Jeff Rense Japan Nuclear Disaster Headlines — Goodbye Shushi!


Japan Nuclear Disaster

Dr. Bill Deagle MD
Radiation 4.4.11
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Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 4.4.11
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Toxic Cesium Found In Fish Off Japan – Goodbye Sushi?

Water Leak Said Cut In Half At Fukushima Daiichi

Japan Sea Radiation 7.5 MILLION Times Limit – Fish Readings Jump

Japan PM Sorry About Radioactive Seawater – New Plant Pics – Vid

Global Warming Freaks Still Support Nuclear Power

Japan Sets New ‘Safe’ Radiation Levels In Seafood

Deadly Dishonestly Of Only Reading, Reporting Iodine 131 Levels

Russia To Keep Building Nuclear Plants Despite Fukushima

EU Secretly Ups Cesium ‘Safe’ Level In Food 20-Fold!

Japan Govt Hid High Level Radiation Estimates

‘No Safe Levels’ Of Radiation In Japan – Al Jazeera

Evidence Of Periodic Chain Reactions In Fukushima Reactor 1 – Vid

Fukushima Is Horrifically Worse Than You’ve Been Told

Japan Dumps 10,000 TONS Of Radioactive Water In The Ocean

Japan Fisherman Rage At TEPCO Dumping Radioactive Water

GE Chief Immelt – Nuclear Power Plants Are ‘Safe’

Another Japanese Volcano Erupts – Vid

Japan Seeks Russian Help In Nuclear Disaster

Workers In Grave Danger From Fukushima Blue Beams – Vid

TEPCO Pouring Radioactive Water In The Ocean – Vid

Workers Fail To Stop Water Leak With Newspaper, Sawdust

Path Of Radioactive Water Leak At Plant Unknown

Fukushima – Plutonium Leakage & Radioactive Water – Vid

Neutron Blue Beams Shooting From Fukushima Reactor

Gaining Exposure – EPA Making Radiation Safer Than Ever!

GE’s Greasy Immelt Crows Nuclear Power Is Safe

Fukushima Engineers Focus On Radioactive Water

New Fukushima Satellite Photos Tell Sobering Tale

Japan Nuclear Crisis Will Last For Months (at least)

Major Radioactivity Concentrated Over Northwest On April 6?

Arnie Gunderson Fukushima Updates – Vid


One thought on “Jeff Rense Japan Nuclear Disaster Headlines — Goodbye Shushi!

  1. Senator

    “…I believe the phony 9.0 story was used as seismic cover for a tsunami nuke, which produced the tsunami of a 9.0 when detonated in the Japan trench (where no earthquakes of significance happen) as punishment for Japan offering to enrich uranium for Iran. The rest of the story, the concealment, is black ops. Bet on it. In the tsunami videos, the tsunami rips through pristine and undamaged cities, where business as usual is obvious and the tsunami is an ambush; not 9.0 earthquake ravaged debris. The quake is a paper thin story taped together by the undeserved trust of a gullible public. And the stories? The CIA did not hire a million people last year for nothing…”

    Very interesting investigating journalism! I’m surprised it is not listed above.

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