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China to ‘Liquidate’ US Treasuries, Not Dollars
: The debt markets have been warned. A key rate setter-for China’s central bank let slip – or was it a slip? – that Beijing aims to run down its portfolio of US debt as soon as safely possible. “The incremental parts of our of our foreign reserve holdings should be invested in physical assets,” said Li Daokui at the World Economic Forum in the very rainy city of Dalian – former Port Arthur from Russian colonial days. “We would like to buy stakes in Boeing, Intel, and Apple, and maybe we should invest in these types of companies in a proactive way.” more

Is China Ready To Pull The Plug? There are two mainstream market assumptions that, in my mind, prevail over all others. The continuing function of the Dow, the sustained flow of capital into and out of the banking sector, and the full force spending of the federal government are ALL entirely dependent on the lifespan of these dual illusions; one, that the U.S. Dollar is a legitimate safe haven investment and will remain so indefinitely, and two, that China, like many other developing nations, will continue to prop up the strength of the dollar indefinitely because it is “in their best interest”. In the dimly lit bowels of Wall Street such ideas are so entrenched and pervasive, to question their validity is almost sacrilegious. more

Is Revolution Hitting U.S. Streets Tomorrow? Fight “market dictatorship” – “People of the world rise up!” – “We are legion.” – “Take to the streets.” These and other battle cries were posted on the recent Twitter feed of a group calling itself Take The Square. The organization is one of the social media planners behind the “Day of Rage” protest slated to target Wall Street on Saturday. WND previously reported how the U.S. section of the protest, complete with a planned tent city in downtown Manhattan, is closely tied to the founders of ACORN and leaders of major U.S. unions, including the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU. more

Saudis ‘Eye Pakistani Nukes’ To Face Iran: Saudi Arabia has been beefing up its military links with Pakistan to counter Iran’s expansionist plans and this reportedly includes acquiring atomic arms from the only Muslim nuclear power or its pledge of nuclear cover. Pakistan has become a front-line state for Sunni Islam and is being positioned by its leaders, particularly in the powerful military and intelligence establishments, as a bulwark against Shiite Iran and its proxies. morego to archives


Sept 16
Fighting for Constitutional Government in America
Bombshell: General Accused WH of Pressuring Him To Change Testimony For Democratic Donor
Donald Trump Accepts 96 Ounces of Gold as Payment for Real Estate Security Deposit
China to ‘Liquidate’ US Treasuries, Not Dollars
Is China Ready To Pull The Plug?
Unelected, Unaccountable, Unrepentant: The Federal Reserve Is Using Your Money To Bail Out European Commercial Banks Once Again
US Postal Service Wants To End Overnight Delivery To Cut Costs
Is Revolution Hitting U.S. Streets Tomorrow?
The Economic Collapse
In Sharp U-Turn, Palestinians To Go Through With UN Security Council Statehood Bid
Saudis ‘Eye Pakistani Nukes’ To Face Iran
Treasury Inspector General Opens Probe Into Obama’s Solargate
Letter From Listener
Additional Info on Surveillance by TPTB / Letter From Listener
Dust Drifts Across Iceland As Earthquake Swarms Rattle The Reykjanes Ridge
La Niña Returns, Bad News For Drought Stricken Southern Southern US
Expanded Discussion of The HAB Theory
Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming
Monthly Terror Drills Now Required By Law For Students Including Kindergarten And 1st Graders
U.S. Essentially Defenseless from Stunning New Weapon
Edward Gibbon At America’s Grave
Transhumanism and Neurophilosophy
NASA Identifies UFO As Falling Fireball
Medieval Skeletons Reveal Fear Of The Undead
Derek Prince – Watchmen, What of the Night?

Sept 15
Debating Extreme Human Enhancement
Is Nature Outsmarting Genetic Modification? ‘Superinsects’ Loom
China States Price For Italian Rescue
Dumpster Diving?
A Massive Solar Storm Could Keep Us Grounded On Earth For A Decade
Get Ready for a Wet, Wild Winter in 2012!
LA Porn Studio Begins Construction On ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Underground Bunker
Cyber Attacks Will Target Physical Infrastructure, Commerce, Transportation Systems
Illuminati Plan “Sexual Rights” for Children
Surveillance by TPTB/Letter from Listener
Law Would Encourage Americans To Report On Each Other
What is Michelle Obama Saying During The 9/11 Flag Ceremony?
Two Taiwan Fighter Jets Crash In Mountains
Farage: Greece Under Full Globalist Dictatorship
Derek Prince – How to Overcome Guilt, Shame & Rejection
Israeli-Greek Defense Pact Invoked Versus Turkish Naval And Air Movements
Israel Clears Out Embassy Staff In Jordan Ahead Of Anti-Israeli Demonstration
IDF Prepares to Call Up Reserves
Secret Government Experiments Come to Light
Arctic Archeological Dig Uncovers Mysterious Disks
Inside the Freaky World of Next-Gen Night Vision
Sheer Speculation on the Greek Word: Phobetron
Rare Fireball Rips Through The Night Sky In California – But Don’t Worry, The Earth Isn’t Under Attack
NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist
Alien Abductions: Military Manipulation?

