobs Have Been Lost Every Month Since 2001
Obama’s High Food Price Policy Stealing Milk from Babies
Iranian Video Says Mahdi is ‘Near’
Iran Film: Iran Plans to Conquer Israel, World
U.S. Plan to End Libya War: Hope The Generals Quit
Libya: War for World Government
Japan Activist Warns Another ‘Nuclear Quake’ Looms
Deep-Sea Volcanoes Don’t Just Produce Lava Flows, They Also Explode
L.A. County Leads U.S. in Hunger Study
The AntiTerrorist, Right on the ‘Money’
Move to the Mountain States–The American Redoubt
Libya Bombing An Attempt To Create ‘New World Order’?
Radiation Leak Found Outside Japan Nuclear Reactor
The Lessons of Fukushima
Food and Syria’s Failure
Quote of the Day
The Coming of the Watchers in the Days of Noah

Love and Inhuman Remains
European Parliament Issues Warnings on HAARP
LHC Report: A New Luminosity Record – SQ NOTE: Notice the timing in relationship to Japan’s EQs and reports of 13 neutron beams hitting reactors—-hmmmm?
193. Gold, Guns, and Getaway Plans
US Radiation Monitoring System Was Not Working
Reactor Core May Be Breached at Damaged Fukushima Plant
Xenon-133 Northern Hemisphere – Radiation
Latest Japanese Supply Chain Disruption Summary
10 Million Times Normal Level of Radioactivity in Water at Reactor #2
Japan Radiation Killing Sea Life, Warning For Oregon Coast
Radiation In Massachusetts Rainwater Likely From Japan
Salivating at the Upside Potential of the Gold Market
Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy
Over 3,700 Burmese Fishermen Still Missing, Presumed Dead
785 Earthquakes In Japan Since March 11, 2011
Mount Fuji in Red — Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams
Body in Río Grande Gorge Identified As Scientist
Islam is a Grand Delusion
Quote of the Day
Another Point of Confirmation of Your Ministry
Who’s in Hell? Pastors’ Criticism of Eternal Torment for Some Sparks Fierce Debate
Unexpected Magnetism in Gold Nanomaterials Explained
Australia: Man Injured As Beetles Swarm Gold Coast
Weird Saturn Radio Signals Puzzle Astronomers

“Solving the Mysteries of the Cosmos”: Have Evolutionary ‘Intelligent’ Machines Taken Over?
“Buy Gold” Recommendation Reaches China
Thoughts On The Liberty Dollar Debacle
And Like Clockwork, CME Hikes Silver Margins Halting Surge
When Silver Investors Finally Wise Up
Economic Terrorists: That’s You
Ron Paul: There Is Nothing In Our Law That Says the UN Supercedes OUR Constitution!
Global Food Scare Widens From Japan Nuclear Plant
Nuclear Physicists “Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Truth: Locally Chernobyl”
NewScientist: Japan Nuclear Radioactive Fallout Hits 73% of Chernobyl Levels
Yellow Rain Falls In Tokyo? Pollen Excuse Exact Same As Chernobyl Yellow Rain Lie
Anxiety in Japan Over Radiation In Tap Water
Tokyo Runs Out Of Bottled Water
Who Sold Libya Its Supermissiles?
Ahmadinejad Says “The Final Move Has Begun”
The Two Coming American Revolutions
Obama: NO U.S. Forces On Ground In Libya-Except For 2200 Marines
How Killing Libyans Became A Moral Imperative
Is this the Weekend The U.S. Turns Against Israel Fulfilling Zechariah 14?
Thousands In Syria Chant “Freedom” Despite Reform Offer
AFP: Israel Ready To React With ‘Great Force’: Netanyahu
Sulfur Dioxide Plume Erupts from Vanuatu Volcano
There’s A “Superbug” Spreading Around America Killing 40% Of The People Who Come In Contact
It Came From Outer Space — Part One
Big Foot Or Knobby Is Alive And Well In North Carolina

