Children of same-sex parents have more psychological problems


Children of same-sex parents have more psychological problems
Posted on July 8, 2016 by Dr. Eowyn

Sociologist Paul Sullins of the Catholic University of America, however, has gone against the Tyranny of Political Correctness. In 2014, his research found that children of same-sex parents have more than twice the emotional problems as children of opposite-sex parents. In another study he found that ADHD is also twice as common among these children.

Carolyn Moynihan reports for MercatorNet, July 4, 2016, that Sullins has followed up that research with the first ever study following a cohort of children with same-sex parents into adulthood. Published as “Invisible Victims: Delayed Onset Depression Among Adults with Same-Sex Parents” in the journal Depression Research and  Treatment, the study confirmed Sullins’ previous research. In adulthood, by the age of 28, children of same-sex parents have more psychological problems than children of opposite-sex parents, including:

  • Being more than twice as likely (2.25 times) to suffer depression.Sullins found that depression surged among children of same-sex parents from 18% in adolescence to a shocking 51% (one in every two!) by the time those children become adults. In contrast, depression among children with opposite-sex parents actually decreased in adulthood, dropping 22% in adolescence to 20% in adulthood.
  • Having higher rates of anxiety and three times as many suicidal thoughts.
  • Higher rates of obesity: Whereas 31% of children of opposite-sex parents became obese in young adulthood, a whopping 72% of children from same-sex households became obese in adulthood.
  • Higher rates of social stigma: The higher rates of obesity could have contributed to perceptions of social stigma — of nearly 37% among children of same-sex parents, compared with 7% among other young people. Both obesity and stigma have known associations with depression.
  • Higher rates of feeling distant from one or both parents.
  • Higher proportions of them experienced parental abuse: 90% (at Wave III) and 85% (at Wave IV) of young adults with same-sex parents reported childhood abuse by their parents. The types of abuse ranged from forced sexual activity and hitting to verbal and emotional abuse. 80% of the childhood abuse reported by children of same-sex parents was in the form of verbal and emotional abuse.

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