Sept 14
How The World Changed After 9/11
Post-September 11, NSA ‘Enemies’ Include Us
America: A Sunset Empire
Lawless America: 20 Examples Of Desperate People Doing Desperate Things
Pre-Crime Face Scanner to Be Used For ‘Security Interrogations’
Soon There May Be A Bering Strait Tunnel Connecting The U.S. To Russia
Russia, NKorea to Hold Joint Military Exercises: General
Asian Inflation Demand (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India and China) To Support Gold
Moody’s Cuts French Banks As Euro Crisis Deepens
Poverty In America: A Special Report
Why Are We Importing 200,000 Immigrants Monthly With 46 Million Americans Living In Poverty?
U.S. Credit Card Debt Grows Despite Desire To Control Personal Finances
Wen Jiabao Says China Willing To Extend Help To Europe… For A Price
Jefferies Describes The Endgame: Europe Is Finished
Massive New Radiation Releases Possible from Fukushima … Especially If Melted Core Materials Hit Water
Japanese Gov’s Trying To Stop Citizen Measuring Radiation
Five Indonesian Volcanos To Keep An Eye On
Re: Canary Islands Government Relocate Entire Population of Island
Israeli Ministers To Discuss Turkey Crisis
Nationwide Riots in All States and on Wall Street Planned by Anarchists for Sept. 17
Dangerous TB Spreading At Alarming Rate in Europe-WHO
Capistrano Couple in Legal Battle for Hosting Bible Study in Home
Does God have a National Preparedness Month Disaster Plan?
Derek Prince – The Lord’s Treasure: The Fear of the Lord

Sept 13
Germany and Greece Flirt With Mutual Assured Destruction
20 Signs Of Imminent Financial Collapse In Europe
China Woos Caribbean With Offer of $1 Billion in Loans
Get Ready For The Next Crash
Biggest French Banks May Have Ratings Cut by Moody’s on Greek Holdings
9/12 01:45 ET: Japan Officially Freaks The Hell Out
Red Alert – FDA Set to Ban Your Supplements
An Epidemiologist on ‘Contagion’: This Will Almost Certainly Occur
Brain-Eating Amoeba Claims Fourth Victim
Crocus Drug That Can Kill Tumours In One Treatment With Minimal Side Effects
The Hospital Gestapo: You May Never See Home Again
Insider Report: Obama Administration Intends to Unionize U.S. Military with Executive Order
US Risks Being ‘Toxic’ Over Palestinian Veto: Saudi Prince
The Disastrous Yields of Socialism
F-16 Fighters Intercept American Airliner – Due To Passengers Terrorist Style Bathroom Break
Russia Defends Bomber Flights Near Japan
Afghanistan: Rockets Fired at US Embassy in Kabul
Report: Turkish Warplanes Now Able To Fire At Israeli Targets
Doomsday Weapon: Israel’s Submarines
Preppers Shall Inherit the Earth: Unconventional Times Require Unconventional Solutions *Micro Doc*
‘The Potential For Catastrophic Collapse Has Grown’: U.S. Not Prepared For Major Cyber Attack, Study Warns
Colombian Volcano Update – September 12, 2011
I Will Shake All Things – prophecy
30 Most Popular Herbs for Natural Medicine
‘Super-Earth,’ 1 of 50 Newfound Alien Planets, Could Potentially Support Life

