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2011 AUGUST 20 – 26

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Japanese government hires advertising agency and budgets almost $1 million to combat negative media reports about Fukushima. Activist Post 2011 Aug 26 (Cached)

Only 12% of Americans approve of Congress, 87% disapprove. [Probably the 12% are on the dole in some way. How could any honest, objective person approve of legalized plunder?] MSNBC 2011 Aug 26 (Cached)

Has Chase Bank resorted to fraud in foreclosing on home loans? Hard to believe, but here are the facts. [Stealing is about the worst thing a bank can do.]
Naked Capitalism
2011 Aug 26 (Cached)

US: Siphoned off, wasted, and forgotten: How more than $1billion given to 9/11 charities by well meaning Americans has been frittered away by mismanagement and scams. DailyMail 2011 Aug 25 (Cached)

Idaho man kills grizzly bear that came opn to his property where five children were playing. He was arrested because the bear is protected under federal law and could get one year in prison and/or a fine of $50,000.  DailyMail 2011 Aug 25 (Cached)

NATO has said that it would not put its military forces on the ground in Libya – so, for the past several weeks NATO soldiers have been on the ground in Libya leading rebel forces against Tripoli and organizing a manhunt for Gadhafi.
2011 Aug 25 (Cached)

German Labor Minister says EU countries that want bailouts should collateralized their loans with gold. This was inspired by the example of Finland that insisted that Greece use gold as collateral. [This trend toward recognition of gold as the only reliable standard for measuring wealth will be fiercely resisted by advocates of fiat money, but the trend is gaining momentum.] Resource Investor 2011 Aug 24 (Cached)

White House source accuses Michelle Obama of being a ‘vacation junkie’, spending over $10 million in taxpayer funds in the last year.
2011 Aug 24 (Cached)

New York Police and CIA  partner in a spy program outside NY. Using terrorism as the reason to spy on people who are not suspects, they operate in ways that the CIA is restricted from doing. The NYPD intelligence budget is $62 million.
2011 Aug 24 (Cached)

Investigative reporter explains Muslim racial profiling and ‘people mapping’ that is a major part of this covert operation. MSNBC 2011 Aug 24
k of America’s stock is tanking again> Investors don’t believe that the value of the company’s assets are as high as it claims. The public finally is catching on to ploy of creative bookkeeping.
Business Insider
2011 Aug 23 (Cached)

US: Vice President Joe Biden endorses China’s one-child policy that includes forced sterilization, abortions, and prison for people who have more than one child. [Collectivists believe alike regardless of nationality.] Investors.com 2011 Aug 23 (Cached)

California: Water agencies are suing the US Fish & Wildlife Service for doubling the size of the Santa Ana Sucker fish’s habitat, which will cut water supplies to 3 million people. [There is no apparent reason for the government’s action except a grab for control over more land and water resources.]
2011 Aug 23 (Cached)

Czech government has introduced legislation requiring cell phone and internet companies to share information (including contacts and daily movements of customers) to military and civilian agencies. Ceske Noviny 2011 Aug 23 (Cached)

Seven year old boy plays Flight of the Bumble Bee like a … well, Bumble Bee. Click and be amazed. YouTube Posted 2011 Aug 23

US: Authorities are pushing new vaccines for teenage school children. Many are forced to get the shots as a condition of attending school. In California, 3 million children will have to prove they received vaccines. Yahoo 2011 Aug 23 (Cached)

Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, admits he intentionally confused Congress in hearings, and is proud of it.
Tom Woods
posted 2011 Aug 23

Libya: Alternative media sources report a startling contradiction of mainstream news. It says the story of the capture of Gadhafi’s son is false and is merely propaganda to embolden rebel forces. [We are unable to verify this at this time, so caution is advised before accepting either story.] Activist Post 2011 Aug 23 (Cached)

US: Wall Street aristocracy got $1.2 trillion in secret loans from the Federal Reserve. The top  recipients are Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, and Bank of America. Almost half of the the top 30 were European banks and corporations! The Fed claims it has no losses from this. [If not, it’s only because of creative bookkeeping. The world financial system is in a tailspin and can’t even make payroll without being bailed out by taxpayers, and Bernanke says there are no losses!] Bloomberg 2011 Aug 22 (Cached)

US Troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024 as both countries plan to sign the strategic agreement, despite anger from neighboring countries and China. New American 2011 Aug 22 (Cached)

Iceland agrees to pay back some of the money borrowed from British banks by selling off $3.79 billion in commercial assets it owns.
2011 Aug 22 (Cached)

US: Health and Human Services website offers information and guidance to teens and parents on sexual matters, and says that experimenting with homosexuality is merely exploring one’s own sexuality. [Whether you agree or not, being on the government payroll does not qualify these people to provide such important guidance in the name of the nation and, by the way, one will look in vain for that part of the Constitution that authorizes this.]
CNS News
2011 Aug 22 (Cached)

Japan: Nuclear expert, Arnie Gunderson, reports that the failure of the Fukushima containment system is a strong reason to review all US reactor containment designs. Also, Japan now is burning radioactive materials to get rid of them, but that is putting radioactive byproducts back into the air and will make matters worse. Fairwinds 2011 Aug 21

US: EPA plans to shut down many coal plants in next 18 months, which provide 45% of the electricity in the US. Electric bills will soar, blackouts will become common, and massive job losses will result. [Be aware that many scientists believe the threat of so-called ‘pollutants’ is greatly exaggerated to cause the public meekly accept these shutdowns.]
2011 Aug 21 (Cached)

Thin adhesive skin patch with electric transmitter can be used as the ultimate spy tool to monitor people without their even knowing it is on them. YouTube Posted 2011 Aug 20

US: The Federal Reserve rewards banks for not lending the money they received from taxpayer bailouts. The Fed pays them interest on so-called Excess Reserves, which they could apply to loans but choose, instead, to keep with the Fed. [This is just one more ongoing and hidden bailout of banks.] Business Insider Posted 2011 Aug 20 (Cached)

EPA’s new ozone-reduction rules will further reduce American manufacturing and kill over 7 million jobs by 2020. EPA plans to coerce local governments into compliance by withholding federal highway funding. DailyCaller Posted 2011 Aug 20 (Cached)

Eugenics is the science of altering the human population to change its natural racial, intelligence, or reproductive qualities. Obamacare includes a covert eugenics program (birth control, selective sterilization, and abortion). It is supported by FDA Director Margaret Hamburg, whose parents both headed the American Eugenics Society. Obama restored funding to the UN eugenics agency, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), and wants to spend $50 BILLION a year toward this cause.
Wellness Resources
Posted 2011 Aug 20 (Cached)

Idaho becomes a Constitution-free zone. The state Supreme Court ruled that a defendant’s confidential communication with his attorney may be used against him, which is a violation of the 6th Amendment. [You may find it hard to have sympathy for a guy like Edgar J. Steele because he is a white supremacist, but those who think that what the government did to him is ok are no different than the Nazis he has defended.]
Posted 2011 Aug 20 (Cached)

Mississippi: Board of Supervisors in Jones County unanamously approves the removal of vote-counting printers from its Diebold voting machines on the belief that “there is no way the touch-screen machines can be tampered with.” [These good ‘ole boys in Jones County are in for a rude awakening – unless they are the ones who plan to do the tampering.]  BradBlog Posted 2011 Aug 20 (Cached)

Swiss research study shows that powerful corporations really do run the world: 147 of the top transnational businesses control 40% of global finances. PhysOrg Posted 2011 Aug 20 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

If the word ‘transhumanism’ is unfamiliar, you need to drop everything and watch this video. You will be shocked and amazed as Tom Horn explains how scientists, with government funding, are developing part-human creatures and, at the same time, preparing to allow elitist humans to improve their genetic makeup to become a superior race. No kidding! And it’s already underway.
posted 2011 Aug 18

9/11 Architects & Engineers show beyond any question that Building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition. That means it was planned far ahead of 9/11. Think about that.
2011 Aug 16

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