Chuck Norris’ son poisoned at Amerigeddon movie showing in Ohio — Movie reveals EMP threat!

Good guy! I’ve heard some of his interviews, and also some with this important film’s producer Gary Haevin.

The globalists don’t want US to know how vulnerable we are to an EMP that would totally take US out — no electricity for a year!

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TRUNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Chuck Norris’ son poisoned at Amerigeddon movie showing in Ohio

June 30, 2016

VERO BEACH, FL (TRUNEWS) Mike Norris, son of television celebrity and martial arts expert Chuck Norris, says he was poisoned by a mysterious man following the showing of his new film Amerigeddon.

In an exclusive interview with TRUNEWS, film director Mike Norris said he spoke to the audience that attended on Sunday a showing of Amerigeddon in Columbus, Ohio.

Amerigeddon’s plot involves a top secret plot by a U.S. government agency and the United Nations to attack the U.S. energy grid. The movie depicts the U.S.A. ruled under martial law in which citizens are stripped of their constitutional rights and firearms. The coup d’état is overthrown by patriots who fight back to rescue America from irreversible chaos. Billionaire Gary Haevin, founder of Curves fitness chain and CEO of Jenny Craig, provided much of the funding for the production of the movie.

As the film director, Mike Norris has been traveling to various cities across the nation to personally attend the opening showing in theaters. Following the movie, he speaks to the audience and answers questions.

He attended Sunday’s 1:50 PM showing of Amerigeddon at the AMC Theaters in Columbus’ Easton Town Center. The movie ended at 3:32 PM. Mr. Norris told TRUNEWS that a mysterious man wearing a dark grey suit approached Norris in the theater’s lobby. The unknown man brushed Norris’ back, touched his neck, leaned up close to the film director and said, “Interesting film.”

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