Brevan Howard Equity Fund Reduced Stock Bets Before Japan Quake
American Thinker: Obama’s War on the Middle Class
Surf Warning: Tsunami to Lift Gold
Silver Surges Over $37.25 On Way to Record At $50, Gold On Way to $5,000 in 3 or 4 Years?
Sprott Putting Clients In Gold And Silver Ahead Of Prolonged Global Uncertainty
Will Yen Fuel Japan’s Next Crisis?
Massive Fire At Miami Int’l Airport Fuel Tank Farm Cancels Flights
Extreme Weather And Earthquake Danger Imminent Around March 23-27 Warns Piers Corbyn
Geologists Warn Another Earthquake Could Tear Tokyo in Two After Weakening of Fault Line
Doomsday Bunker Sales Surge In Wake Of Japan Earthquake
Quake in Japan Broke a Link in Global Supply Chain
Latest Earthquakes M5.0+ in the World – Past 7 Days
Tsunami Was More Than 77 Feet High At Its Peak
Japan Disaster Likely To Be World’s Costliest
Russian Military To Buy 36 ICBMs, 2 Missile Subs In 2011
Fukushima Deteriorates Again As Steam Now Rising From Reactor 1 For First Time, Including All Other Reactors; Reactor 5 Cooling Fails
Radioactive Iodine In Fukushima Seawater Highest Ever, Reactors 5 And 6 Now Leaking Too
More Concrete Fractures At Crystal River Nuke Plant
Gadhafi Is Facing a Coalition of the Unwilling
Naked Aggression Against Libya
Russian Military To Buy 36 ICBMs, 2 Missile Subs In 2011
Donald Wars With Whoopi Over Obama’s Eligibility
Policeman Sues Over Orders To Attend Islamic Prayer
Packing Heat: A God-Ordained Right
Sleepless in Tehran?

With Gold Just 1% From Record Nominal High of $1,444/oz
The Risk Of A Dollar Crisis Increases By Day
Fed Stress Test a Farce
$36 Silver- The Banksters Waterloo?
Caught On Tape: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan, Crash The Stock Market, And Redistribute Wealth In America
Will JPMorgan Now Make and Take ‘Delivery’ of Its Own Silver Shorts?
‘Ocean’ of Money to Drive Gold’s Record Rally, Phoenix Says
Could a Link Exist Between Super Moons and Erupting Volcanoes?
Quake-Ravaged Japan Digs Mass Graves
Quake Leaves Tokyo Waiting for the Big One
Heavy Rain Hampers Relief Efforts in N. Sulawesi
China Buying U.S. Aviation Firms
Ron Paul: Obama Moving Us Toward One World Government
Tokyo Warns on Water as Radiation Hampers Nuclear Cleanup
Radiation Fuels Fears Over Japanese Fish
Hirose Takashi: What They’re Covering Up at Fukushima
Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor’s Message for Japan: ‘Run Away as Quickly as Possible’
Vision Of Obama Bowing Down to Chinese
Citizens Don’t Know Basic Facts About Their Own Country
Look Who’s In Line To Replace Gadhafi
Libya Assault Planned Months Ahead
Did Shariah Law Just Work Its Way Into a Florida Court?
How Ignorant Are Americans? An Alarming Number of U.S.
Quote of the Day
Are Lead Tablets Discovered In A Remote Cave In Jordan The Secret Writings About The Last Years Of Jesus?
Mouse-Pig & Super-Fish Seek Approval for Human Consumption

