[video] Ron Paul to Herman Cain at Bloomberg Debate: “Spoken Like a True Insider! Alan Greenspan was a Disaster!”

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTEERUGKZuM]Ron Paul to Herman Cain at Bloomberg Debate: “Spoken Like a True Insider! Greenspan was a Disaster!”

Uploaded by on Oct 11, 2011

Rep Ron Paul, champion of the message of liberty, the U.S. Constitution and his lifelong goal of exposing then eliminating through competition the Federal Reserve System, a private cabal of international bankers, calls out Presidential candidate Herman Cain, ex-Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank in the 1990’s, in response to Cain choosing Alan Greenspan as an example of what Cain’s appointment to Fed Chair would look like should he win the presidency.

Here, Paul can be seen shaking his head and smiling to himself as Cain gives an answer that will be the impetus to the collapse of his campaign. Paul then accurately explains that Greenspan is personally responsible for the largest artificial bubbles ever perpetrated on the American economy and the middle class workers who comprise that economy, and therefore, he is responsible for the lowered standard of living, high unemployment, rising prices, housing collapse and the recessions / depressions that followed the collapse of each of Greenspan’s artificial bubbles (NASDAQ and Housing).

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