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2011 AUGUST 13 – 19

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Russia: Putin says the US is an economic parasite. Meanwhile, Russia has increased its purchase of Treasury bonds by 1600% since 2006. [There is a disconnect between words and actions. The words are for global public consumption. The action is based on confidence that, somehow, the Russian government will benefit – either by collecting meaningful interest payments or by foreclosing on American assets or gaining influence over American economic policies, or ….? Since the world now recognizes the unlikelihood of the US paying back its debt in dollars with real purchasing power, we must assume that Russia – and China – have a more realistic plan.] Bloomberg 2011 Aug 19 (Cached)

Obama suspends deportation of thousands of illegal aliens, claiming they are not a security risk. [He says nothing about the economic risk or the fact that illegal aliens are … well, ‘illegal.’ This is merely backdoor amnesty. The destruction of America continues by her own leaders.]

DailyMail 2011 Aug 19 (Cached)

NASA issues report to prepare mankind for contact with space aliens. Several scenarios are presented. One is that aliens will be so horrified at man’s production of CO2 (so-called greenhouse gas) that they will destroy the planet. [This is ludicrous propaganda to bolster the rapidly fading myth of man-made global warming. It is a sign that the powers of deception are becoming desperate.] 
2011 Aug 19 (Cached)

Mainstream-media blackout of Fukushima news continues as problems worsen. This report tells of ground cracks releasing steam with lethal doses of radiation. YouTube 2011 Aug 18

US: FDA commissioner wants to eliminate conflict-of-interest restrictions so it can use employees of companies it regulates as its own scientific advisors. [It probably would make little difference, because the FDA already is the lapdog of Big Pharma and Big Ag, but this would make it even harder to reform.] NaturalNews 2011 Aug 18 (Cached)

IBM pursues creating a computer chip that mimics the human brain: Pentagon funding for this program is $41 million, suggesting that it is expected to have military potential. Yahoo 2011 Aug 18 (Cached)

US: Study shows that 1 in every 10 kids has ADHD. [Bunk! Even this article admits that the numbers haven’t increased but that they are just getting better at diagnosing. This is the result of increased pressure on schools to make that diagnosis so more kids can be pushed into taking psychotropic drugs, a destructive habit that, for most, will remain for a lifetime. Big Pharma strikes again.] MSNBC 2011 Aug 18 (Cached)

ATM pin codes can be identified within 10 seconds by using a thermal camera that detects finger heat left on the number keyboard. [Thankfully, thermal imaging cameras are quite expensive, and a pin number is nearly useless without the matching credit card or other personal information.] Yahoo 2011 Aug 18 (Cached)

Obama and EU leaders demand the resignation of Syrian president Assad, claiming he and his officials should be tried in the UN International Criminal Court. [We agree; but most of the politicians calling for prosecution also should be prosecuted. Unfortunately, justice does not reside at the UN Court.]
2011 Aug 18 (Cached)

Venezuela: Communist leader Hugo Chavez announces his intention to nationalize the country’s gold industry. Reuters 2011 Aug 17 (Cached)

EU moves toward a ‘United States of Europe’ as a single entity with no remaining national sovereignty. The excuse for doing so is the deepening economic crisis, [but the leaders of the new EU will be the same ones who created the crisis.]
End of the American Dream
2011 Aug 17 (Cached)

New evidence shows that the British covered up the murder of the UN Secretary General in 1961 as his plane was shot down over the Congo. [We are skeptical about the motive for this crime as interpreted by the author of this article, but there is little doubt that Hammarskjold was, indeed, assassinated.]
2011 Aug 17 (Cached)

Obama campaigns in the Midwest to talk about American jobs as he rolls into town in a custom-made Canadian bus. FrontPorchPolitics 2011 Aug 17 (Cached)

Humorous yet disturbing revelation by Jon Stewart that the mainstream media is pretending that Ron Paul doesn’t exist.
2011 Aug 16

Alex Jones shows that the mainstream media is

ignoring Ron Paul, not because he is a marginal candidate who cannot win, but just the opposite: that he is a popular, viable candidate that is a serious threat to the Establishment.
2011 Aug 16

US: 16 statistics that reveal America’s outrage over government and banking corruption and a wounded economy. InfoWars 2011 Aug 16 (Cached)

