Evidence Shows Norway Terror Attack a False Flag

From: Infowars.com


Europol to Investigate Non-Islamic Terror

Kurt Nimmo | EU agency to investigate so-called right-wing, although more violence comes from the left.

Evidence Shows Norway Terror Attack a False Flag

Kurt Nimmo | A Gladio operation designed to demonize opponents of the banker debt scam.

‘Caution! Watch out for false flags’ – Oslo attacks

RT | Always be suspicious. Numerous high-profile attacks have proven to be false flags.

Was Norway Killer Anders Behring Breivik a Freemason?

Infowars | Before it was deleted, Breivik’s Facebook page showed the killer dressed in full masonic regalia.

Establishment Media Rushed To Blame Madman Attack on Muslims With No Evidence

Zero Hedge | Within barely an hour of the attack, the New York Times had blamed “Al-Qaeda” for an attack that turned out to be the work of a lone madman.

Why Would a “Right-Wing Nationalist” Massacre Young, Predominantly White Norwegians?

Prison Planet | Why would a “right-wing extremist” who calls himself a nationalist and hates Muslims choose to massacre scores of young, predominantly white, Norwegian youths? Why not attack a mosque?

Norway PM Was Due To Visit Massacre Camp

BBC News | Mr Stoltenberg had been due to visit the camp on Saturday.

91 Killed: Death Toll Rises Dramatically

London Guardian | 91 people died in the attacks in the centre of Oslo and on a nearby island summer camp.

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