Brilliant 10 Points from Kurt Haskell: EXTREMELY SERIOUS! – The Clinton's have now confirmed their role in the election recount challenge that I mentioned yesterday. Having had a day to analyze what is going on, I am of the following beliefs

Kurt Richard Haskell writes on Facebook in reaction to this Zero Hedge article, Clintons Confirm Participation In Recount Plan, Despite No “Actionable Evidence Of Hacking” — 11/26/16:

The Clinton’s have now confirmed their role in the election recount challenge that I mentioned yesterday. It was painfully obvious yesterday that the Clintons were behind it because 1) Jill Stein doesn’t have millions of dollars or the capability of raising millions of dollars in a short time. She only raised $3 million total for her campaign, and 2) With how hard Hillary badgered Trump about accepting the election results leading up to the the election, she would seem like the enormous hypocrite that she actually is if she, herself had challenged the election results. Look for Hillary to join as Co-Plaintiff in the vote challenge lawsuits with Jill Stein taking her cash and dropping out of the picture (Otherwise, Jill Stein could dismiss the recount actions and leave Hillary SOL.)

Having had a day to analyze what is going on, I am of the following beliefs:

1. Hillary needs to overturn the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in order to win. This is not reasonable as Michigan uses 100% paper ballots and Pennsylvania uses electronic machines that leave no vote trail. She has a small chance in Wisconsin but needs to overturn almost 30,000 votes. However, she needs to win all 3 of these states to win, so the chance of this happening is virtually zero.

2. Jill Stein acted like she needed to raise millions of dollars last second in order to have the recounts go forward. However, she is consistently receiving $160,000 per hour no matter the time of day or night. Therefore, she is receiving nearly all of the money for the recounts from one source. The fact that it is being received last minute is a scam. It could have all been received weeks ago because it’s coming from one source.

3. The fact that the funds are coming in last second from one source shows an intent to DELAY the process.

4. Next, there will be many more steps to delay the recounts. There will be various Court filed motions challenging many aspects of the recounts and how they take place. These challenges will also be filed last second. This will be similar to the recounts that took place after the “hanging chad” 2000 election. Hillary badly wants this process to drag out to create a crisis.

5. Some recount rulings may benefit Hillary and the hearings will end up in Federal Court (as in the hanging chad hearings were) where Obama can have the hearings assigned to a judge he appointed. Then the hearing will be appealed to the Court of Appeals which is stacked with 8 years of Obama appointees. Of course, the Federal Court of Appeals decision can be appealed to The US Supreme Court but it is split 4-4 right now with one vacancy (Scalia deceased), so the decisions of the Federal Appeals Courts will stand.

6. Note also, Clinton is attempting to delay the vote of the Electoral College because the recounts won’t be finished. Therefore, Trump won’t have enough electors to put him into the White House. That also, could cause a Constitutional crisis because of the uncertainty as inauguration day approaches.

7. Another goal of Clinton will be to have at least one of these states declared invalid because of the hackability of the voting machines and ask for a “do over”. If she can have one state thrown out for this (Pennsylvania), she might possibly be able to convince ( bribe, threaten) enough of the Electoral College electors to defect to her to make her the winner. She has many millions and Soros has billions so the $1000 fine(that is the approximate fine in many states) for an elector switching his vote vote matter.

8. There is also the possibility of a major false flag attack or the start of WWIII during the recount process in order for Obama to declare a national emergency so that the recount doesn’t get finished and the Electoral College doesn’t get to vote.

9. Another possibility is for Trump to get threatened with his life and willingly accept the recount rulings that favor Hillary so that he can live and still save his reputation.

10. Possibly, we could also see bribes from Soros lead to ballot stuffing or other fraudulent activity during the recount process. Lost absentee ballots may be found, evidence of Russian hacking of voting machines may be found, etc.

I’m sure that I’m missing some possibilities but I see these recounts as a second chance for Hillary to rig the election. The fact that Jill Stein started the challenges will be used as evidence to show that the recounts were legitimate and that Hillary couldn’t have rigged the process because she didn’t even file for the recounts! I’m once again reminded of how Scalia was the deciding vote to end the Florida recounts after the 2000 election and how the Podesta emails talked of replacing Scalia BEFORE his sudden death. Remember too, the Podesta emails discussed the murder term “wet works” at the time of Scalia’s death. Did the Clinton crime family murder Scalia in anticipation that just this scenario may take place?

I must also consider the possibility that the ultimate goal is not to get Clinton in the White House but to cause a Civil War between Trump and Clinton supporters in order to take heat off of the elites for the imminent collapse of the US economy. I don’t find it a coincidence that the stock market is currently making continual record highs during this period. When the rug is pulled out from the economy, who will people blame when the recount consumes the news 24 hours a day? The elites have been exposed as satanic, child traffickers, pedophiles and probably mass murderers through the Podesta emails and Pizzagate scandal. They can’t allow an outsider to be the most powerful person in the world. They will pull out all of the stops for Clinton. Otherwise, they may all end up in prison.

While these recount efforts may seem ridiculous and meaningless, I think they are EXTREMELY SERIOUS!

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