For The Sins Of His Father: Gaddafi’s Son ‘Killed In Kamikaze Pilot Attack On Barracks’
Land Of The Setting Sun
How to Save Yourself from Fed Money Creation
Gas, Food Prices Double Whammy For Rural Families
Defendant Convicted of Minting His Own Currency
End Game
General Motors Lays Off Workers at NY Plant
Kucinich: Obama Could Be Impeached For Attacking Libya
The Reality Detached American
FBI Center Takes On $1 Billion ID Project
4,000 Ton China Missile Frigate Off Libya Coast
Aggressive Power and Immoral Authority
The Plot to Destroy the US Military
Surviving a Societal Breakdown
Nuclear Engineers Plan For Doomsday Scenario
The Amount of Radioactive Fuel at Fukushima DWARFS Chernobyl
Japan Sends Robots Into Fukushima Nuclear Plant
Xenon 133 Dispersion Animation – Radionuclide Has Blanketed Entire United States
Quake Survivors Wonder Why Government Is Taking So Long To Send Aid
The Bible – Forged?
Quote of the Day
Rumbling Noise Being Heard Around The World
Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths
Movie Review: Transcendent Man …The Despair Of Modern Existence

Libya Strikes Raise Risks of Oilfield Shutdowns, Reprisals
Libyan Sinkhole
China Intensifies Condemnation Of Libya Air Strikes
Wars Should Be Debated and Declared by Congress, Not Merely Launched by Presidents
Rep. Amash Calls Libya Action Unconstitutional
ATF Allegations, Anger Spread Through Mexico
Weird Global Warming and Nuclear Science
Possible New Oil Spill 100 By 10 Miles Reported in Gulf Of Mexico (Update: Spill Photos)
Global Earthquake Overview – March 20, 2011 – Areas of concern, USA, EU, Asia
Japan Disaster Raises Fear Of Quake Cluster
600 Near Sulawesi Volcano Evacuated
Rutgers Scientist: Tsunami A Real & Devastating Possibility on the Shore
How Google Is Evolving Into a Media Company
Soaring Food Prices Send Millions Into Poverty, Hunger
$2,500 Gold Prices: Double Market Returns as China’s Gold Fever Breaks Records
North Carolina May Issue Gold Tender
Gold Rises on Growing Middle East Tensions, Weak Dollar
“Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?” Farrakhan Blasts Obama For Calling For Qaddafi to Step Down
Chinese In Mexico followup from the Truck Driver Himself
Father Wingates Prophecy of Chinese Invasion
Japan Crisis: ‘There’s No Food, Tell People There Is No Food’
Franklin Graham: World’s Christians in Grave Danger
Missouri Legislators, Wary Of Islamic Law, Propose Banning It
Gustav Meyrink Petroleum, Petroleum
CNN Talks About How Humans Will Merge With Computers, No Lie!

Barack Obama: The Weakest President in History?
White House Insider: “Something Was Not Right with This President”
Chinese Troops? 60 Or More Miles S. Of Laredo
Regulating Wall Street and the Economy
NY Fed Confirms Intervention in Currency Markets
The Wrong Choice
The World’s Best Gold Experts: “Buy and Hold!”
Gold Extends Gains On Equities, Mideast In Focus
Tokyo Exodus Part 3: ATM Shutdowns, Power Outages Put Citizens On Edge, Gold Hoarded In Evacuation Preparations
Everybody Knows Bernanke Is a Joke
The Megaquake Connection: Are Huge Earthquakes Linked?
Viscous Cycle: Quartz Is Key To Plate Tectonics
Widespread Spring Flooding Likely, NOAA Says
At Sendai Hospitals, Victims Go Without Painkillers and Food
‘We Have Been Betrayed’: Mayor Of Town Near Stricken Japanese Nuclear Plant Claims His People Have Been ‘abandoned’
Japan Earthquake: Fukushima Nuclear Alert Level
US West Coast Boosts Alert for Japan Radiation
New Report Shows Long-Term Leak At New York Nuke Plant
Free Radiation Monitors Handed Out In South Carolina
Five Air Forces Set To Attack Libya. Qaddafi Threatens Reprisals in Europe and ME
Gadhafi Threatens To Join ‘Holy War’ Against West
Theory: Large Hadron Collider Could Be Used As Time Machine
Going Towards Godhood

