[Fukushima Truth] Jeff Rense Japan and American Nuclear Disaster Headlines

From: Rense.com

Japan Nuclear Disaster

Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 8.29.11
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Real Time World Earthquake Monitor 

Fukushima Daiichi Plant – LIVE Cam NEW!

Video Shows US West Drenched By Fukushima Radiation – Vid

TEPCO Try To Keep Radiation From Water Table

Radiation Swamps Japan Sewage Treatment Plants – Vid

Water Entombment For Fukushima 1 Back On Table

14 Fault Lines Found Near Japan Nuclear Plants

Japan Burning Pouring Radiation High Into Atmosphere

Fukushima Workers Showered In VERY ‘Hot’ Water

Japan Radiation – Something’s Rotten In Yokohama

Japan Booklet Tells People To Decontaminate Selves

Sunflowers Used On Radiation In Fukushima, Japan

34 Fukushima Soil Spots Top Chernobyl Forced Evacuation

Insane Radioactive Burning Covering Japan With Cesium

Massive Radioactivity In Widening Areas Of Japan

40 Yr Old Fukushima Worker Dies After One Week

76 TRILLION Beq Of Plutonium 239 Released From Fukushima

Fukushima Plant Releasing 10 Trillion Becquerels/hr – Vid

Radiation In Fukushima School Stairs 70x Over Safe Limit

Soil Radiation Around Fukushima Above Chernobyl Dead Zone

Scientists Can’t Decide What To Do With Fukushima

Japan To BURN Everything Radioactive – Worldwide Death

Gunderson – Japan To Burn All Radioactive Materials – US Will Get It – Vid

Japan To BURN Radioactive Debris – Radiation Will Come To US

Gunderson – NRC Fukusima Fuel Pool Lies Exposed – Vid 

TEPCO Explains How Fukushima Reactor 4 Exploded

Fukushima Area Uninhabitable For 20 Years

Japan Firm Orders ‘Energy Saving’ Haircuts For 2700

Radioactive Early Harvest Rice In Two Prefectures

Radioactive Rice Hay Story Still Unresolved

Japan OKs $900k To Police Fukushima Information 

Rage Over Govt Monitoring EVERY Fukushima Post

Fukushima Cesium Leaks ‘Equal 168 Hiroshimas’


Fuksuhima Radiation In US & CanadaFREE LISTEN MP3
Janet Starr Hull ..File Click Here

US Chart Showing Precipitation
Radiation Types & Amounts

Live National Radiation Network Map

West LA – Santa Monica Live Readings

Radiation And Jet Stream Forecast Monitoring Sites

Radiation Dose Chart

Megrahi Conviction Politically Motivated Says Father

‘Let Megrahi Die In Peace’ Says Lockerbie Victim’s Father

NATO Rebels Warn Algeria Not To Shelter Gaddafi Family 

Radioactive Cesium In SF Bay Area Milk Rising To Limit

St Louis Background Radiation 178 Times Normal! – Vid

Canada To Test West Coast Fish For Radiation

Yukon To Test For Radiation In Caribou Herd

DOE Cancels ‘Radiation Is Good For You’ Pitch

Radioactive Rain On Lake Louise, Canada – Vid

High Cesium In Ashes At Tokyo Trash Burning Plant


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