Sept 12
America Today: Heartbreaking Pictures From New Jersey’s Homeless ‘Tent City’
The Gold and Silver Precious Metals Tsunami
They Want A “United States Of Europe” But They Are Going To Need A Massive Financial Crisis In Order To Get It
Debt Bubble: A Dangerous New Phase
An Early Hard Winter and End Times
Canary Islands Government Relocate Entire Population of Island Close to Cumbre Vieja
Evacuation Plans Prepped as Mount Tambora Alert Level Is Raised
Time-Lapse Video Of Latest Etna Eruption
The Advent of the Surveillance Society
The 2011 VMAs: A Celebration of Today’s Illuminati Music Industry
Is The Gospel Illegal in America?
Postal Workers Refuse To Deliver Bible Recordings Because the CDs ‘Offensive’
Scripture of the Day – Steve’s Note: Pastors consider your ways. TV preachers need to feed the flock and not devour their flocks’ earnings
Dream Vision – The Dragon and The Two Angels
More on Government Gunrunners
100 Protesters Burn American Flag Outside U.S. Embassy In London During Minute’s Silence for 9/11
Warning: Perfect Storm Conditions Now In Place For Big Government To Allow (Or Even Stage) Terrorism Attacks in America
Counterterrorism Intelligence: Law Enforcement Perspectives
Afghanistan: Taliban Suicide Bomber Truck Attack Injures 80 US Soldiers
Police Can Track Your Cell in Real Time
Can Brain Research Keep Us Safe?
Army Taps Android Phones for ‘Wearable Computers’
NASA Launches Twin Spacecraft to Probe Inside the Moon
Time Travelers Footprints Found
Quote of the Day

Sept 9
Market Commentary From Monty Guild
Here We Go Again: US To Breach “Transitory” Debt Ceiling On Monday
Gerald Celente Predicts “Winter of Discontent”
China’s Wealthiest Unfazed By Global Turmoil
National City Cracks Down On Gold-Buying Businesses
Hurricane: Lee Drenches Northeast; 100K Told To Leave Homes
9/11 Anniversary Terror Plot? Federal Officials Receive ‘Credible’ Threat Aimed at NYC or Washington
San Diego County Power Outage: Blackout Leaves 1.4 Million People Without Power
Talking With The Taliban Is Not Diplomacy, It’s Deadly
Holder Denies Prior Knowledge Of ‘Fast And Furious’
Federal Injunction Issued As Longshoremen Storm Longview Port
America: Why Race Riots Are Inevitable
Obama’s 2012 Campaign Strategy: War?
Turkey Drives Toward Armed Clash With Israel
Turkey: Warships Will Back Next Flotilla
U.S. Hires Shady Mercenary for Somali Proxy War
US Military Plane Forced Down By North Korean Electronic Attack
Russian Bombers Fly Around Japan
Film Ponders What Would We Do On Last Day of Earth?
The Watchmen, 911 And The Harbingers – flashback with update
The U.S. Army Is Ordering Weaponized, Soldier-Launched Kamikaze Suicide Drones
Haier’s Mind Control TV Prototype Hits IFA, We Go Foreheads-On
DARPA Cool Or Creepy: ‘Good Stranger’ to ‘Global Brain’ Spy
Ancient Meteorites Showered Earth With Gold: Study
Huge Defunct Satellite to Plunge to Earth Soon, NASA Says
Quote of the Day

Sept 8
Obama – The Wimpy President
Documents Suggest New ATF Gun Running Scandal in Indiana
ATF Death Watch 75: ATF-Enabled Indiana Guns Went to Chicago Gangs
CIA Lawyer Says Obama Administration Backed And Continued Virtually All Bush-Era Programs
Evangelicals Left Off National Cathedral 9/11 Program, Muslim Brotherhood In
False Comparison to 2008
Asia Gold Buyers Rush In After Prices Sink; India Eyed
When the China Bubble Bursts
The September Calender of Potential Doom & Disaster by Date and Event (Updated)
Commodities Look Set to Rocket Higher
Texas Cut Fire Department Funding by 75 Percent This Year
Giant Sucking Sound Part 2? The NAFTA Of The Pacific Will Soon Allow Millions More American Jobs To Be Shipped Overseas
Analysis: Pension Funds In New Crisis As Deficit Hole Grows
Where are the Criminal Indictments of Big Bankers?
Word of the Day: “Civil Unrest” ; It’ Here and It’s Spreading
Thousands Evacuate Homes As Three Cyclones Churn Across American East Coast
Buildings and Cars Damaged In Washington As Crane Topples Over At Earthquake-Ravaged National Cathedral
Flooded Areas of New York Region Brace for More
Indonesia’s Mount Lokon Erupts Four Times
Krakatau (Anak Krakatau) Volcano, Sunda Strait
Naoto Kan: I Feared Fukushima Would Be Worse Than Chernobyl
Fox News Advocating Weather Modification; Is It Still A Conspiracy Theory?
Boxercising Earthquake – Steve Note: This illustrates that all matter has its own resonance. Manipulate the resonance and you have tectonic weapons.
Erdogan Halts Trade with Israel, Threatens to Attack Cyprus
Plan For ‘European Economic Government’ Was Brainchild Of Nazis

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