Japan Nuclear Crisis: NRC Says Spent Fuel Pool at Unit Four Has Lost Its Water
Japan Nuclear Plant: Just 48 Hours To Avoid ‘Another Chernobyl’
U.S. Radiation Experts Try To Decipher Reports from Japan
From Tokyo To Calif., Radiation Tracking Gets Crowdsourced
Protocol for Nuclear Contamination: Iodine, Glutathione, Chelation, Clay, Baking Soda
National Radiation Map
Radiation Map
Pacific Ocean, United States and Asia Color Topographical IR Satellite Imagery
Radiation Plume Course Charted by U.N. Agency
Earthquakes, Earthworms and Earth Changes
The Scariest Earthquake Is Yet to Come
Currency Meltdown Coming
The Day After The Dollar Crashes – A Survival Guide for the Rise of the New World Order
All Mizuho ATMs In Japan Have Stopped Working
G-7 to Hold Urgent Talks on Japan Quake, Global Markets
US Food Price Rise Is Steepest In Decades
Geithner Worries Japan Will Dump Treasuries To Raise Cash
Reds, Rads, And Iranians?
I Also Had a Dream About China Invasion
Francis Heylighen on the Emerging Global Brain
Human GPS Microchipping: Embrace It Or Ban It?
Hyperbole It Is Not!
From Cosmism To Deism
More Remarkable Turrialba Volcano UFO Activity: More Pictures from Trisagio!
AT&T to Cap Users’ Internet Access, Impose Fees For Too Much Information
Babylon Rising 2012
Quote of the Day

Major Ring of Fire Events Yet To Come
Underwater Volcanoes Pose Risk To Taiwan’s Nuclear Plant, Activists Say
Radiation In Ibaraki Rises To 300x Normal As Fukushima Evacuated
Fukushima Workers Withdraw From Nuclear Power Plant After Radiation Rises – Live Updates
Mass Evacuations Begin from North East of Japan, Tokyo
Admitted Japanese Nuclear Meltdown Now Means Detrimental Health Effects Worldwide
Millions of Quake Victims Face Freezing Temperatures as Snow Is Forecast
Underground Information On What’s Happening At Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant In Japan – A Dirty Bomb Waiting To Go Off
Elites Heading for Fall Out Shelters
Nuclear War Survival Skill
Earthquake Prediction 2011 Jim Berkland – A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent
Japan’s Nuclear Emergency Prompts Panic Buying in Tokyo
Confirming Brother Bob – prophecy
An Anonymous Attack on the “Global Banking Cartel”
Home Is Where The Working And Middle Class Lose Their Money – $6.3 Trillion Lost In Household Real Estate Values.
The Great Collapse Nears
14 Reasons Why the Economic Collapse of Japan Has Begun
Medicine and Nutrition for Survival March 2011
White House Tells Supreme Court to Stay Away from Obamacare
President Obama’s Trivial Pursuits
Teaching Christian Morality Gets Parents Jailed
TSA Admits Bungling of Airport Body-Scanner Radiation Tests
Quote of the Day

The Return Of Precious Metals And Sound Money
US Backing For World Currency Stuns Markets
Adens, Schultz, Batten Down Hatches
As Treasury Cash Drops To Just $14.2 Billion, And No Bond Auctions Until Next Week, Is America About To Run Out Of Cash?
Tokyo Shares End Day Down 11%
Around The World Graphs
If Government Shuts Down, So Would Troop Pay
Food Prices and a World In Peril
The ‘Redevelopment’ Hoax
Rising Waters
Fuel Rod Fire At Fukushima Reactor “Would Be Like Chernobyl On Steroids”
Radioactive Cloud On His Way To Tokyo, Reactor 4 Is On Fire
Fourth Japanese Nuclear Reactor Explodes and Catches Fire
Japan Earthquake, Nuclear Crisis: Japan Fears a Nuclear Disaster After Reactor Breach
Japan Quake Upgraded To 9.0
Tokyo Exodus Beginning?
A Call Goes Out To The Rest Of Japan: Send Us Coffins
Next Mideast Flashpoint: Saudis Enter Bahrain
Eyewitness Trucker Delivers Food To Chinese Troops South Of Laredo Texas In Mexico
ABC News-Washington Post Poll: Confidence in Government Falls to New Low
U.S.-trained Forces Arrested In Bloody Slaying Of Kids
Totalitarian State of America
Call to Courage to Save America
Quote of the Day
Prepare Ye The Way—The Aliens Are Coming!

