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2011 OCTOBER 15 – 21

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Libya: Gaddafi summarily executed by new government without trial (a war crime). Welcome to ‘Democracy”. InfoWars 2011 Oct 21 (Cached)

Judicial Watch has uncovered FDA documents that show 26 more deaths associated with Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil in the past year in addition to devastating side effects. This article concludes: “The documents add to the mountain of evidence that Gardasil is one of the most deadly vaccinations ever pushed on young children.”
Natural Society
2011 Oct 21 (Cached)

First Mexican commercial trucks are set to enter the US interior under the NAFTA treaty. [This will cost American jobs and will increase the risk of drug smuggling.] MSNBC 2011 Oct 20 (Cached)

Financiers consider advocating environmentalism to improve their image. Environmentalists are happy to welcome them as promoters of new taxes supposedly to fight global warming. [Both groups are expert at turning setbacks into excuses to further their agendas.] UNCSD 2011 Oct 20 (Cached)

Illinois law financially penalizes public schools when vaccination rates drop below 90%. [When salaries are threatened, school officials get very serious about vaccinations.] NaturalNews 2011 Oct 20 (Cached)

US: The scariest event to happen on Halloween is that the national debt will surpass the GDP. That means the federal government now owes more than the value of what is produced all year long by all Americans. ZeroHedge 2011 Oct 19 (Cached)

Ron Paul at the Nevada GOP debate. Perhaps his best yet. This is why his issues and ideas of liberty are being picked up by other candidates.
2011 Oct 18

American taxpayers now are on the hook to guarantee $75 trillion of Bank of America’s investments in near worthless European derivatives. JP Morgan is doing the same for another $79 trillion. This was done without approval from the Federal Reserve but also without opposition. [They simply transferred these speculative derivatives from their investment divisions to their retail divisions where people make deposits, which are insured by FDIC. The fraud and plunder is beyond belief, while regulators pretend not to notice.] The Daily Bail 2011 Oct 18 (Cached)

US: Judge rules that the CIA will not be held accountable for destroying 92 video tapes of detainee torture even after the same court had ordered them to not destroy them. [This effectively establishes that the government does not have to obey the law if it claims to have a good reason for not doing so, which is always the case.]
Corbett Report
2011 Oct 18 (Cached)

US: Oil company threatens to use the power of eminent domain to confiscate land for a pipeline from Canada to Gulf of Mexico. [The pipeline is not yet approved by the federal government but likely will be. If it is, it will be claimed that it is in the “national interest,” and the project will proceed.]
NY Times
2011 Oct 17 (Cached)

Ron Paul introduces his new economic Restore-America Plan at a press conference. This is an overview. YouTube 2011 Oct 17

Ron Paul’s 11-page Restore-America proposal. Here are the details. Ron Paul 2011 Oct 17 (Cached)

Canadian court declares that citizens do not have a right to drink raw milk if the state says it poses a health hazard. This follows a similar case in Wisconsin and sets a precedent for government controlling what you can eat.
Vancouver Observer
2011 Oct 17 (Cached)

China: Six-month pregnant woman dies during forced abortion. She had violated the government’s One-Child Policy. Women’s Rights Without Frontiers 2011 Oct 17 (Cached)

The magic of truth and lies (and iPods). Click and be greatly entertained. TED Posted 2011 Oct 21


Monsanto’s genetically engineered alfalfa was planted 2 years before it was legal to do so and it contaminated natural alfalfa fields, which cannot recover. It is a one-way street. That has ruined the natural alfalfa-seed business.
2011 Oct 18 (Cached)

Obama, as a candidate in 2007, promised to label genetically engineered food because, as he said: “Americans have a right to know what they are buying.” As President, all that has been forgotten. YouTube posted 2011 Oct 17

Italy: After anti-Wall-Street riots, government calls for tougher anti-terrorism laws. [Collectivists often encourage or create their own violent opposition to have an excuse to expand state power, supposedly to protect the public from violence. Very effective strategy.]
2011 Oct 17 (Cached)

The US, Canada, and Mexico are quietly fulfilling the Trilateral Cooperation Charter that will end health freedom by adopting heavy restrictions on vitamins & supplements. [Be aware that Big Pharma is the driving force behind this.] NaturalNews 2011 Oct 17 (Cached)

The Federal Reserve has launched QE3 (massive expansion of the money supply) without saying so. It recently purchased $39.9 billion in Treasury bonds (with money created out of nothing), which is the same process used in QE1 & QE2. [This is what has propped up the stock market, but everything has a price. Eventually it will further reduce the purchasing power of the Dollar.] Lew Rockwell 2011 Oct 16 (Cached)

More bad news about mammograms: They are linked to cancer due to high levels of radiation (equal to 1000 chest X-rays) and they have a high rate of false results. Mercola 2011 Oct 16 (Cached)

US: New guidelines allow children as young as 4 years-old to be diagnosed as having ADHD. [That means they canl be given mind-altering drugs and behavioral treatment. Big Pharma is the driving force for this. The goal is to have everyone on some kind of drug for life.] MSNBC 2011 Oct 16 (Cached)

“I Am Not Moving” is a short, powerful video showing speeches by Obama and Hillary Clinton condemning other governments for harsh treatment of demonstrators while also showing harsh treatment of demonstrators in America. The hypocrisy is staggering. YouTube Posted 2011 Oct 15

US: Judge Napolitano says the federal government is the primary creator of “terrorist” plots. [He is right, but does not explain why. The answer is to scare Americans into gratefully accepting a police state supposedly to save them from terrorism.] YouTube Posted 2011 Oct 15

US: Now it’s ‘Grenade-Walking!’ The federal ATF scandal, ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-walking program that delivered automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels also delivered as many as 2000 hand grenades, all under the watchful eye of U.S. law enforcement. [We repeat: Collectivists facilitate violence to frighten the public into accepting more state power supposedly to protect them.]
CBS News
Posted 2011 Oct 15 (Cached)

We want to retain a university or corporation with a LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) unit with backscatter capabilities for analyzing the chemical composition of white trails behind aircraft. If you have knowledge of any organization with this capability, please contact us here. Thank you.


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

G. Edward Griffin explains the difference between free-market capitalism and monopoly capitalism and how that relates to the contest between individualism and collectivism. YouTube 2011 Oct 21

Harvard professor Jeffrey Miron explains the top 3 common myths about capitalism. [Truth from Harvard! There’s hope after all.]
posted 2011 Oct 18

Does equality impinge on liberty? It depends: Equality before the law? Equality of wealth? Equality of lifestyle? Here is the answer from Professor James Otteson at Yeshiva University. YouTube posted 2011 Oct 18

Energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs are dangerous because they contain mercury. Here is advice on how to clean up the debris if one breaks. Contains graphic images of  a man’s foot after it was cut by a broken bulb and infected with mercury. Very serious business! OtherWorld posted 2011 Oct 12 (Cached)

Geography Professor says that reports about a hole in the ozone layer above the Arctic being caused by industrial emissions are false. Thinning occurs in that area naturally and has nothing to do with humans. Climate Change Dispatch 2011 Oct 11 (Cached)

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