Jeff Rense Japan Nuclear Disaster Headlines


Japan Nuclear Disaster

 Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 4.11.11
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Morgan Stanley Dumps Office Bldg, Leaving Tokyo…Fast

Sea Water Radioactivity Rises More – Signals More Leaks

Radiation Levels Rising In Sea Off Fukushima Plant

Deadly Radioactive Water In Reactor 2 Tunnel Rising

‘Brief’ Smoke At Another TEPCO Nuke Plant

Some US Cities, States Not Testing Water, Trusting ‘EPA’ To Do It!

Fuel Rods Melted In Three Reactors – Massive Radiation Possible

ID, UT, KS, CA, FL Lead In Japan Radiation Fallout Levels

Fuel Rods In #1 And #3 (MOX) Reactors Confirmed MELTED

Cesiium, Iodine Levels In SF Milk Samples Continue To Rise

Underground Water Radiation Levels 38x Higher Last Week

Fuksuhima Plant Workers Told To Store Bone Marrow

Kaku – Fukishima Plant A Ticking Time Bomb – Vid

TEPCO Now Calls Deadly Radioactive Water ‘Wastewater’

Fukushima Univ (Not Govt Or TEPCO) Checking High-Alt Radiation

Busby – 400,000 Cancers w/In 200km Of Fukushima – Vid

Botched Cooling Sends Radiation Soaring In Reactor 4

High Radioactivity Found In Fish, 11 Kinds Of Vegetables

Report – Japan Considering Moving Capitol From Tokyo

Fukushima Plants Workers Brace For More Quakes – Vid

Quake Resistance At Japan Nuclear Plants In Doubt – Vid

Why Does FDA Allow So Much More Radiation Than EPA?

Dr. Chris Busby – Fukushima Was A Nuclear Explosion

Fukushima Evacuees Demand Compensation

Coulter’s Amazing Statement On Radiation

Aborigines To Block Uranium Minining Over Japan Disaster

Aftershocks Lift Sidewalks in Japan – Vid

Enormous Amount Of Plutonium In #4 Fuel Pool May Ignite – Vid

Arnie Gunderson On Lack Of US Radiation Monitoring – Vid

TEPCO Admits #4 Fuel Pool ‘May Be Boiling – Vid

Is Fukushima Falling Apart?

Pet Rescuers Brave Fukushima Danger Zone – Vid

Spent Fuel Pool In Fukushima #4 Way Too Hot – Vid

Cesium Now In CA Spinach, Arugala, Kale


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