Serbian leader of the Ecological Movement calls on the Serbian president to stop genetically engineered food imports and crops, and to halt chemtrail spraying, which he describes as intended genocide. If this is not done, he says he will lead the people into the streets, and he implores the Serbian Army to defend the skies, the people, and the constitution. Conscious Life News 2011 Aug 16 (Cached)

Spring Hill, Tennessee city leaders vote to stop water fluoridation now instead of waiting for the US Health and Human Services that says it plans to lower fluoride levels someday. The city will save over $20 thousand a year – and may even save some lives. Tennessean 2011 Aug 16 (Cached)

UK: Courts are ordered to send everyone to jail who was involved in rioting and looting in last week’s melee. Normal sentencing guidelines are suspended. DailyMail 2011 Aug 15 (Cached)

Woman climbs shear cliffs (and worse) with nothing but her bare hands. Click and be amazed. UKClimbing.com Posted 2011 Aug 15

San Francisco: Police working for the Bay Area Rapid Transportation (BART) killed an unarmed man last month because he was ‘wobbly.’ When a protest was scheduled via social networking and cell phones, BART shut down several cell towers to block communication. In protest, hackers broke into BART’s computer system and forced a shutdown in the system during heavy commute time.
Censorship In America
2011 Aug 15 (Cached)

NATO and Turkey are supporting armed rebels in Syria and are recruiting Muslim “freedom fighters.” [These are the same type of people who are called Al Qaeda elsewhere. We fight them in one country and arm them in another.] InfoWars 2011 Aug 15 (Cached)

US: 11th Circuit Appeals Court declares that Obamacare’s provision that requires people to buy insurance is unconstitutional. The case likely will to go to the Supreme Court during the 2012 election cycle. DailyMail 2011 Aug 15 (Cached)

Five things you probably didn’t know can be hacked: medical implants, baby monitors, cars, garage door openers, and even the human brain. Yahoo 2011 Aug 15 (Cached)

Keynesian economist Paul Krugman says more government spending would help the economy. He suggests that a phony threat from space aliens would fix everything, because no one then would care how much money the government spends.
2011 Aug 14

Pakistan allowed China to examine the US helicopter that crashed during the bin-Laden raid. Of particular interest to the Chinese is the technology that allowed the chopper to evade Pakistani radar. Pakistan is now more closely allied with China than with the US. MSNBC 2011 Aug 14 (Cached)

North Carolina considers paying victims of forced sterilization imposed by the state between 1929 and 1974 supposedly to prevent mentally retarded and sexually promiscuous people from reproducing. [The focus in this article is that victims should be compensated, and we agree; but why should the money be taken from taxpayers who had no part in it? A new collectivist crime does not undo an old collectivist crime. Those still alive who promoted and implemented the program should be the ones to pay. It’s time for personal accountability.] New American Posted 2011 Aug 13 (Cached)

North Carolina sterilization victim who was raped, became pregnant, and was forcibly sterilized at age 14, speaks out against the program and its sponsors, including the Rockefellers.
Posted 2011 Aug 13

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is sued for using an unapproved drug (fluoride) and demands the practice be stopped unless it can be proven safe. [This is an excellent move but may be countered by corrupt government agencies that are under pressure to pronounce that, indeed, it is safe. Actually, it is one of the most toxic substances known.] SFGate Posted 2011 Aug 13 (Cached)

Japan: Fear of radiation contamination of rice crops resulting in food shortage sends prices soaring in the futures market. ZeroHedge Posted 2011 Aug 13 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

If the word ‘transhumanism’ is unfamiliar, you need to drop everything and watch this video. You will be shocked and amazed as Tom Horn explains how scientists, with government funding, are developing part-human creatures and, at the same time, preparing to allow elitist humans to improve their genetic makeup to become a superior race. No kidding! And it’s already underway.
posted 2011 Aug 18

9/11 Architects & Engineers show beyond any question that Building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition. That means it was planned far ahead of 9/11. Think about that.
2011 Aug 16

The days of manipulating the price of silver are near an end. Why? Because demand is outstripping supply and China has launched a commodities exchange that is not leveraged to compete with the US exchange that is heavily leveraged. Here are the details. Alt-Market 2011 Aug 15 (Cached)