The Economic Aftershocks of the Japanese Earthquake
The Economic Aftershock of Japan
The Rule Of Gold After The Financial Collapse
Some 300,000 Protest Job Insecurity in Portugal
The Silver Door Is Closing
Sprotts on Silver – Three Digit Price Ahead
Global Economic Crash – prophecy
Japan Earthquake, Tsunami Death Toll Likely Above 10,000; Survivors Worry About Supplies
Monster Aftershock Could Strike Within Days
And The Aftershocks Go On: 275 New Tremors Hit Quake-Torn Japan As Fears Grow For Missing 10,000 In Flattened Port Town
Japan Earthquake: Swarms Of Fish Off Coast Of Acapulco
Japan – Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel – Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl’s Meltdown!
Nuclear Plant Designer Says Japanese Government Suppressing Scale Of Crisis
Radiation Network
Japan Earthquake: Footage Of Moment Tsunami Hit
Reign-of-Terror Continues As Japanese Volcano Erupts
Volcano / Earthquake Watch
Drastic Weather Change and Earthquakes (The Vision by David Wilkerson-published in 1974) Earthquakes coming to United States – prophecy
Quake for the West Coast? – prophecy
Gulf Divers Experiencing Health Problems, Blood Contaminated With Petroleum Hydrocarbons
The Gathering Storm
Obama Plan Unifies Defense, Homeland Security Response
Lost City Of Atlantis, Swamped By Tsunami, May Be Found
Quote of the Day
A Time of Fire

Hundreds Killed in Major Tsunami After 8.9 Japan Quake
Tsunami Waves Hit Hawaii, Sweep Across Islands
No Tsunami Warning For California Coast, But Officials Are Assessing Risk From 8.8 Japan Quake
‘Major’ Damage; Deaths
Huge Whirlpool Created After Japan Quake
Utah Legislature Goes For Gold, Silver As Currency Options
Bank Of America Says Nearly Half Its Mortgages Are ‘Bad’
Debit Cards: $50 Spending Limit Coming?
Soros: Communist Chinese Model Of Order May Become “The Envy Of The World”
Jim Sinclair
Will The Japanese Earthquake Be The Straw That Breaks Europe’s Back?
Watchdog: TSA ‘Cooked’ Data On Airport Security
A Call to Courage to Save America
Inside The Secret Underworld That Is Conspiring To Islamize America
Arresting Your Assets, Part 1
North Korea Nears Completion of Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb
Christian Author: Glenn Beck Actually New Age ‘anti-Christ’
5 Ways DHS Violates the Constitution with Website Domain Seizures
82 Percent of US Schools May Be Label ‘Failing’
Newly Obtained Homeland Security Documents Reveal Radical Shift In Internet Policy
The Cancer Report
Quote of the Day
Yemen Uses Nerve Gas On Protesters
Gadhafi Bombs Rebels While NATO Planes ‘Monitor’

