(audio) Feds Forcing Schools to Allow Boys to Shower With Girls – Genevieve Wood w/ Joe Miller

ACLU plus the Feds threatening to restrict $5 million in funds to school….

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV6o8ST2XU8]Feds Forcing Schools to Allow Boys to Shower With Girls



Published on Dec 28, 2015

Genevieve Wood discusses how the federal government is pursuing a completely insane policy of requiring schools, on the pain of losing substantial funding, to allow mixed gender showering and other craziness relating to transgender and transvestite students. She talks about children who have now weighed in against these policies., Ms. Wood also discusses how such an unpopular policy can be imposed so extensively throughout the nation.

Genevieve Wood is a founding member of the Daily Signal, the Heritage Foundation’s online publication. She is also a Senior Fellow with the Heritage Foundation and has been seen on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, CBS, NBC, C-SPAN, HBO, PBS, and other networks.

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