US: There is no federal mandate for Smart Meters, but the states took federal funding (financed by you) to install them. Smart Meters are dangerous to health (according to independent studies) and are used to spy on you. PPJ Gazette 2011 Aug 15 (Cached)

People fill their garbage cans and the countryside with used, plastic, milk jugs but you will approve of what this company is doing with them.
posted 2011 Aug 11

Freedom ForceUnfiltered News is as serious as it gets, but laughter is good for the soul and helps to keep our equilibrium amid the chaos. So, here are quips, gags, and images to put a smile on your face. If you have some you would like to share, please send them here.

Tired of being broke and stuck in an unhappy marriage, a man took out a large insurance policy on his wife, with himself as the beneficiary, and then arranging to have her killed.

A ‘friend of a friend’ put him in touch with an underworld figure who went by the name of ‘Artie.’ Artie said his going price for snuffing out a spouse was $5,000. The husband said he was willing to pay, but wouldn’t have the money until he could collect the insurance. Artie insisted on being paid at least something up front, so the man opened his wallet, displaying the single dollar bill that rested inside. Artie reluctantly agreed to accept the dollar as down payment.

The next day, Artie followed the woman to the local Super Wal-Mart Store. He surprised her in the produce department and strangled her with his gloved hands. As the poor woman slumped to the floor, the manager of the produce department stumbled onto the murder scene. Unwilling to leave any witnesses behind, Artie strangled the manager as well.

Both murders were captured by the store’s security cameras and observed by the security guard, who immediately called the police. Artie was caught and arrested before he could leave the store.

Under intense questioning at the police station, Artie revealed the whole sordid plan, including his unusual financial arrangements with the husband who was quickly arrested. The next day, newspaper headline declared: ARTIE CHOKES 2 for $1 @ WAL-MART!

These dogs have fun. Click & enjoy.

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2011 Aug 19 from Jim Sattler
HOLY COW , Ed !! This has to be your best edition of Unfiltered News that I have ever seen.

1.Transhumanism exposed, with Tom Horn, has reinforced my suspicion that Obama is actually an experiment that doesn’t NEED a birth certificate.

2.The report from Serbia of Nikola Aleksic blowing the whistle on chemtrails and their danger to the human race.

3.The report of the silver manipulation by China’s competition to MONEX that explains why it goes up and down.

4.The heart stopping video of the hands-and-feet rock climber.

All of this avalanche of information has kept me glued to my computer and caused me to miss my lunch!


2011 Aug 19 from Gary Jacobucci
Amidst the media blackout, if you were to ask the average person on the street in the U.S. what is happening at Fukushima, they would most likely say that the situation is under control. however, the ground under the Fukushima nuclear facility is beginning to crack as the nuclear core is melting down into it, and deadly radioactive steam as begun spewing from the fissures. As one Fukushima worker emailed to his friend earlier this mont:

“A lot of the cracks came up in the ground, massive steam is coming up from there. It’s too smoggy here, can’t see a thing. It seems like nuclear reaction is happening underground. Now we are evacuating. Watch out for the direction of wind. …”

“There have been 3 meltdowns at the 6 reactor site, and the vessels have failed. What seems to be happening now is that the corium; this melted reactor core, has burned through the reactor floor of the reactor building, or buildings – and has now burned into the earth and, reaching groundwater, is creating steam.

“They’ve been looking to contain this accident by building tents over the reactor units, which is kind of ludicrous in and of itself and shows the desperation measures that are now being employed. But now it’s coming up out of the ground through cracks around the facility – so the accident is now much more seriously out of control than they are willing to admit….

“The readings we’re seeing ares off the scale for the instrumentation the workers are using – which is 10 sierverts per hour … or one million millirem per hour. To put this in perspective – according to the NRC, the permissible dose of radiation for the public is one hundred millirem per year….

“We were involved in an NRC hearing on July 28th where they admitted that fuel fragments were found over one and a half miles away from the facility. According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, those fuel fragments did not come from the spent fuel pools on top of the buildings that we’ve been talking about but were fragments ejected from the cores in those explosions. … The only thing that’s controlled is the information.”

FROM EDITOR: See video posted to news section on Aug 18.

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