Union Myths
Eric Sprott: The Government Lied… There is No More Silver!
Pimco Goes to Cash, Exits Treasurys
Q.E. Money Printing Negative Feed Back Loop to Hyper-Inflation Oblivion
Rare Earth Prices Soaring: Will Miners Play Catch Up?
Food Prices Rising, Cutting Into Budgets Hurt By Gas Prices
Why World Food Prices Once Again Hit Record High
21 Signs Of Impending Doom For The 2011 Economy
Canadian Coins Bugged, U.S. Security Agency Says
8 Reasons Why Silver Is the Investment of the Decade
Raid in Silver And Gold Fail
Global Currency War Flash Points in the Middle East ‘Age of Rage’
Libya: British Plans To Strip Gaddafi Of Oil Revenue
Geologists Say Fault in Central Ark., Site Of Hundreds Of Earthquakes, Is Longer Than Thought
Threat of Earthquakes Pales Beside the 50 Volcanoes on Our Doorstep
Your Daughter’s Song Was Touching And Lovely
Endowed by Their Creator?: The Future of Constitutional Personhood
The Coming Persecution
A New Form : Frequency Induced Disease?
The History of the Apocalypse — Part Two
TSA Pats Down Pregnant Woman As Possible Security Threat, Police State In Full Force
If We Don’t Fight, TSA-like Security Coming To ‘Sidewalks,’ ‘Football Games,’ Texas Rep. Warns
Your Papers Please – and Your Cash
Army Copters to Start ‘Flying Over Your Neighborhood’
Dade Cops Waiting To Get Crime Fighting Drone Airborne

Flying Blind
No Silver? No Problem: US Mint Would Like To Know If You Will Accept Brass, Steel, Iron Or Tungsten Coins Instead
People Take Over Bank of America Branch in DC
Enemies of the Middle Class
UK Interest Rate Forecast 2011, Paralysed Bank of England Still Fears Financial Armageddon
The Driver for Gold You’re Not Watching
Time To Prosecute Wall Street Fraud
U.S. Treasury Drew Down Its Cash Balance by $81.6 Billion in Just First 4 Days of March
Drowning in Folly
Billionaire Carl Icahn Returns $1.76B To Investors
Millions of Dead Fish Invade Redondo’s King Harbor Marina
Japan Hit By 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake
Obama’s State Of Islamic Denial
Our Secret Connections with the Muslim Brotherhood
White House National Security Adviser Speaks to Hamas-Linked Group
Stephanie Quayle Sings “I Remember”
America’s Peril: Islamic Extremists’ War Strategy Gaining Ground
Obama Creates Indefinite Detention System For Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
Egypt: Christians, Revolution and Persecution
Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” – The Illuminati Manifesto
Canadian Defence Scientists Probe ‘Biometrics Of Intent’
USDA to Drop a Genetic Bomb
Tracking Software Uses Reasoning to Figure Out Who and Where You Are
Why an Intelligence Explosion is Probable

‘Spectacular’ Cyber Attack Hits French Government
North Korea Jams GPS in War Game Retaliation
Richard Russell Calls Buffett Ignorant, And Says Gold Is On Its Way To $6,000
1,500? The World Is Changing!
U.S. Sets $223B Deficit Record
Pocket Money
Palladium an Unsung Success Story
Charles Biderman On How The Fed Continues To Rig The Market And Why There Will Be A QE 3…And 4
Unrest Continues in Middle East/silver Prices Exceeds $36.00
Many ‘Dormant’ Volcanoes Could Erupt At Any Time
Indonesia Volcanoes Under Tight Monitoring
US Farmers Fear the Return of the Dust Bowl
Martial Law Alert
Benghazi Explosion – Tactical Nuke Use by Gaddafi Suspected
Insurrection and Military Intervention: The US-NATO Attempted Coup d’Etat in Libya?
Saudi Arabia Drafts In Up To 10,000 Troops Ahead of Protests
Prepare for Holy Wars
Russia Opposes Military Action On Libya
Union Thugs Gone Wild
Iranian Official Admits Aiding Hezbollah, Says All Middle East Oil Will Be Cut Off To the West
Faded Blessings And Perilous Times!
Near Death Experience – Man Sees Vision Of Hell
Corrie ten Boom Warns Against Pre-Tribulation Rapture False Doctrine
Critics Slam ABC Pilot ‘Good Christian Bitches’ for ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Damaging’ Title

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